Curls for short hair

Many women prefer short haircuts. Indeed, they are easy to fit and look very extravagant. Such haircuts can be laid in different ways, for example, curl curls on short hair. For this, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. Every woman has the power to do her hair by herself.

How to make curls on short hair: the main ways

Depending on the length of hair for curling curls, you can use different devices. Most often, owners of short haircuts use tongs, a straightener and hair curlers. World famous ladies and actresses prefer to make curls in the style of a sort of negligence. This hairstyle is quite suitable for everyday look, and for the procession along the red carpet.

If you do not know how to make light curls for short hair, experienced stylists will help you understand this issue:

  • for curling curls necessarily need to use special devices that subject the hair to heat treatment or change the structure of wet hair;
  • for fixing curls should use special tools: varnish, wax, gel or foam;
  • curls on short hair with bangs are better to be made large and wavy, and near the face the hair should be curled very weakly so that the beautifully trimmed bangs emphasize the image;
  • using forceps, you need to curl your hair in a chaotic manner to create volume;
  • Many stylists advise using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment - with its help, you can quickly and easily create a real masterpiece on short hair;
  • short curly hair can be pinned up with various accessories or invisible hair;
  • styling on short hair with a light pile look is very beautiful and elegant, especially if your hair is devoid of natural pomp;
  • any styling, especially curling curls, you need to do on washed hair;
  • Before heat treatment, your hair needs to be protected; for this, use your favorite sprays, balms or oils.

We do curls with the stylist at home

As already mentioned, there are a huge number of ways to temporarily curl curls. What only women do not invent! A classic method of curling curls is the use of forceps. For short hair fit curling with a small diameter, otherwise curls will not work.

With the help of curling

Have you been invited to dinner or are you going to go to a corporate party, but there’s no time at all to visit the salon? Do not despair, arm yourself with playthings and patience - and go on to create the image of your dreams.

Necessary materials:

  • small diameter curling iron;
  • fixing agent;
  • hairbrush with large teeth.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Comb your hair thoroughly with a fine tooth or a massage brush. Then take one strand and thoroughly comb it.How to make curls for short hair
  2. Prepared strand start to curl around the curling iron from the middle, smoothly moving to the tips. Near the face curls should be slightly curled, so that they are smooth and resemble light waves.Curls for short hair with a curling
  3. Also, the front locks can be clamped in the middle with forceps and gently rotated, making a slight bend away from the face.How to make curls on short hair using forceps
  4. Each strand must be held under the action of forceps for 5-10 seconds.
  5. When you make curls on the one hand, proceed to the modeling of hairstyle further.
  6. After you complete the curling process, rub some mousse or wax in your hands and beat the curls with your fingers. Then use the fixation tool.How to make curls for short hair with mousse?

We twist hair by the iron

With the help of the usual rectangular ironing can make curls. On short hair, such curls are generally done in a couple of minutes. Hair with curls on short hair looks very feminine and beautiful. You will be just the queen of the ball.

Necessary materials:

  • rectifier;
  • comb with wide teeth;
  • clamps;
  • means for fixing.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. First, carefully comb your hair and treat it with a protective agent.
  2. Turn on the rectifier and heat it to a temperature of 130 °.
  3. For convenience, divide the hair into several sections and fix it with clips. Begin to wind the lower part of hair on the iron.Curls for short hair ironing
  4. Clamp the straightener plates at the root and rotate the hair with gentle and smooth movements, making a wave. Do not forget to press ironing plates well.

    How to make curls for short hair ironing?
  5. Carefully lower the curled strand down. Perform such actions by winding all the hair from the other divided sections.Curls for short hair with an iron: curling strands
  6. Beat the curls with your fingers or comb with a comb with sparse teeth, and then sprinkle with fixing agent.Curls for short hair with ironing

Fine curls for short hair

If you want to create a romantic and mysterious image, then make small curls that will emphasize your femininity and pristine beauty. You can use hair curlers in the form of spirals, files or tongs. Some girls make curls by weaving braids or bunches. We will tell how to make small curls using fabric strips.

Necessary materials:

  • several fabric strips;
  • comb with rare teeth;
  • small clamps;
  • means for fixing.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. Take any fabric and cut strips of arbitrary length and width.Fine curls for short hair
  2. Wash your hair well using any of your care products. Using a towel, remove excess moisture from the hair.Small curls for short hair: washing hair
  3. Wet hair gently comb a comb with rare teeth or disassemble hands. For convenience, you can use a special oil.How to make small curls for short hair?
  4. Divide the hair into separate strands and alternately twist each of them on a fabric strip.Short hair curls: strand separation
  5. You can fix the fabric with clips or gently tie a bow or knot.Fine curls on short hair with the help of cloth.
  6. Leave the hair in this condition until completely dry. It is very convenient to use this method of curling at night.Small curls for short hair: curling at night
  7. Carefully remove all the fabric strips, slightly unwinding the curls.Small curls on short hair: curls unwinding
  8. Then lightly whisk the hair with your fingers and sprinkle with fixative.Fine curls on short hair using fabric stripes

On short hair, you can make light waves with a special nozzle for a hairdryer. You need to apply a little scum on wet hair and tilt your head down. Gently, pressing the strands with a diffuser, dry all hair. A beautiful and slightly casual hairstyle for every day in Beach style will be done in a matter of minutes.

Want to be beautiful and unique, then do original and bold hairstyles. As you can see, on short hair, you can also make funny curls. Your hairstyle should complement the holistic image, emphasize the advantages and skillfully hide the flaws.

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