Curling irons for large curls

Charming curls made on papilotkakh, have long gone out of fashion. Today, the palm of the championship captured light beach waves. However, any curls require not only a certain approach, but also the use of special styling products. What is suitable curling for large curls and how to make them, you will learn from our material.

Variety of options

What is suitable curling iron for large curls and how to make them

The fact that a good tool for curling is equipped with a temperature controller, has a gentle coating and must be modern, every girl knows. But it often happens that when choosing a device, the knowledge gained is too small, because the store shelves are full of a huge selection of forceps suitable for all the listed parameters.

An important and sometimes decisive factor in the choice may be the desire to get curls of a larger or smaller volume with the help of a curling iron. And for this you should look at the diameter of the heating element. Remember this simple instruction:

  • The curler marked 2 "is almost the same size as a standard round hairbrush for hairdryer. This is ideal for creating beautiful curls with a bend at the ends.

creating beautiful curls with a bend at the ends

  • 1¾ "is a curling iron with a large heating element, which creates the effect of free waves, as if your hair is slightly curled by nature. With the help of forceps of this diameter, you can get only 1 or 2 bends along the entire length of the strand.

curling iron with a large heating element

  • 1½ "curler creates full and not too tight curls, while giving long hair a little volume at the roots. If the length of your strands reaches the shoulder blades, then after styling your hair will have to be sprayed with varnish, otherwise the hairstyle will quickly fall off.

Curler 1½ & quot; creates full and not too tight curls

  • 1¼ "- curling iron for large curls, which collected the most positive reviews. Women argue that with its help you can create perfect volumetric waves, loose curls and even curls like the singer Shakira.

1¼ & quot; - curling iron for large curls

  • 1 "- helps make light curls twisted at the ends. Choose this diameter of the heating element if you want to get a beach hairstyle.

1 & quot; - helps make light curls twisted at the ends

  • 3/4 "- the best curling iron for large curls in the style of the 90s. It is ideal for creating wedding hairstyles and evening styling.

3/4 & quot; - the best curling iron for large curls in the style of the 90s

  • 5/8 "- the best choice for those who just want to emphasize all the beauty of natural curls. With such forceps, each disobedient curl will find its place in the installation.

each naughty curl will find its place in laying

  • 3/8 "- creates very tight curls. Every girl with natural, very curly hair is simply obliged to have it in her arsenal.

3/8 & quot; - creates very tight curls

In a review of forceps with different diameters of a heating element, it would be the height of ignorance to keep silent about the Babyliss curtain, popular in recent years, for large curls. Its difference from other styling devices is that when creating glamorous styling there is no need to twist hair by strand over hot iron on hot iron. Curls are automatically placed inside the device, where under the influence of high temperatures straight hair turns into amazingly beautiful waves. You can buy such a curtain as in the retail stores of household appliances, and on the websites of online communities.

Technology of creating perfect waves

After you decide on the size of the heating element, the next one is sure to mature the question of how to make large curls with curling iron. The principle of their creation is quite simple and clear to every girl. But before you start the experiments, it is strongly recommended to buy a special thermal spray in the perfume store. It will protect your hair from overheating and allow you to maintain the structure of the hair.

So, the sequence of your actions should be as follows:

  • First wash your hair with shampoo, apply conditioner on them. Then thoroughly dry each strand with a hair dryer, and better let the hair dry naturally.

how to make large curls curling

  • After all the curls are dry enough, apply a thermal spray on them, trying to cover the entire surface of the head.

how to make large curls without curling

  • Divide hair into parts - left, right and occipital. Separate a small strand on the right side and wind the hair on the curler with movements from the face.
  • Hold the instrument in this position for 2-3 minutes, and then gently release the hair.

cut a small strand on the right side and curl your hair

  • Repeat the previous two steps for the rest of the hair.

Many curling irons are manufactured according to the old principle and equipped with clamps.

  • To complete the image and fix the hairstyle, lightly spray the hair with lacquer, holding the can at a distance of 15-20 centimeters from the roots.

sprinkle hair lightly

By the way, many curling irons are produced according to the old principle and equipped with clips. It is better to avoid the use of such devices, since they create unsightly creases and spoil the appearance of body waves. In addition, before using the forceps, you will have to adjust their heating temperature in advance.

Remember that blond hair of the Slavic type under the influence of too hot iron quickly lose their luster, become brittle and brittle, so for them it is optimal to choose the average temperature. But girls with Asian appearance, that is, with thick and black hair from nature, can not be afraid of the high temperature of the instrument.

When finances sing romances

And what to do to those who do not have the funds to buy curling? To part with the idea of ​​creating charming curls is not worth it. In exchange for such popular hacks, you can find a lot of improvised tools that allow you to get beautiful large curls.

Here are some great solutions to making large curls without curling:

  • You can always use the old and proven way - wrap on curlers. In this case, you need to choose the Velcro curlers, and not the usual bobbins. The latter will be the best option to create a charming image of Malvina.
  • Hair straightener is another alternative way. Wind up on the iron as easy as curling, and the effect of it will be no worse.
  • You can also try to spend the night with your hair braided in pigtails. However, in this case it is better to choose a large weave, then in the morning the hair style in the style of "wet hair" is provided to you.

In the extreme case, if you haven’t found any of the above, you can always use an old T-shirt. Just twist the T-shirt like a harness and hoist the resulting halo on top. Then alternately tuck each strand of the T-shirt, fasten your hair with stealth and go to bed quietly. In the morning, gently dissolve the hair and enjoy the elegant volumetric waves. By the way, this method has one huge advantage - the hair will last a very long time.

Now you know all about curling to create large and beautiful curls. Feel free to go to the nearest grocery store or use other available options.

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