Creative haircuts for medium hair. original hairstyles for

Medium-length hair is the most practical option, from which creative haircuts are easily performed. They will help to give you individuality and drastically change the image and style. Recently, asymmetric strands, various types of bangs, etc. have become more popular. In order not to spoil your appearance, contact a good and proven master.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

Unusual haircuts for medium hair

Haircuts for medium hair are selected in accordance with the type of face, hair features and the desired end result. They can be very different. The most popular unusual haircuts are: cascade, square, bob and ladder. They have many varieties, so they look original and creative.

Bob and bob - one of the most common haircuts for medium hair. They may differ from each other in the presence and absence of bangs. Classic square, usually assumes the presence of bangs. To make the square more creative, hairdressers extend the front strands or make original bangs. In addition, many customers offer their customers to highlight individual strands of bright color in order to give the image originality.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

As for the bean, it begins to do with long strands. To give creativity to this haircut, the masters make asymmetric or torn strands, add bangs or greatly shorten the back hair.

If you like to do styling, stop your choice on a square with ragged strands and oblique bangs. This hairstyle can be styled every day in different ways. Girls who do not have time for this are advised to turn their attention to a graded square or bob.

Asymmetrical bob or bob is an original hairstyle that, unfortunately, is not suitable for all women. If you have perfect proportions of the face, you can safely dwell on this option. This haircut looks especially beautiful on thick and straight hair.

Ladder - a haircut that looks great on medium hair below the shoulders. This hairstyle is equally suitable for girls, both with thick and thin hair. The front hair for a haircut is trimmed with neat strands, forming a ladder that can start both above the chin and below it. The ladder ends at the longest strand of hair.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

Haircut ladder is good because you can do absolutely any hairstyle: pigtails, tails, curls, bunches, etc. If you collect hair in a ponytail, the front strands will fall out, forming a sloppy hairstyle that has been so popular lately.

Cascade is a popular haircut that goes to almost all girls. The cascade looks especially beautiful on thin hair, since strands of different lengths following one another visually create volume. Usually, the cascade is cut with a bang straight or oblique - as who likes more. Haircut cascade is not recommended for girls with dry, lifeless and straight hair, because the hairstyle only emphasizes all the flaws.

The cascade requires styling: the hair is raised with a hair dryer and brushing. At the same time, an incredible volume is obtained, and the curls lie neatly and evenly. This hairstyle always looks well-groomed and beautiful.

Original hairstyles for medium curls

The average hair length is universal, since it is for her that there is a huge number of fast, original and light hairstyles. Medium hair can be styled absolutely in any style.

Creative haircuts for medium hair

  • The most common hairstyle for medium hair are curls of different sizes. Hair styled this way looks shiny, vibrant and lush. You can take curlers and tongs of any diameter, remembering that the smaller the curls, the more luxurious will be the hairstyle. For medium hair, flat retro waves and original braids can be an ideal option.
  • To vary the usual waves, slap a fringe back (if you have one) or fasten a hair with a ribbon at the back. Thus, you will have a beautiful and romantic hairstyle in the Greek style.
  • Owners of asymmetrical bangs can focus on it, allowing it to fall on the face, partially closing one eye. In addition, you can toned some of the strands or tips of curls with colored mascara for hair.
  • Girls with a bob or bob are recommended to pull the strands during styling and lift the hair at the roots. You can also select some strands with curls or collect a small amount of hair from the back, securing them with a beautiful hairpin.

Comfortable hairstyles for every day

For every day you can pick up any hairstyle. One of the original hairstyles for medium hair is “malvinka”. Make it simple enough:

  1. Wash hair well using shampoo and balsam;
  2. Blow dry a little;
  3. Apply any fixative (gel, cream or foam) and with the help of a comb, give your hair the necessary shape;
  4. Divide the strands into 2 parts: the lower and upper;
  5. Assemble the top of the bundle and secure with a beautiful barrette or rubber band;
  6. Well dry your hair until the end of a hairdryer;
  7. Decorate Malvinka with a beautiful bow or satin ribbon.

Medium hair is a universal length at which you can make any hairstyle and creative haircuts. Creative haircut is the best way to highlight your personality. She is always in fashion, interesting, in demand and never go unnoticed!

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