Creams and oils for tanning. decent sun protection

Oh, such an alluring word "tan". Already the sun shines like a summer. By the way, did you look out the window for a long time?

Are you ready to meet the coming summer season? It is very important to approach the problem of providing decent skin protection. This will help you a whole series of all sorts of tools.

Two types of products for a safe tan: cream and oil.

Tanning creams and oils

They consist of special components of chemical and biological origin, which are able to prevent the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun from affecting the skin of the human body.

However, you should not perceive tan only as a negative process, to which we expose ourselves for the sole purpose - to finally get beautiful bronze skin that will serve as a source of your pride and envy of others.

Remember that moderate tanning will damage, and only benefit your body, in which biologically active substances are formed under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. It is they, these substances that improve the work of the endocrine system, calm the nervous system, accelerate metabolic processes. As a result, a person becomes more protected to impacts from outside and, above all, to diseases.

Useful tips for lovers of sunburn

  1. Creams and suntan oils are used no earlier than twenty minutes before going to the beach.
  2. Wide hats protect the face and neck, and sunglasses protect the eye. The face must be secured so that there are no premature wrinkles. Eyes - so that visual ability remains normal.
  3. Apply a special protective cream or balm on the skin of the lips. She is very gentle and hardly tolerates the aggressive effects of the sun.
  4. Sunbathe before eleven in the morning and after four in the evening. During dinner, is the hottest and sultry weather.
  5. Before the "great" campaign on the beach, do not use soap, cologne and alcohol tinctures to wipe the skin, otherwise the tan will not lie flat.
  6. Even if you are going to stay in water for a long time, still apply cream or oil for sunburn. Water will not save you from ultraviolet radiation.

To protect your skin, various creams have been developed to prevent the adverse, damaging effects of the sun. Tanner will ensure your safety on the beach.

What do you need to know about the cream?

Be sure when buying on the package look for the inscription SPF. This is an indication that the tool will provide your protection from ultraviolet radiation. Pay attention to the shelf life of the manufacturer and the composition.

  • Tanning cream. These are the tools that are used immediately before going to the beach. If you do not have individual intolerance towards the components of the cream, then he is your friend, not an enemy. In addition to protection from solar radiation, the tool will provide the skin with nutrients (in particular, vitamins, enrich), prevent the process of photoaging of the skin. The skin will significantly improve their appearance. They will acquire smoothness and elasticity, as well as a beautiful and noble bronze shade. For the latter, we are trying our best.

How does sun cream work? It has a reflective effect. Accordingly, the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation decreases, it does not penetrate deep into the skin. Among other things, the cream will enhance the tanning resistance, cares for the skin, restoring cell damage.

  • Tanning cream for the face. The skin of the face is very tender and it is difficult for it to transfer the active sun exposure. She is too sensitive. Accordingly, there is a strong need for its protection. Face cream is a product enriched with moisturizing ingredients and vitamins. It can be applied under the makeup every day as a regular nourishing cream, but its spectrum of action will be much wider.
  • Cream after sunburn. The purpose of the cream of this type is to remove redness and swelling, which we rewarded with our desire for a beautiful skin color. It is also enriched with vitamins and, like previous products, nourishes the skin. However, it can be easily replaced by any fat cream, for example, children's.
  • Sunburn Cream. And such a group of creams also has the right to exist. But what about? Of course, we strive for moderation in everything and remember that only such a striving will help us to achieve good results, but sometimes we cross the line of what is permitted. Perelezhal in the sun and here's the result - burns.

Sunburn creams have a very light structure. Sometimes have a cooling effect. The components of these creams contribute to the rapid healing of wounds and make skin regeneration process faster.

It is useful to note that sun tanning and tanning cream are different means. Creams that are used in tanning beds, less intense, and therefore less aggressive to the skin. They are not equipped with most of those protection components that contain sun protection cream.

Solariums lack the most harmful ultraviolet part of the spectrum. Accordingly, those tools that are used in a tanning salon direct all their efforts towards moisturizing the skin in order to prevent its drying and to enhance the tanning effect.

What kind of "fruit" is this - oil for tanning?

For active and successful protection of your skin from exposure to sunlight, you can use and oil for tanning. It will not only protect your skin, but also regenerates it. That is, will contribute to recovery.

The oil, however, is not suitable for all lovers of the sun, but only for those who are happy owners of dark skin. If this season you are already tanned, then you can use oil for tanning.

The thing is that the oil for tanning does not have the high level of protection that the white skin tanning cream will provide.

Experts advise people with fair skin, suffering from the sun most of all, to use oil for tanning only at the end of the season, when you have already acquired a protective shade.

Tanning oil is excellent for oily skin. It will provide it with nutrients and thereby strengthen. Tanning oil, as a means of protection, will protect you from UVA rays, but very rarely from UVB radiation. In order for the protection to be comprehensive, choose products with additional special filters. You can read about their availability on the package.

Oil for tanning wet skin. Movement at the same time should be soft, massaging. Before applying, keep your body clean: take a shower or lie in a hot bath. Then wipe dry and you can apply oil for tanning. As a rule, it is used immediately before going out.

In the process of applying special attention should be paid to those parts of the body that are protruding, and, therefore, the fastest tan. These are: ears, forehead, neck, shoulders, nose, shoulder blades and decollete. Choose a natural product. It stays on the skin longer even after water treatments.

Tanning oil is a good tool for the prevention of skin photoaging processes. The composition of the oil for tanning includes a whole glad vitamins. So, for example, its vitamins A and E provide a deep and even tan with a long lasting effect. They provide a bronze tint to your skin.

Natural ingredients Maslos does not cause allergic reactions and is absolutely safe product. It will be enough just a few drops to cover a significant area of ​​skin.

And so, summer is already coming on the heels. A little bit more and someone first opened the swimming season. Are you ready to go to the beach? Have you managed to stock up on sunscreens that prevent the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation? And this is very important, believe me!

I hope that this article is not a waste. Perhaps someone will benefit. In any case, a new source of information is always good, because, as they say, "knowledge is power, and ignorance is powerlessness."

I wish you to be always strong and healthy!

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