Cream “burenka” for face


Today, the counters of cosmetic stores are simply overflowed with various means for face and body skin, each of them has its own unique features. The truth is not always the choice justifies the result. Cream "Burenka" for the face - a universal remedy, which can only be bought at a pharmacy.

What is the use of cream "Burenka"?


"Burenka" for the face is a multifunctional cream that has been recognized among the majority of women due to the fact that:

  • It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Regular use of this tool contributes to the rapid recovery of even the most desiccated skin;
  • it perfectly protects the skin from frost and UV rays;
  • this tool effectively aligns the skin tone, penetrating deeply into its layers, and therefore it can be safely used as a foundation for foundation;
  • "Burenka" - a cream that is suitable for both day and night use;
  • This tool perfectly helps in the fight against age-related skin changes;
  • thanks to the cream "Burenka" even very dry and sensitive skin can be put in order;
  • The main feature of the cream is to soften the skin and get rid of cracks.

It is worth noting that the cream "Burenka", as well as some other cosmetics, in addition to positive qualities, has also disadvantages, which are very important to consider:

  • for skin prone to fat, this cream is best used only in the evening. In the afternoon, a greasy luster may appear on the skin;
  • in the morning it is recommended to use the cream for 20-30 minutes before applying makeup. This time will be enough for him to be well absorbed.

With regular and proper use of the Burenka cream, the skin will become elastic, supple, provided with vitamins, beautiful and healthy.

Cream "Burenka": a unique composition


Cream "Burenka" for the face is distinguished by its unusual composition. Its main ingredient is phytofloran. This substance is a truly magical elixir that has a beneficial effect on the skin, making it younger and more beautiful. Phytophlaran contains various natural extracts whose names are kept secret by the manufacturer. Because of the distinct smell of herbs, this cream may, like, and not like the fair sex.

Cream "Burenka" is great not only for skin care of the face, but also for hands, elbows, neckline and legs. The main reason for which women choose cream "Burenka" is in the natural need to please others and in the preservation and so short-lived natural beauty. After all, unfortunately, the skin is subject to wilt and external influences.

How to use it correctly?

According to reviews of doctors and women who have become fans of the cream, the result of its use is not immediately observed, but only after 2-3 weeks. But how to properly apply this unique tool? After all, the instruction to the cream is missing. However, there are a number of recommendations from women who have tested it on their own experience:

  1. apply cream 2 times a day (in the mornings and evenings);
  2. From the jar this tool is better to get a special spatula. This will help protect it from germs that can then get on the skin;
  3. If you are using the cream for the first time, do not forget to test for allergic reactions. Apply a little on the wrist area and wait about 30 minutes. If irritation or burning does not appear, feel free to apply it;
  4. Do not rub much cream, but apply it with light pats with the help of fingertips. The skin will absorb as much cream as it needs. Remove the residue with a paper napkin.

Women reviews


Reviews of cream "Burenka" can be found a variety. For someone, it is too thick in consistency, for someone - too expensive. But in general, only good things are said about him, and there are representatives of the fair sex, who consider him just a magic tool. But, nevertheless, to be convinced of its usefulness or to find any shortcomings, you need to try it on yourself.

You can buy the cream only in a pharmacy. If you find a tool in a store or in a kiosk, refuse to buy, otherwise you may stumble upon a fake, and this would entail a number of different consequences: from irritation to allergies. Remember that the real cream "Burenka" will not be cheap. After all, it will really lead to amazing results. You will not only be satisfied, but you will not be able to refuse it anymore.