Craquelure - nail polish


In the beauty of the female image, as in art, there are no trifles. Of the details is a true style and charm. To embody perfection to the tips of the nails, beautiful ladies take inspiration from literally everything.

New popular nail design technique takes its origins in the picturesque canvases of the brilliant masters of the Middle Ages. Craquelure, a term known among artists for denoting cracks on the surface of a layer of paint is now widely known among all fashionistas.

So called special nail polish, imitating a cracked aged surface. Craquelures can also create the effect of python or crocodile leather, embodying the most incredible feminine demands.

Craquelure - nail polish

With this varnish you can create a manicure with varying degrees of crack intensity. The thinnest, like gossamer, spider craquelure or intake craquelure (crack) they are characterized by a characteristic intense cracking of the upper layer, which, as it were, opens the lower layer of the base varnish.

Technique applying craquelure on nails

To your nails attracted admiring glances, it is enough to make an original manicure. Craquelure will help you to create a variety of unusual images: from the subtle effect of the aged surface to the outrageous and elegant imitation of snake skin.Craquelure ManicureIt looks so advantageous that some girls believe that it can only be done by a master in a beauty salon. But this is completely unfair: a little training, our advice and your limitless imagination - a guarantee of amazing results!

  1. First of all, degrease the nail plate with nail polish remover without acetone. Some skip this stage, but in vain. On the nails prepared in this way, the manicure lasts much longer.
  2. Apply base coatunder manicure. With it, the nails will not turn yellow, even if you use an intense color of varnish, for example, red.
  3. Nailscover with your favorite varnish. It will be visible through cracking cracks. Dry this layer thoroughly.
  4. The next stage - craquelure. Apply it should be a thin uniform layer to view the previous layer of varnish. Cracks will appear when the craquelure dries well.
  5. Sure to apply a layer of clear varnish. It will give the painted nails a finished neat look, help avoid the effect of peeling paint. The top coat has a purely practical function - it prolongs the life of the original manicure.

Craquelure - Nail Polish: Palette

note that craquelure effect won't work, if a:

  1. You will apply craquelure on an unpainted varnish nail plate,
  2. You use craquelure on the artificial surface of gel or acrylic nails.

Secrets of the professional use of craquelure varnish

To make a craquelure manicure look like it was made by a professional master, There are several important points to consider..

  • Color selection.How to choose colors for cracking manicure? With the help of contrasting or complementary colors of craquelure and basic nail polish you can achieve various effects. First, select the color of the base lacquer that will be viewed under the craquelure. His choice depends on your desire, style of clothes, situation.
  • Craquelure can pick up in the same color range, as the main varnish, but a few tones lighter or darker. As a result, you will receive gentle and natural manicure. Contrast colors create a bright effect and emphasize the depth of the cracks in the upper layer.
  • Craquelure black or white lacquers- unchanging classic. They are combined with any base colors, as well as pearlescent varnishes and varnishes with decorative glitter.

Secrets of the professional use of craquelure varnish

  • Method of application.The pattern of cracks on the nail depends on how you will apply craquelure. There is a "hard" and "soft" application technique. To achieve effect of hard craquelure, with pronounced cracks, the lacquer layer should be very thin. To do this, wipe the brush dry before scrubbing each nail. Soft craquelure (thin cracks) are obtained by covering the nail plate with a sufficient layer of varnish.
  • Can be applied craquelure effect lacquer not only along the nail, but across. Cracks will appear in the direction in which you stained the nail. If you apply the craquelure in different directions in several thin layers, as a result you will get Manicure with an unusual pattern of cracks. Sometimes they use several cracking varnishes of different colors at the same time.
  • Lucky find- applying craquelure only on the part of the nail. Original looks like this in the usual french. Craquelure effect lacquer for French manicure can be applied both on the tip of the nail and on its main part. By the way, Crack Polish is a winning solution for a pedicure.
  • Take note! Before use craquelure varnish must be gently mixed, rotating between the palms, but in no case shake.

Craquelure Manicure

Craquelure nail polish is a real find for women who appreciate style and non-standard solutions. Especially since manicure with its usetakes a minimum of time. The cost of this varnish ranges from 90 to 950 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. But the means very economical, so you can afford a more expensive purchase.

Hot summer, time of courageous dresses and bright images is not far off! If you start practicing the use of krak varnish right now, you will find the sunny season fully armed!