Cosmetics siberika (natura siberica)

Natura Siberica cosmetics(Natura Siberika) is a cosmetics from wild herbs of Siberia and the Far East. Cosmetics contains the minimum amount of artificial components., therefore, Natura Siberica is efficient and effective. The maximum amount of natural ingredients indicates the undoubted quality of cosmetics. Organic extracts do not harm the human body., That is why Natura Siberica cosmetics are so popular.

Natura Siberica cosmetics: positive reviews

Yuliya:"Natura Siberica first saw the cosmetics at my sister. Frankly, I was delighted with cosmetics! Before that I used different cosmetics - expensive and cheap, but nothing helped. I used body cream, face cream, mask and scrub of the Natura Siberica brand. From all the drugs received the effect that was expected. It is noteworthy that cosmetics are inexpensive. I buy cosmetics only at the pharmacy. Most likely, those who express displeasure at cosmetics buy it in regular stores. "

Cosmetics Siberika (Natura Siberica): reviews

Marina:"I went to the pharmacy and bought Natura Siberica shampoo. After two uses, my hair became soft, docile, shiny, less falling out, the scalp stopped peeling. In general, I am quite happy with the purchase! Excellent value for money!"

Veronica:"I was advised to buy my friend Natura Siberica cream. The cream is excellent! It nourishes and moisturizes the skin, leaving no greasy marks. After applying the cream, the skin became velvety and tender."

Elmira:"I used a neutral shampoo. I was pleased - after using my hair was soft and silky."

Ale:"I bought Natura Siberica shampoo for tired hair for testing. The first impression is a disgusting smell. But after applying, I changed my mind. Hair is well washed, it becomes smooth and shiny."

Alina:"For a change, I bought a shampoo of this brand. The result completely satisfied me - my hair is soft and voluminous. You just need to pick up your Natura Siberica shampoo so that everything is in order."

Valeria:"For several months I have been using Natura Siberica shampoo for oily hair. Previously, my head got dirty by the end of the day, and now my head after 2 days. The effect was not immediately, but after 2 months, but I am happy!"

Natura Siberica cosmetics: negative reviews

Alexandra:"I read a lot of negative reviews on the Internet, but I still ventured to try Natura Siberica cosmetics. I bought myself an instant mask that caused reddening and burns, I can say that I had no such problems. The mask did not fit."

Natura Siberica cosmetics: negative reviewsNatura Siberica cosmetics: negative reviews

Olga:"I bought Natura Siberica face cream. At first I didn’t feel any action, after 5 applications I felt a burning sensation. My face had a blistering red color. I don’t know why the cream caused such an action. I was very upset! I will never buy Natura Siberica cosmetics again."

Olesya:"I bought a neutral shampoo. I was horrified by his action: hair like straw, you can not comb, dandruff appeared. I do not advise anyone to buy this shampoo."

Svetlana:"I bought myself a gel-cream with ginseng extract and Kurim tea. The first 3 days everything was fine: the skin was smooth, moisturized, dark circles under the eyes disappeared. But on the 4th day the skin under the eyes began to peel off, it became wrinkled. this cream. When I stopped using Natura Siberica, my skin smoothed out. I think I came across defective cosmetics. "

Tatyana:"Do not buy Natura Siberica cosmetics! I bought myself a cream for the skin around the eyes and was terrified of its action. At first I thought that I had developed some kind of infectious disease: every morning my eyes were swollen, red circles around the eyes appeared, everything was strong It was a feeling that the skin around the eyes was burning. I drank suprastin and stopped using the cream - after a few days everything went away. "

Oksana:"I bought Natura Siberica eyelid cream. I applied it all night. The cream itself was unpleasant to the touch - sticky and viscous. In the morning I got up with swollen eyes. I decided that I was allergic to the cream."

Alyona:"I got myself a Natura Siberica shampoo for dry hair. I didn't like the shampoo."

Helena:"I was not impressed with Natura Siberica shampoos. It seems to me that these are the most common shampoos that are bought only thanks to good advertising."

Natalia:"I used Natura Siberica winter hand cream. I used the cream for 1 month. On cold days I applied my hands several times a day, but nothing helped - both peeling and peeling! The cream did not justify its properties, it’s a pity for the money spent."

Natura Siberica cosmetics: positive reviews

Daria:"I bought myself a cream for the skin around the eyes, but burned the skin. After use, the skin began to itch and my eyes were watering. Constantly, more and more unpleasant consequences appeared."

Anastasia:"It seemed that the manufacturer of cosmetics Natura Siberica does not indicate the full composition of the products. My skin does not accept only silicone, so I carefully read the composition of all cosmetic products. I bought a night cream for dry skin, which included no silicone, but Acne has appeared, pores are clogged. Natura Siberica did not buy more cosmetics! "

Low price cosmetics Siberikaand attracts the consumer to buy it. Natural components that make up cosmetics grow in Russia, so Natura Siberica is available to the middle strata of the population.

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NaturaSiberica cosmetics are quite effective., as confirmed by laboratory tests. NaturaSiberica is designed for people who care about their health and appreciate the natural potential of their country.

butNatura Siberica cosmetics are not for everyone, but only to those people who normally perceive natural extracts.

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