Cosmetic clay


For a long time, clay is not associated with us only with building material. Everyone knows the use of clay in cosmetology. And it drew attention to her for good reason!

The healing properties of cosmetic clay

The distribution of clay in the composition of many cosmetics due to its mineral composition. There are several types of clay. There is white clay, blue, pink, red, green. In some types of clay aluminum predominates, in others - manganese, in the third - silicon. Silicon stimulates hair growth, the formation of collagen, normalizes lipid metabolism, improves skin cells. Manganese has a drying property, aluminum also dries the skin, has astringent and anti-acid effects. The cleansing and bleaching properties of clay are well known.

These properties are used in cosmetology. Clay make facials, masks for hair, add clay to the composition of balms, shampoos for hair, body scrubs. Clay is very useful for oily skin, as it absorbs excess oiliness, makes the skin matte and more fresh. Also, the clay perfectly narrows enlarged pores, which helps to reduce acne.

White and blue clay are the most common in cosmetology. There are many cosmetics, in which they are part. In order for the clay to be of great benefit to the skin, it is necessary that it be mined from ecologically clean areas. Blue clay is already part of the finished products for skin care, hair. But from white clay, there are many recipes for home remedies. White clay, sold in pharmacies or shops, is brought mainly from China. Blue clay can also be brought from abroad, and can be mined here as well.

White clay

White clay is used in cosmetology in the composition of masks, milk and shampoos, scrubs, balms, various ointments, pastes, powders, children's cosmetics.

For facial skin, it is used as a cleansing mask, useful for acneous, oily skin. It has an antiseptic effect, preventing the spread of microbes, nourishes the skin with minerals, promotes cellular regeneration. Also, white clay is suitable for sensitive skin.

White clay face mask

Dissolve white clay in chamomile broth. Mix should be in equal proportions. The resulting mixture should have the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mask to cleansed, moist skin with a thin layer. After fifteen minutes, rinse with water.

White Clay Hair Mask

Mix four tablespoons of white clay with water. Apply to hair, wrap them in plastic bag. For oily scalp, add a little lemon juice to your mask. After half an hour you can wash off the mask. This mask prevents dandruff, stimulates hair growth and strengthens it.

Blue clay: application in cosmetology

Blue clay is recommended to be diluted with water for face and hair masks. Blue clay, as well as white, cleanses the skin from acne, whitens, has antibacterial properties. In addition, it smoothes wrinkles, fights cellulite, softens and tones the skin.

Blue clay cellulite scrub

Half a cup of dry chopped seaweed mix with two tablespoons of milk powder and two tablespoons of blue clay. Add one-third cup of honey and two tablespoons of jojoba oil. Apply scrub to problem areas of skin before taking a shower. Massage well for ten minutes. Wash off with water without soap. You can store the remaining scrub in the refrigerator.

Green Clay Therapy

Green clay contains iron oxide, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper and some other elements. Apply green clay for oily skin of the face and head, against dandruff. It is also recommended to use in its pure form, only diluting with water.

Face mask of green clay and cucumber

Grate the cucumber, mix with four spoons of green clay. Apply on face for twenty minutes, wash off. This mask is suitable for any type of skin.

Green clay foot mask

It will help soften rough skin of the feet, accelerate the healing of cracks on the heels. It is enough to dissolve the green clay in water and apply on the feet. Wash off after half an hour.

Use of pink clay in cosmetology

Pink clay contains in its composition white and red clay. Red clay is recommended for people with iron deficiency. It uses less than the rest.

Pink clay is very soft. It has a smoothing and disinfecting effect. Useful for skin and body care, hair care.

Pink Clay Body Baths

One hundred grams of pink clay diluted in the bath. Lie down in it for half an hour. This procedure relieves fatigue and tension, reduces inflammation and redness on the skin.

Baths of pink clay to strengthen nails

It is necessary to pour a small amount of hot water with powdered pink clay. Lower hands into the bath for about twenty minutes. After the procedure, rub your hands with cream.

Of course, the healing properties of clay are unconditional. You can use clay in different ways. You can buy it at a pharmacy or store. It is better to prepare face, body and hair masks by yourself. Recipes can be made from clay alone, and you can add other ingredients (olive oil, honey, etc.).

About white clay, read the article White clay for the face, Blue clay for the face.

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