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More volume - for the spiritual ascent! This is exactly what can be said about the luxuriously laid hair: their owners have a better mood, and things are arguing. One of the available and simple ways to give a great look to curls - use tongs for the corrugated basal volume. How is this done and with what effect?

Corrugated tongs - for different and cool images

Tongs bumps This device is one of the universal assistants for the masters of beauty salons and for home use. These forceps are equipped with a special nozzle, the kit which includes 2 plates with a wavy surface. Metals or ceramics are used as materials, the latter being more preferable for regular use. Nozzles create waves on the strands - larger, smaller, medium. Beautiful hairstyles with such a device are easy to make on a regular day or for a festive occasion. A special recognition of the beauties was won by the tongs of the corrugation to create the basal volume. In order for hair to gain attractive pomp, preference is given to a nozzle that forms medium-sized waves. With its help for hair of all types and of any length it is easy to create luxurious images.

Create the perfect volume

Create the perfect volume In salons and beauty studios masters use professional crimping tongs for basal volume. You can buy such a device for home use. In addition, you need to have on hand a special spray that will protect the strands from the negative effects of high temperature. You will also need varnish to fix the raised curls. The whole procedure takes a little time and does not require special skills, every girl can handle it. To give splendor to the curls you need to perform the following actions:
  1. Wash your hair with shampoo.My head
  2. When rinsing be sure to use a balm that will help protect the strands from excessive heat.
  3. Dry your hair completely with a hair dryer or in a natural way.Blow-dry
  4. Allow the tongs crimping time to reach a suitable temperature. If the curls are hard and curly, you need to heat the device to 210 degrees. For thin hair, the maximum temperature is 180 degrees. And for a normal type of hair can be individually selected mode in the range between 180 and 210 degrees.
  5. Distribute hair evenly on strands. It will be convenient to grab each individual lock with a clip or barrette.

    Hair distribute on strands
  6. Place a strand between the plates and hold for no more than 10-15 seconds.
  7. Use the device only near the base of the hair, no further curling is required. Well work mini-tongs corrugation for basal volume, which are particularly light and compact.
  8. The described procedure to perform for each curl.Create volume
  9. Lightly fluff hair with fingers, fix with varnish.Lightly fluff hair with fingers, fix varnish

Preens with caution

Preens with caution The use of crimpers to add extra volume to curls has obvious advantages:
  • it creates a splendid effect, which is especially important for thin, sparse hair;
  • this arrangement lasts for about 3 days, until the next shampooing you do not have to worry about the volume
  • You can easily create interesting hairstyles at home.
However, the operation of the device is accompanied by serious cautions. Use them with caution and moderation. Shirring is not an absolutely harmless procedure. After all, the tool heats up to a high temperature, removes the moisture they need from the hair and thus dries the strands strongly. If the tongs of the corrugation are used daily, with time the brittle hair becomes noticeable, the curls lose their silkiness and elasticity. Care to preserve the health of the hair should be in advance. There are specialized series of products created for intensive protection (revitalizing masks, caring balms, softening and moisturizing sprays). Experts advise from time to time to give a shave a breather and do not abuse the forceps.

What is the result in practice give tongs corrugation: reviews

What is the result in practice give tongs corrugation: reviews What do girls who use it say about the effectiveness of the device? Corrugated tongs for basal volume collected a lot of positive feedback. Many women with the help of this device create the desired volume of curls. Especially highly appreciate the effect of the owner of thin hair. At the same time, they note that one should not expect magic: the hair rises only slightly, but it looks natural. In the feedback, women share useful tips that when buying corrugation forceps, you do not need to save on quality. It is better to purchase a product of a well-known manufacturer, which for a long time will please with a reliable service and a good result. They also advise using ceramic-coated tips: they are safer for healthy hair. Lush hair - a dream that can be done with the help of tongs corrugation. This device is easy to use at home and, giving the hair a basal volume, create charming hairstyles. But in order to preserve a healthy glow of curls, you need to use special care products and take breaks in the use of forceps.