Colorless henna for hair

Oriental beauties are famous for their luxurious thick and heavy curls. Since ancient times, they consider the best hair care product to be wonderful powder from dried leaves of lawsonia, familiar to Europeans as henna. For some time this remedy for strengthening and dyeing hair fell in love with girls all over the world.

Henna is known not only as an excellent natural dye, which imparts a deep copper tint to the curls. She has remarkable cosmetic properties. If you want to strengthen the hair with henna, retaining your usual hair color, use its colorless counterpart.

Colorless henna for hair care

Colorless henna for hair care

Henna strengthens hair, does them more shiny and elastic, fine eliminates both oily and dry dandruff, stimulates hair growth. This effect is due to the fact that henna molecules penetrate into the structure of the hair, soldering its scales.

A strong disinfecting effect helps to eliminate dandruff, and tannins and vegetable acids nourish hair and accelerate their growth. But henna use has a negative side. This tool dries hair heavily. With frequent use, henna molecules destroy the surface layer of the hair, causing the curls to become dull, begin to split, lose moisture and elasticity.

therefore use colorless henna necessary with care making sure that this tool suits you. Also, be careful about using henna if you dye your hair with chemical dyes: the color can quickly wash out or lie unevenly.

The undoubted advantage of colorless henna is her availability and low cost. It can be used as self care product, applying brewed powder to hair for 20-30 minutes or as part of various hair masks. You can breed henna broth healing herbs, selected according to your hair type. It will also be useful to add various essential oils to henna, such as rosemary, ylang-ylang, tea tree, lavender.

Colorless henna for hair: positive reviews

Colorless henna for hair: reviews

The use of colorless henna to strengthen hair causes many conflicting opinions.


Colorless henna for hair: positive reviews

  • Olga:For a long time I was looking for a suitable hair care product so that it was natural and inexpensive. As I saw a bag of colorless henna from a friend, who shared the recipe for using it with me. I must say that her hair has always caused admiration. I decided to try and not lost. Hair became shiny and elastic, increased volume. I make a mask every two weeks, sometimes more often. At first it was difficult to completely wash the henna from the hair, but I thought of my own way. I wash away the main part of the mask with plenty of water, and then apply a hair balm. I hold for a couple of minutes, and the remnants of henna are easily washed out along with the balm.
  • Ilona:I have occasionally got dandruff from my childhood. Than I just did not try to treat it: folk remedies, pharmaceutical shampoos - nothing helped. Recently I read about colorless henna, allegedly she good for dandruff. I decided to try it on myself. Made a mask, which added a couple of drops of essential oil of tea tree. The result exceeded all my expectations. The scalp has visibly cleared from the first application. Now I constantly use colorless henna for hair care!
  • Rita: Several years ago, I dyed my hair with henna in a red color. Now returned to her natural light brown hair color. But I really liked the cosmetic effect that henna had on my hair. I did not want to refuse this remedy, so I decided to use colorless henna. I add it to the hair mask or use it separately, by steaming it with nettle extract. My hair looks great - soft, shiny, silky. It even seems to me that they have acquired a light golden hue. I am very pleased!

Colorless henna for hair: positive reviews

  • Diana:Many say that henna dries hair. This stopped me, and I began to use colorless henna more recently. In the beginning, really, it seemed to me that the hair became somewhat tougher and drier. But I decided not to refuse this remedy, I just began to make masks less often (about 1-2 times a month). To the colorless henna I added 1 tbsp. Jojoba oil and kept the mixture on the hair for about an hour. The result is amazing! Friends constantly ask what means I use. Many do not even believe that Such an effect can be achieved with ordinary henna.

Negative reviews of colorless henna

  • Tatyana:I try to use only natural products for personal care. Recently made a mask with colorless henna, reading about her favor. My hair was already weakened, and after this the mask became completely dry. Now the only way to save a hairstyle is to contact a hairdresser to cut off lifeless tips.
  • Anna:Several times made a mask of colorless henna. I would not say that I was pleased or disappointed with the result, I just did not notice him. There was no particular shine or thickness, although my hair was quite good in itself. It turned out to be unpleasant. I dyed my hair in a barbershop, the master used ordinary paint, which I have been using for a long time and satisfied. But this time staining failed, in some places the paint just did not come from. My hairdresser said that this was most likely due to henna. Now I hardly decide to use it.

Negative reviews of colorless henna

  • Marina:A friend advised me to feed my hair with a mask of colorless henna. She always helped her very well. I did everything according to her recommendation. He poured henna powder with boiling water, put it on the hair and held it for about an hour. As a result, instead of the shiny curls that I expected to see, there are hard, dry and naughty strands. I don't want to experiment anymore, I will use my usual hair care products.

Want to learn more about the healing properties of henna, read the article Henna for hair: reviews.

Any hair product, natural or purchased in the store, must be selected individually. This also applies to colorless henna for hair.. Only having tried its effect on yourself, having selected suitable recipes and frequency of application, you will determine whether this means suits you personally.

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