Coloring shatush. how to perform staining shatush at home


In order to emphasize their uniqueness, many girls dye their hair in bright colors. But no less than women want the curls after dyeing to look as natural as possible. Nowadays there are many salon technicians, after which the strands look natural, one of which is shatush dyeing.

This technique allows you to simulate the natural burning of hair. Even in the event that a woman does not tan over the summer, then the shatush in combination with tanning or going to the solarium will create the effect of appearance after a rest at sea.

This coloring technique with the effect of the so-called color stretching, is one of the types of highlighting that is familiar to everyone. Here it is only performed without a cap or foil, so to speak in open space. Medium-sized, frequent, randomly selected strands are painted, but not along the entire length, but with a small indentation from the roots. Its borders are separated due to the hair comb.

But how is this procedure performed? First of all, the master divides the hair into small strands, about 1.2 - 2 cm wide, fixes them with clips, and then combs each of them. After that, he applies a lightening mixture to the length, and this is given freely, as if shading. By the way, the master will prepare the composition individually for each client, taking into account his hair type and the result, which should be the result.

Shatush coloring

After a certain time, which also depends on the desired effect, the composition will be washed off with water, and only then the hairdresser will perform the procedure for toning the hair with a selected shade. For this purpose, they are often used as natural - basma, henna, and artificial dyes, as well as means for imparting a certain tone to the hair.

A darker dye is applied to the hair roots than to the whole strand. This procedure takes less time than simple highlighting. On average, it takes about 40 minutes, in which the application of the mixture is already included.

As a result, you will have to get unevenly bleached hair, which, despite this, naturally looks, because there are no sharp color transitions. However, only an experienced hairdresser will be able to do everything correctly, because only he is able to pick up the necessary lightening mixture and determine the exact time of the procedure itself, and also correctly choose the right brush pressure and pull the strands.

Shatush not only visually makes the hair burn out in the sun, but also creates relief due to the fact that the color smoothly changes from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends. The tone visually looks deeper, and the hairstyle itself is more voluminous. This technique can also be used in cases where it is necessary to hide the roots that have grown after the usual dyeing, as well as to hide gray hair (unless of course its number is more than 20-40% of the entire head of hair).

Hair after this technique looks natural. And considering that when the roots grow, there are no clear boundaries of color, then this procedure can be repeated no more than once every 3 months.

Shatush: coloring on dark hair

Shatush coloring

Most of all, this hair dyeing technique is suitable for brunettes with medium or long hair, in other cases the specialist may recommend a different type of procedure.

In general, the shatush can do all the representatives of the weaker sex, regardless of the color and length of hair, but the best effect is achieved on chestnut, dark blond or black hair.

On short curls, this coloring will look rather strange, naturalness will be absent, and not every hairdresser will undertake to do this kind of a shatusha.

Girls with dark hair should be aware of the following advantages of this type of hair coloring:

Visually increases hair volume. Due to the smooth transition from dark roots to bright ends, the curls near the ears and below will look much more magnificent;

With the help of color, it makes the hairstyle more spectacular, because after shatush, even an ordinary tail or braid will look much more interesting than on plain ones;

Makes some face around frame. Strands of different colors will distract the eye from the flaws of the face, as well as advantageously emphasize the advantages;

The intervals between trips to the salon for the new coloring will increase significantly, because due to the smooth flow from the 1st color to the other, the regrown roots of dark color will be perfectly combined with the hairstyle, and therefore the salon can be not visited at least 3 months;

Visually improves the condition of the hair, because their color may vary along the entire length. This often happens with improper staining at home. Shatush will eliminate any defects and even out the shade.

Shatush: how to make at home?

Shatush coloring

  • If you want to do hair dyeing yourself at home, then you need at least 40-60 minutes of free time, powder brightener and oxidizer (for example: Estel "DeLuxeUltraBlond" hair bleaching powder and 3% or 6% oxidizer for hair Estel "DeLuxe") or a special set for highlighting (Wella "Safira highlighting" or PaletteDeluxe "Bikini color"), paint for toning the desired color, comb comb, brush, cup (not metal), gloves.
  • Perform this procedure is necessary for dry clean hair. For a start, you should make a pile, it is better to perform from the neck, rising through the back of the head to the top of the head and ending at the temples. It is necessary to separate thin strands of hair, about 2 cm and lightly comb them (at the same time you should retreat about 10 cm from the roots and comb them towards the roots). At the end of the process, the hair should increase many times in volume, and the hair should remain in a chaotic disheveled state.
  • Now it's time to make a brightening compound. To do this, powder and oxidizer should be mixed in a ratio of 1 to 2. With a brush, paint should be spread on combed hair, starting from the top of the head, then moving to the back of the head, and lastly paint the temples. Keep this mixture on the hair should be from 15 to 40 minutes, but you can wash off and early.
  • Then the head should be rinsed well, because if the brightener is not washed off from the hair properly, the strands will continue to lighten, and as a result they will burn out completely. After the head, if this is not prohibited by the instructions for the paint, you should dry it with a hair dryer, and then make the toning with the selected paint. At the end of the time the paint interacts with the hair, it is necessary to wash the head and make the desired styling or hairstyle.

Coloring shatush: photo

Shatush coloring

Shatush coloring

Shatush coloring

The technique of shatush helps to give the hair the effect of natural burning out, to remove the defects formed in the process of previous dyeing or highlights, as well as to make the hair itself more voluminous. Shatush will not only give your hair a healthy and interesting appearance, but will also be a decoration for any image chosen by its owner!