Coconut oil for tanning

Who wants to have a perfect tan?So honey, not too dark and not too pale? So that everyone will understand at once that you are not sunbathing your grandmother under the scorching sun at any time of the day, because you are digging a vegetable garden. And your tan received by a serious attitude to this case. You found the time, the place and you got the following: a beautiful body with a stunning tan! In order to have this, it is not necessary to move abroad and occupy the beaches. It is only necessary to competently study the substances that will make you a chocolate honey beauty queen. And this is coconut oil!

Coconut oil and tan

Coconut oil for skin is better to choose refined.. It is slightly lighter and more transparent in color than unrefined one. It can be used both before and after tanning. Coconut oil protects against UV and sunburn plus gives a uniform tan. It is best to use coconut oil as part of a tanning cream. It will be more efficient.

Refined oil can be used in pure form, and unrefined oil can be used only as an additive. It is not recommended as a base oil. Coconut oil can be mixed with others.

Coconut oil for tanning can be stored for a long time and not necessarily in the refrigerator. Just provide him a dark corner. Therefore, buying it is better not to save. Refined oil price will be from 400 rubles, and unrefined is a bit more expensive - from 600 to 1500 rubles for 250 ml. oil is hypoallergenic, therefore, suitable for children's skin.

Homemade Coconut Oil Recipe

You can try and at home to separate the pulp from the oil. Of course, in the home version will not be the consistency and the amount of oil that is in the store tube, but this will be your first experiment on the production of oil for tanning.

  1. Take one large coconut, peel off the shells, cut and chop in a blender
  2. And at this time you should already boil water on the stove (750 ml)
  3. Next, pour the slightly cooled water into the blender and set it for another 3 minutes.
  4. This water should be drained and repeat the procedure with a new portion of water.
  5. Let the coconut water settle. As soon as this happens, you will see a stratification of liquids: the oil will be at the top and the liquid at the bottom.

This option is far from perfect factory processing of coconut pulp, but this is a kind of miracle. And miracles are always nice to do, especially if they are also beneficial.

There are many fans of hot countries on our planet. So these lovers do not just relax, they come to the best beaches in the world in order to get tanned. And you need something just use a small amount of oil, adding it to the cream. There are many types of sunscreens and sun creams that supposedly already contain coconut oil in their composition. Check whether it is you without a special laboratory can not. Therefore, these two components of a great tan - coconut oil and sunblock must be in possession, if you are going to tan, as it should.

Coconut oil for tanning does not have a bright smell, does not bother and does not get bored. Under the scorching sun you will feel great. Now you are not afraid of any redness, peeling, dehydration and drying.

If you are armed with all the above components of "super-tan", be brave, trust this oil. And here there is one more organizational moment - how to tan so that there are no traces of straps, jewelry and underwear?

The most effective way - go to the solarium and grab coconut oil. This option is the fastest, but not very useful. The longest you will have to sunbathe on rooftops, hayloft and abandoned beaches. But here you will already have one serious help, which will dramatically reduce the tanning time, without harmful consequences. This is an aid - coconut oil. Within an hour, it will cause your skin to darken slightly, while moisturizing it.

Be tanned and beautiful. And the final touch: for such a tan, rather look for a suitable dress with an open back. After all, now you are the queen of tanning!

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