Clothing dudes for the girl. how girls dressed dudes


Now more and more people began to return to the retro style in clothes. There are images, recreating which will simply be lost in the crowd! From among these, one can name the style of one of the brightest subcultures of the USSR - dandy.

The main goal of men in clothes, both women and men, was the desire to stand out from the crowd. Young people wore cropped sweaters, skinny trousers, original shoes, often even on the platform! Ladies gave their preference to tight-fitting outfits or fluffy dresses, always with a belt, so that the waist would stand out.

Absolutely all the clothes were bright colors from fabrics with different prints - strip, cage, peas, crow's feet. Under the dresses, girls often put on their lower skirts, and their color did not necessarily match the color of the dress itself. Often dudes dressed like movie characters.

How did the girls dudes dress up?

How did the girls dudes dress up?

In the first place - clothing should be bright. Contrast color combinations will do. Often, 2 or even 3 bright shades are used, but they should harmonize well with each other. If you are not very good at combining colors, you can seek advice from a professional stylist or use the color wheel.

Perfectly combined those shades that are located on opposite sides of such a circle. Therefore, in order to choose a suitable color for the main one chosen by you in advance, you need to draw a straight line from it to the opposite side of the circle and focus on the shade it indicates.

Complement the image of pumps on a neat heels or stiletto sandals. Do not forget about the purse, hairstyle and make-up. Styling should be flawless, make-up - bright, even bold, but in any case not vulgar! By the way, clothes should be neat, even if it is not expensive.

Underwear is also an important part of the wardrobe. If the fabric of the dress you choose is too thin, then a bra or panties can shine through it, so their combination should also be selected.

How did the girls dudes dress up?

You can add an image with gloves or an interesting hat, the main thing here is to comply with the measure!

Image of girls dudes: how to create yourself?

Nowadays, theme parties are very popular, especially in the style of style. But in order to choose the right outfit for the holiday, you need to study well - from which the image of the girl is created.

This style of clothing comes from the late 40s. last century. The popularity of this subculture ended in the late 60s. Because of this, choosing the right outfit should be based on the popular models of the time.

Dresses were the most popular among girls of fashion. They were literally saturated with romance and femininity. The style of the dresses had a skirt, characterized by its pomp. But you can create a similar image with the help of a skirt and a jacket.

How did the girls dudes dress up?

An important element of style is the hairstyle. Laying should be well fixed and voluminous. In order to fully comply with the image, the hair should be raised and give it volume at the top of the head; for this purpose, professional means should be used. In addition, you can make a bang - springboard, pulling it up. Headbands and ribbons of bright colors can be used as hair ornaments, because this is also a distinction of this image.

Make-up should emphasize facial features, it can be done with the help of special cosmetic means. The main colors of makeup are red for lips and black for eyes. To give expressiveness to the eyes, you can use light shadows as the basis, and the arrows clearly draw.

Shoes should be with a narrow nose and an elongated toe part. In color, it should be combined with a handbag or belt. The height of the heel or platform does not matter. Varnish court shoes will give a special chic to the image.

To create the image of a girl dudes it takes not much time and effort. It is easy to find a variety of different outfits, hairstyles and make-up styling options, the main thing is to choose what suits you! Do not be afraid to experiment, and you will become the brightest girl at the theme party in the style of style!