Cinnamon brightening

Cinnamon is a spice popular all over the world. But who would have thought that with cinnamon you can lighten hair! This ancient property of cinnamon was known in ancient times, when girls, in order to change the color of their hair, mixed cinnamon with leek and dyed their hair.

Recently, women have become more serious about their beauty, so in order not to harm their hair, but, on the contrary, to improve their health, they have become use cinnamon for lightening hair, not chemistry. Cinnamon- strong natural dye, which is able not only to lighten the hair by 1-2 tones, but also to give the hair beauty and shine.

Cinnamon Brightening

Cinnamon Brightening- this is a great opportunity to change the imagewithout the use of paints and other similar preparations. Just remember that any use of natural resources requires a lot of time and patience, otherwise, it will not work. Clarification will not take place immediately - it will take several procedures.

Brighten hair with cinnamon

  • Mix 0.5 tbsp. any balm or mask for hair and 2 tbsp. ground cinnamon.
  • Apply the mixture to the hair over the entire length. If you do not have enough mixture, mix more mixture.
  • Cover your hair with a plastic bag or a special hat. Wrap your head with a towel.
  • After 40 minutes, you can remove the towel and package, but the mask of cinnamon and balm can not be washed off another 4 hours.
  • When time passes, rinse hair with warm running water and allow hair to dry naturally.

Brighten hair with cinnamon

  • To hair gleamed after brightening cinnamon, rinse them with water and lemon juice.
  • In the end, you will get bleached hair that will shine and smell sweet.

Brightening hair with honey and cinnamon

Even in ancient times, it was used not only to improve their health, but also to lighten hair. If you mix honey with cinnamon, the effect of lightening hair will be even stronger.

  • In a ceramic or glass pot, mix 4 tbsp. ground cinnamon, 0.5 st. liquid honey and 1 tbsp. hair conditioner. In no case do not mix the ingredients in a metal pot, so as not to cause oxidation, otherwise, the hair color may unpleasantly surprise you.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo before applying the mixture.
  • Comb wet hair with a wooden comb, apply a mixture of cinnamon and honey over the entire length of hair. Try not to miss a single strand. Rub the mixture in the head is not necessary.

Brightening hair with honey and cinnamon

  • Put a special hat on your head and wrap your head with a towel. Wait 3 hours, then rinse hair with warm water. Hair should be thoroughly rinsed with water to get rid of cinnamon grains.

You will get silky hair brightened by 2-3 tones. In addition, your hair will smell great and beckon to the opposite sex. After all, as you know, cinnamon is a wonderful aphrodisiac. So, you not only transform, but also, perhaps, will find your soul mate.

Cinnamon Hair Lightening: Tips

  • Do not rub the cinnamon mixture into the scalp, so as not to provoke allergies or burns of the scalp.
  • Take care of your skin - if the mixture gets on your skin, ears or neck, immediately remove the mixture with a swab moistened with water.
  • When the hair is completely soaked with a mixture of cinnamon, put on the bag and towel. The greenhouse effect should not be kept for more than 40 minutes. After the time expires, remove the bag and towel and hold the mask for about 4 hours.

Brighten hair with cinnamon

  • To enhance the effect, rinse the hair with chamomile tincture.

To completely become a blonde, you need about 3 procedures for lightening hair with cinnamon.Applying cinnamon, you not only greatly lighten the hair, but also strengthen the hair roots. You will get beautiful hair without resorting to salon procedures.

Love yourself and your hair, and the result will not make you wait long!

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