Choosing sunscreen


Just as your skin needs good frost protection in the winter, so in the summer it needs to help protect it from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. In the summer, sunscreen protects your skin.

There are many of them. The shelves of shops are crammed in the summer season of suntan tanning, sunburn creams, special protective lotions and horsemen. Vendors vying offer to buy a super new tanning oil, which will provide you with an even tan without harm to your body, as well as sunblock for the face, because its delicate and very sensitive skin needs special protection. And have you not been offered a product after sunburn?


All this is right. These tools are needed for you, because too much exposure to the sun destroys the fibers of the skin, changes the genetics of the cells, prevents them from dividing, and thus renewing the skin. This deplorable result is called photo-aging among cosmetologists.

Especially take care of the need for people with very white skin. As a rule, their tan does not show up, and the skin only becomes red under the influence of the sun.

Those who are rich with moles also need special care. If moles are located localized in one place, then it (this place) can be covered and sunbathed without harm, however, if they are spread all over the body, then the problem. In this case, you should not sunbathe at all. Watch out and protect your health.

And so, sunscreens. Will they save us? Of course, they will save, there should be no doubt about it. The damage of the sun's rays is minimized with the help of physical and chemical filters included in the means from the sun. Physical filters contribute to the reflection of rays from the surface of the skin, while chemical filters convert the energy that we receive from the sun, and serve as an obstacle to the penetration of ultraviolet light into the deeper parts of the skin.

Many manufacturers, and that there are many, almost all, in addition to the means of protection, they also include vitamins that serve as nourishment to our skin. Naturally, the vitamin complexes in different types of products are different. But all of them are aimed at creating the effect of elasticity and strengthening of the skin. Thanks to this combination of elements, cream and toner for tanning and after it provide the effect of moisturizing, they have a softening and moisturizing effect.

The fact that the workers of pharmacies and shops recommend to you is, of course, fine, but for a more correct and qualified selection of sunscreen products, it is better to consult a cosmetologist’s doctor.

The doctor, for a start, will determine your skin type, and then help you choose the necessary products. Based on a general idea of ​​sunscreens, you can orient yourself in the modern market that is rich in its products.

Making the right choice

The extent to which any sunscreen has a good effect is determined in the so-called SPF units. This abbreviation means sun protection factor.

When purchasing the product you need, make sure that the package contains these three letters (SPF). Are there any? Well, that means you made the right choice and your remedy is really sunscreen.

After the SPF sign, you will see a number. It is also not just set and means how much you can increase the time spent in the sun, if you use the purchased drug.

So, for example, if during sunbathing the first reddening of your skin occurs after half an hour, in accordance with the instructions for applying the SPF 10 cream, you can increase the duration of this period not less than ten times.

If you paid attention to the variegated packaging of sunscreens, then you know that the level of SPF has a range of 2 to 50 units.

SPF 2 on the package means that the product is extremely weak and, therefore, the degree of protection against it will be very low. Experts say that such a sunscreen drug will delay up to fifty percent of ultraviolet radiation no more.

The most popular, that is popular and quickly disassembled, are those with an SPF of 10-15 on the package. That's right, because they are perfect for normal skin.

The best results will give you the boxes and bottles, which are accompanied by the inscription SPF 50. This is a guarantee that you will be provided with ninety percent protection. Of course, it still depends on the quality of the products you purchase. Pay attention to the more common and proven experienced, so to speak, by means.

Skin Protection Factor

Above, general advice on sunscreen options has been described.

Now we will consider with you how to choose the right protection factor for your skin type. As the saying goes: "And now what the doctor ordered !!!"

Criteria for phototypes (skin types)

  1. The first phototype is characterized by very fair skin and light brown hair. You can be blond. When taking sunbathing the skin becomes red, but the tan does not appear.
  2. The second phototype is the happy owners of light, but not often burning skin, and light brown hair.
  3. The third phototype is different skin olive shade and light or dark brown hair. Sunburn falls smoothly and relatively quickly.
  4. The fourth phototype of people can boast the presence of dark skin and black hair. Sunburn manifests itself very quickly and lasts a long time.

This list of four skin types is given taking into account the typical characteristics of the population of our country.


And so, knowing your type, which is a congenital feature of a person and does not change throughout life, you can successfully go to the store and pick up the means depending on the protection factor.

If you are by all measures belong to the first photo type, then everything that has a protection factor of at least 40 will do for you. Better from 40 to 50.

Owners of phototype number two resort to using funds with skin protection from 30 to 40.

Representatives of the third phototype should pay attention to the packaging with the inscriptions from SPF 20 to SPF 30.

The fourth group is recommended to use sunscreen with a factor of 10 - 15.

Personal preferences

Taking into account all that is stated above and having decided on the type of skin and the factor of protection, it would not be a bad choice to make a choice from what already suits you. This list will not be so small.

Of all the variety is to decide what you like: cream, sprays, body lotion. It is worth thinking about which product in texture is more pleasant and optimal for you. What will suit you more? Now it is necessary to make a start not from types, but from types of an integument. That is, you need to look at whether you have oily, dry or combination skin.

  • If your skin is oily, give your preference to those means that have a light structure. And this sprays and body milk.
  • Dry skin will require additional care in the form of nutrition and softening. Feel free to choose a tanning cream.
  • Combination skin fit everything.

Make sure that the remedy provides you with protection against B-, and against A-rays. How to make sure?

Read the instructions. And, in fact, everything on the package will be written.

If you are allergic, then children's sunscreens are suitable for you. It is necessary before applying the cream or gel, but for whatever it is, to test products on how it suits you. To do this, apply the tool with a thin layer on the wrist area and wait. As a rule, a negative reaction will manifest itself after a couple of three hours. It is possible to choose for such experiments and the region of the forearm.

Remember to protect your eyes and hair from the sun. This is very important, because bright lighting, whether it be sunlight or artificial, adversely affects the human vision. Visual abilities are reduced.

And, as for the hair, then under the scorching sun, they risk losing color (burn out) and spoil their structure. And this is the path to fragility. Your hair will be strongly split and become thinner.

The question naturally arises: "Do you need this?" I think not.

Therefore, before lying in the sun, consult with an experienced specialist and get special protection in the form of creams and lotions, which he will recommend to you.

Think about today, but don't forget about tomorrow too. Prevent the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.