Choosing clothes for full


Many people claim that it is the appearance of a person that is his business card. For every woman it is important to look beautiful. However, women are different, thin, medium weight and full, but they are, in its own way, beautiful.

Very often, we hear from our girlfriends, daughters and mothers that this or that garment is very fattening, and therefore they do not wear some things from their wardrobe. Every woman has its advantages, and there are flaws in the figure, and each is very well aware of them.

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

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For a full woman, the choice of clothes is sometimes a difficult torture, as she always has to make a difficult route in search of suitable clothes. The difficulty in this case is that often full women have to make a choice in favor of a large size, rather than a beautiful outfit. From such shopping trips lovely ladies of magnificent forms becomes sad, and they stop doing this, only occasionally buy clothes if necessary.

In fact, this is sad and should not be so, because the truth is that every woman wants, and most importantly, can look beautiful. In order to translate the desired into reality, you must first believe in yourself, and in the second carefully examine your type of figure. Knowing your type of figure, full ladies will be able to apply some rules and tricks when choosing their clothes.

Choosing clothes for obese women according to the type of figure

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

In order to correctly determine your type of figure, you must stand in front of a full-length mirror so that you can fully see your figure.

  • Pay attention to their upper and lower torso, are they the same? If not, what is the difference? It is considered that in obese women the type of “A” figure predominates, if it has a lower part of the body that is 2-3 times larger than the upper body.
  • If you have wide shoulders, big breasts and narrow hips, then you have a type "V" figure.
  • It happens that the upper and lower parts of the figure are practically no different, then it makes sense to say that you have a type “H” figure.
  • There is also such a type of figure, which people commonly call “hourglass”, is considered very beautiful, since this type is characterized by thin waist, large breasts, wide hips. It is denoted by the letter "X".
  • And finally, if you have breasts and thighs of about the same volume, and the waist is approximately equal in width to the chest, then your type is the so-called “O” -shaped type.

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

If you have already determined your type of figure, go to the store, proceed to the selection of clothing in accordance with your type of figure.

If you possess figure type "V", then it is necessary to focus your attention on the hips, since it is the hips that are the most outstanding part of the body with this type of figure. So, in order to visually adjust the hips with this type of figure, you need to pay attention to the pants, skirts and dresses with side pockets, various decorative elements, as well as everything that can visually enlarge your hips. Weighting the hips in your case will help to balance them with the upper torso. If you like all kinds of cuts and décolleté on dresses and blouses, choose a sharp neckline.

In no case, with this type of figure you can not wear all kinds of shoulder pads, they will increase the upper part of the torso even more and make you look almost like a locomotive on thin legs.

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

If you are the owner of the figure type "A", then you need to choose clothes that will emphasize your chest. Unlike women with a characteristic type of figure "V", you can afford all sorts of collars and necklines. Do not choose skirts and dresses that have pockets, this will further increase the size of your hips. Focus on the chest, with the help of various costume jewelry and beautiful decalted cuts.

Women with the type of figure "H" should make it a rule that they need to choose clothes of straight lines, since there is practically no waist in their figure. It is worth paying attention to dresses and skirts of straight cut, as well as trousers of classic cut.

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

Models for obese women

The “O” type figure is perhaps the most complex type of figure, however it is replete with many variations on the adjustment of this type of figure. For example, the owner of this type of figure should, first of all, visually lengthen her body. In order to look taller and slimmer, it is necessary to choose pants that are slightly narrowed to the bottom, it is also better to focus attention on your lovely legs, choosing tight skirts to the knees from light fabrics. With this type of figure, it is absolutely impossible to wear too narrow dresses or skirts in the waist area.

How to choose clothes for a full figure?

If you are an excellent owner of the “hourglass” shape, then you are lucky, you will be able to emphasize your body with a fitted jacket and a dress made of lightweight material with a beautiful belt at the waist. For more information on how to choose belts and belts correctly, read the article “Belts and Belts”, which describes various variations of the use of belts with different outfits.

Here are some basic guidelines that you can use to choose clothes to fit your body type.