Choose your style. lesson 3

Continuing the conversation about different styles, we remind you that style is, above all, an expression of your individuality. You can always try different styles and experiment. Let's get to know the styles. "Unisex", "Thumbelina", "Africana".


Do you lead an active life, your day is full of various events? Unisex - a special attitude to life. Girls prefer male classes, men's things. This list includes motorcycles, martial arts, a passion for precise natsukami and heavy music. Remember that you have to get rid of your complexes, choosing this image, become easy-going, feel comfortable in any company, regardless of age, gender and social status of those present.

Choose your style. Lesson 3

  • Dress comfortably using both female and male models: jeans, sweatshirts, turtlenecks, T-shirts, T-shirts, shorts, etc. From jewelry, choose thin silver chains, elegant rings.
  • Makeup in this image is not required. Your face must be well-groomed and radiate health. Cosmetics do not need special attention.
  • Hair should also be in perfect order, it is better to prefer a short haircut or hairstyles that do not require special styling.


Gentle, petite, gentle girl, leaning on her friend Swallow. To get started, find yourself a confident, omniscient, active lifestyle friend. Master the art of looking at your interlocutor with an enthusiastic look from the bottom up, learn to be soft, touching, timid, while delicately feel the experiences of other people, sympathize with, participate.

Choose your style. Lesson 3

  • Your wardrobe should be filled with toilets of transparent and translucent fabrics, outfits should emphasize your fragile figure. Do not wear heels and do not make high and lush hairstyles, even the lowest man should feel next to you a strong and courageous giant.
  • Majazh unobtrusive, light shades, grow long hair, do not be lazy to curl them daily and style them with a light falling wave.


Africana is a freedom-loving child of nature. Hardy, without complexes, athletic, tanned and strong. Hot southern blood flows in her, she is free to communicate, she has a violent temperament. Surprise your colleagues with your fearlessness, and your fans with recalcitrance and unwillingness.

  • When choosing a wardrobe, give preference to short free skirts, shorts, T-shirts, opening the navel, more often be on the beach or in the solarium. Do not neglect animal prints in clothes. More accessories and costume jewelry.

Choose your style. Lesson 3

  • Simplicity and convenience is your motto when choosing shoes. Open sandals, slates, comfortable shoes and shoes will be perfectly combined with your image.
  • Hair is preferable to dark color, simple styling. Makeup can be bright or natural. Piercing and tattoo are welcome.

Choose what you like and do not be afraid to change! Let it give you maximum enjoyment!

Especially for - Lera Dolinnaya

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