Choose your style. lesson 2


When choosing a style, remember that this is not blindly following fashion and instructions, not a search for a standard, but, above all, an expression of your individuality. Do not be afraid to change and experiment. We continue the conversation about styles.

Black Swan

If, having read the name of this image, you remembered the beautiful Odette from Swan Lake by PI Tchaikovsky, you are on the right track. Key words of the image - inaccessibility, charm, attractiveness, witchcraft, active resistance, independence in actions. Set goals, achieve them, using possible and impossible means.

However, all of the above does not mean that you must be gloomy and focused, disgruntled and angry. Unobtrusive deceit, gradually making unexpected decisions and at the same time a sly look and a mysterious smile. You must clearly know what you want from life, have a strict plan of action to achieve the desired and perseverance on the way to your goal.

Choose your style. Lesson 2

Clothing is preferable to dark tones with red and white details (scarves, buttons, gloves, bags, edging, etc.). The cut of costumes should be free, not holding down the movement, but at the same time elegant. You must look expensive. Shoes with high, square heels. Keep your hair in order, give preference to natural tones. In make-up - natural shades, try to emphasize the natural beauty.


You are mysterious and incomprehensible, a halo of mystery envelops you, you appear in the most unexpected places and disappear suddenly, while remaining cheerful, witty and quite playful? You are a female domino. Learn to enjoy everything, even the smallest things, give others smiles and happiness, do not tell others about the injustice of life, cruel circumstances. Be light as the wind, and only your gaze must maintain deep inner sadness, grief and life experience, maintain self-sufficiency and detachment. Communicate, make friends with different hobbies belonging to different social strata.

Choose your style. Lesson 2

The clothes in your wardrobe should be different with an unusual cut and an unexpected combination of colors, your toilets should be copyright and have no analogues. Take the time to go to the dressmaker, your clothes should intrigue others. Get more accessories and jewelry, large and bright.

Shoes should be modern, practical, beautiful and comfortable. Let your shoes be beautiful and practical at the same time, because in order to have time to attend all parties at the same time, you need fast legs and comfortable shoes.

Do not be afraid to experiment with hair, change hairstyles as often as possible, you should amaze others, do not let yourself get used to it. Makeup is necessarily bright and attractive: shades of saturated colors, bright lipstick.


Beautiful, graceful and independent. Her eyes hide a large number of secrets. Choosing this image, you will have to restrain emotions, not to talk a lot about yourself, to leave a feeling of incompleteness, lack of understanding. With fans, play like a cat with a mouse: now approaching, then distancing. Do not be afraid of loneliness. Gestures are smooth, voice is low, low pitched.

Choose your style. Lesson 2

The clothes are narrow, tight, emphasizing posture. Fabrics should be soft, pleasant to the touch, with glitter: velvet, satin, silk, etc. High-heeled suede heels perfectly complement your look. The presence of natural fur in your wardrobe is obligatory: fur coat, manteau or just a furry collar on a coat.

Hair to suit your taste, but remember the hairstyle should be perfect. No ridiculous strands sticking out in all directions! Make-up should emphasize the eyes. Everything else is in restrained tones.

Try, change, look for yourself! But do not forget that you are unique and gorgeous, because in any image, the main thing is confidence!

Especially for - Lera Dolinnaya