Chicago hairstyles


Chicago style hairstyles gained their popularity due to the famous musical. They were popular in the 30s of the 20th century. Such hairstyles are distinguished by the fact that they have completely no volume, but on the contrary, their hair is smooth and wavy. With this hairstyle, you can go to any event, it is universal. Hairstyles in the style of Chicago make a woman spectacular and unique.

What you need to know about hairstyles in the style of Chicago?

Chicago hairstyles

  • A Chicago style hairstyle will work well and decorate her veil or hat
  • For this hairstyle, hair is shortened or made of medium length. If you do not want to cut off long hair, they can be collected beautifully in a bun.
  • If there was such a problem as big ears, then there is an option to hide this flaw. There is a hairstyle such as "Page", with her hair adjacent to the chin, the cut line is smooth, which gives a small amount.
  • The main feature of those years in the hairstyle was a curl that was heading for the neck, it was usually made with a curling iron to make it even.

Hairstyles chicago style at home

This hairstyle can now be done at home. The easiest way to do a haircut in the style of Chicago on the wavy hair from birth.

Greater popularity hairstyle earned brides in a wedding celebration.

Chicago style hair at home

  • Owners of short hair neatly styled hair curling and decorated with a veil and flowers.
  • For girls with wavy hair, it is enough to wash the hair and apply a little foam or wax on it, which will make the hair shine. The product is applied and then carefully combed, and a small tail is fixed at the back with a hairpin.
  • After washing their hair, girls with straight hair need to work with a curling iron, curl their hair in one direction.

How to make a haircut in the style of Chicago at home?

To create a hairstyle in the style of "Chicago" will require:

  1. Hair spray
  2. Hair clips
  3. Studs
  4. Wide working comb
  5. Comb-tail
  6. Any accessories you like best.

How to make a Chicago style hairstyle

The front part of the hair is divided into a side parting from the main part of the hair. On pre-combed hair, make a "wave" with the use of clips. From the rest of the hair, form a bundle. Then raise the waves between the clamps. From the intermediate strand braid loose pigtail.

Fix all varnish and parallel pull the small loops along the entire length. Get a small rosette. Fix this rose with lacquer and pins. Attach accessories to the hairstyle. Carefully remove the forceps, fix the hair with lacquer.

Unusual hairstyle in the style of Chicago

  • To make an unusual hairstyle in the style of Chicago, prepare curlers and styling tools. The peculiarity of this hairstyle at the time of its appearance was that after sudden changes in fashion in the 20s, in the 30s. hairstyle remained the same, the hair was of medium length with a side parting, but the style of styling completely changed, becoming more feminine.
  • Wavy curls from nature become fashionable in the style of Chicago, and the bangs fit with the hair, while opening the forehead well. Also in the 30s. came into vogue turban, which allowed to hide hair, if it was not possible to keep track of them. In addition, straight hair was then considered a sign of bad taste.
  • To make a Chicago hairstyle in the 1930s, hair should be laid around the head and face in waves. To do this, usually used large studs that help shape the waves or small curlers.
  • The waves that adorn the hair in this hairstyle, there are usually 3 types: soft and wide, with sharp bends or narrow, the widest. For a Chicago hairstyle it is very important to make the hair soft.This is done with the help of styling or twisting the hair on the curler in the opposite direction through the row.
  • Then the hair must be combed for a long time, until such waves are obtained. To create curls for hair style in Chicago, hair should be wet and lay on one curl. To do this, take a thin strand and screw it on your finger. Then carefully remove them from the finger, without violating the ring, and fasten it invisible in a crisscross pattern. Do the same with each strand. When the hair is dry, remove the invisible hair and comb the hair. The image of a girl of the 30s of the 20th century is ready!

Fashion for hairstyles is not less changeable and capricious than on clothes. Changing styles, makeup and hairstyles. Stormy 20s. the last century become the ancestor of the style of Chicago, which appears not only in clothes but also in hairstyles. In fashion are women with a haircut "garcon", which resembles a boy, and in the 30s. Chicago hairstyle becomes more feminine and elegant, followed by a simple haircut come waves and curls, elegantly laid in the face.

Now the fashion for femininity and elegance is back, why not try a haircut in the style of Chicago today?

Especially for Alenka, Julia