Chicago dress

The style of clothing, which bears the name of the American city of Chicago, was born in the 30s. last century in america. It has become the expression of a time of change, economic growth, celebration and luxury. The city of Chicago in those days was a city of harsh rules, where women had to decorate with their beautiful appearance difficult everyday lives of men. At this time, the image and appearance was very important, and if a woman wanted to remain always on top, her dress had to be made of luxurious and shiny materials that were decorated with expensive accessories.

A dress of medium length and simple cut became the main thing when creating a Chicago style.. And today, designers remember him, and women of fashion do not forget to demonstrate the dress in the style of Chicago at a party or gala reception. This dress is in the wardrobe of every self-respecting lover of romantic and fateful styles at the same time.

The appearance of the dress in the style of Chicago

Chicago dress is characterized by simplicity of cut and ease. It was originally cut along an oblique line with a cut below the knee. Oblique edge allowed the dress to even more beautifully depict a fabulous female figure. The dress had a low waist to the level of the hips, which perfectly emphasized their line.

Chicago Dress

The dress in Chicago style differed from other works of designers in its cylindrical shape, and its length varied, if necessary, from the ankle to the knees, smoothly expanding from the line of the hips to the bottom.

For the first time in the history of a modern woman, the dress in Chicago style exposed her legs and arms, and her neckline emphasized the neck and chest, with a little emphasis on women's shoulders. Of the materials for the manufacture of dresses in the style of Chicago, satin, silk, chiffon and velvet were used most often., and for jewelry, beads, fringe, rhinestones, sequins and sparkles. To complete the image created by this dress, fashionable women necessarily used thin fishnet stockings and elegant long gloves. All these chicago style dress rules remained true to modern beauties, with his triumphant return to the female wardrobe.

Chicago Dress Uniqueness

Dresses in Chicago style are characterized by the use of fabrics of various shades.: From pastel to too bright. Emerald, wine, noble purple and fatal black, dark blue, burgundy, blueberry, raspberry, pink, cream and even white are suitable for him. Each of them gives the dress elegance and mystery.

What does a chicago dress look like?

For this dress, the main thing is not color, but its shape and beautiful accessories, which emphasize simple lines that involuntarily attract the eye and distinguish the owner of such a dress from the crowd. The dress in the style of Chicago perfectly describes the phrase "All ingenious is simple."

Chicago dress is different using fringe, feathers and lace. This dress was a bold step towards reducing the length of women's clothing. His sleeves were replaced by weightless straps, perfectly complementing the neckline and bare back.

Chicago dress managed to unite the elusive combination of sensuality and modesty, seduction and charm, passion and romance, and what else does a modern woman need to feel beautiful in all respects?

Chicago Modern Dress

How to choose accessories for a dress in the style of Chicago?

If you do not have a dress in the style of Chicago, but you really want to have it, make it yourself. To do this, it is enough to choose a ready-made dress with a low waist and made along an oblique or slinky cut. Decorate it with a fringe along the hemline and neckline, add a little rhinestone - and the dress in Chicago style is ready.

Of the accessories for such a dress, a hat, bag, gloves and shoes of the same color are best suited. Instead of a cap, you can use a satin ribbon decorated with sparkles, flowers or feathers. Do not forget about the long strings of beads. A necklace made of artificial crystals or gilded links will be perfectly combined with a dress of this style, all of them will perfectly complement the created image.

It is advisable to choose shoes with a rounded toe, figured heel of medium thickness and height, and put on black stockings in a fine mesh. Take a clutch to complete the look, it's great will complement the dress in the style of Chicago. An important element of the whole image will be the hair, laid waves - hairstyles in the style of Chicago.

Chicago dress and accessories

Years have passed. Chicago and the people who live in it have changed, but the dress in the style of Chicago still attracts the attention of stylists and women from around the world, as evidenced by fashion shows of famous fashion designers. If you want to diversify your wardrobe, feel like a fatal beauty, surrounded by harsh men, to which their eyes are riveted, then you should get this very feminine and mysterious dress for wardrobe.

Dress in Chicago style will look great on Birthday, and on the theme party, and even at the wedding, emphasizing your fragility and femininity. Become tender and fatal at the same time, feel the holiday atmosphere, give yourself a wonderful evening just by wearing a dress in the style of Chicago at home. Believe me, this evening will be unforgettable for you.

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