Causes of hair loss. methods of treatment and reviews


Every person wants to have healthy hair. This question is relevant for both men and women. Hair loss is a difficult problem. To find its solution, it is necessary to correctly determine the causes.

Causes of severe hair loss

If your hair began to fall out more intensely than usual, you need to try to find the cause. This will allow you to choose the most effective way to treat them.

Causes of hair loss.

Age changes. Increased hair loss in women is often during menopause. Menopause is associated with a decrease in the level of the hormone tarragon, which is responsible for the longevity of the hair. During this period, the hair thin out, as a rule, evenly over the entire head.

Pregnancy and childbirth. The waiting time of the child and the period immediately after his birth is the moment of the restructuring of the organism. When childbirth is over, the condition of the hair usually deteriorates. This is due to natural hormonal changes, anemia and severe fatigue.

Stress. Stress is a common cause of hair loss in women, even at a young age. Physical overload, lack of sleep and chronic fatigue. As a result of the negative impact of the entire hair gradually thinning.

Dysfunction of the body systems. Since the health of the hair depends on the general condition of all internal systems, people with a weakened body are usually susceptible to hair loss. Causes may be reduced immunity and colds. Severe hair loss is usually accompanied by diseases of the endocrine system, for example, diabetes. Especially strong loss is observed in people suffering from cancer and undergoing chemotherapy.

Violation of metabolic processes. It is especially important not to forget about respecting the balance of nutrients in the body! Today, many girls are testing their strength by trying many different diets. Improper diet and sudden weight loss are very draining, and this does not benefit hair. They lack the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy look and growth. As a result, the fallout begins.

Mechanical, chemical and thermal effects. In an effort to create the perfect appearance, many do not think about the side effects. The health of the hair is greatly damaged by a sudden change in temperature when using hair dryers and irons, narrow headgear. For the sake of momentary fashion, women spoil their hair with a perm, frequent lightening, and complex hairstyles with bouffant hair. Hair can not withstand the onslaught and fall out.

Hair loss: causes and treatment

The problem of treating falling hair is very difficult, because The causes of baldness are many. As a result of long-term exposure to various adverse factors, both external and internal, the scalp primarily suffers - it interferes with microcirculation and water-fat balance, and this leads to deterioration in the nutrition of hair follicles, and as a result, severe hair loss.

Cosmetology is now widely advanced in addressing the issue of hair loss. Thus, the surgical procedure for baldness is transplantation. There are effective home remedies. Modern methods of treating hair loss include the intake of special preparations and supplements, the normalization of nutrition, scalp massages and various physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic masks and mesotherapy. Pick up for the treatment of hair falling out and home use, such as herbal medicine, for example.

Hair loss remedies: reviews

Causes of hair loss. Methods of treatment and reviews

  • Elizabeth: Long suffered from hair loss. Never wore them loose, always collected in the tail. Once I wanted to solve a problem, I passed the necessary tests, it turned out that hemoglobin was lowered. Prescribed a drug to increase the level of iron Sideral. A month later, hemoglobin rose and the hair stopped falling out badly.
  • Shura: The hair has become very thin. I went to the doctor. It turned out that you need to drink iron-containing drugs, such as Sideral. Great effect!
  • Maria: I recommend Dixidox de Luxe Forte No. 3.4 with pepper. It is rubbed into the scalp. It is better to buy together with the shampoo of the same firm Dixidox No. 3.1. They stop falling off and the bald patches disappear. After about 3 months everything will be restored.
  • Lika: The most important thing when falling out is to understand the reason. In my case there was anemia. Feeling awful, my head was spinning. Weakness, and the hair fell out strongly. Sideral helped me. I think there is no analogue to this drug. To me, he for 14 days the body returned to normal.

Shampoo for hair loss: reviews

  • Annie: Shampoo helped from hair loss, but not 100 percent, of course. I used Fitoval, I liked it, but I did not completely solve the problem of falling out.
  • Valeria: Incredible shampoo! I bought Fitoval in a pharmacy for 350 rubles. The hair on my chest, starting from the ears is dry, ruined by lightening. No conditioner balsam in any way. Only with this shampoo I forgot what a balm is, my hair is amazing! And completely stopped to stay on the comb!
  • Marina: After the birth of her daughter, her hair began to thin. After each wash climbed. I bought vitamins and Fitoval shampoo in yellow and red bottles. Satisfied with these funds.

Hair loss can be treated! Most importantly, identify the cause of the problem. It is best to seek help from a specialist. The doctor will select the necessary treatment based on the results of the tests and the state of your curls. Drug therapy can be supplemented with traditional methods to enhance a positive result.