Causes of hair loss in girls. hair loss


Thick and luxurious hair - the dream of every girl. Unfortunately, not many people can boast of chic hair, because sometimes the fair sex faces the problem of hair loss.

Causes of hair loss in women most often associated with disorders in the body. Therefore, do not rush to run to the pharmacy for cosmetics, but contact the therapist and trichologist. They will assign you the necessary tests and identify the real problem. The main diseases that can provoke baldness are:

  1. Diseases of the digestive tract;
  2. Intestinal dysbacteriosis;
  3. Endocrine gland diseases;
  4. Genital infections;
  5. Hormonal disruptions;
  6. Skin infections;
  7. Taking antibiotics.

Causes of hair loss in girls

Having identified the cause of baldness, the doctor will prescribe you a proper treatment.

  • Stress is another common cause of hair loss in women. Permanent sleep deprivation, physical and mental stress, wrong day regimen, worries and nervous shocks all affect the health and condition of the hair. The problem may not appear immediately, but in a few months, when you already forget about your problems.
  • Sharp temperature change. If you often use a hot hair dryer, utyazhki and curling, and even go in the cold without a hat - this can cause baldness. In spite of the fact that you use heat-protective means, thermal devices and cold air contribute to the deterioration of the health of the hair. To avoid baldness, use thermal devices as seldom as possible and wear a hat in cold weather.
  • Avitaminosis. When the body lacks vitamins, it affects the appearance. Therefore, do not forget to take special medications and try to adhere to a balanced diet.
  • Diets are another reason women may lose hair. If in a short period of time you have significantly lost weight, this can not but affect your hair. After parting with adipose tissue, the body loses important fat-soluble vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy curls. Therefore, do not abuse unbalanced diets. It is best to lose weight under the supervision of a nutritionist who can competently make a diet. During the diet, do not forget to drink vitamin complexes.
  • Pregnancy and postpartum period. During pregnancy, the body gives a large amount of nutrients to the child. After childbirth, a woman undergoes a hormonal change, anemia and chronic fatigue occur, which affects the general condition and health of her hair.
  • Acquired types of hair loss - develop due to prolonged strand tension. Such hairstyles as afrokosichki, dreadlocks, as well as capacity, perm, frequent coloring, tight tails, etc. can cause hair loss in women. In this case, it is necessary to immediately stop any impact on the curls and begin a course of intensive recovery.

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Hair loss is a real problem for girls, which can and should be fought. If you have tried all known treatments for baldness, but nothing helps, consult a doctor. Maybe, causes of severe hair loss rooted in any serious diseases.