Casual hairstyles for long hair. diy diy

Every girl tries to look great in any situation, to be well-groomed, beautiful and elegant. To create a full-fledged image plays a big role hairstyle. Daily styling is different from the evening of its maximum simplicity. The most difficult thing to do hairstyles for very long hair, but they look especially impressive.

Casual hairstyles for long hair do it yourself

Careless styling. This is a very popular and simple hairstyle that many girls do. To make your flowing hair look beautiful and stylish, you have to put a little effort into it.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Wash your hair in the usual way, make a straight part, apply a little foam or mousse to fix and dry the hair with a hair dryer. If you have a bang, lift it using a brushing (round comb) or pull the iron. So that the curls are not straight, squeeze them with your hands during drying. This will create the effect of "crumpled" hair, which is a fashion trend.

This hairstyle will help to adjust the face with a wide forehead, square shape, triangular shape.

Spit-ring. Spit - a stylish option for every day. Their variety and availability of schemes on the Internet will allow you to be different every day. Spit-bezel is difficult for beginners, but if you train, you can quickly adapt.

Wind the hair with a large curling iron to create large curls. Highlight the hair at the forehead, departing from the growth line about 5 - 7 cm and comb them forward. To the rest of the hair does not interfere, collect them in the tail. The braid (spikelet) begins to weave from the ear of any side and weave a hoop around the head. When finished weaving, fix it with an elastic band. Tailored hair, dissolve, comb and spray with varnish. Secure the tip of the braid stealth or beautiful hairpin.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

This hairstyle looks spectacular and romantic. Especially it is suitable for blondes. Spit-ring will help hide the oval face and narrow forehead. For girls with a triangular face shape and protruding forehead, this styling is not recommended, since it additionally increases the upper part of the head.

Simple smoothness. Many believe that a smooth hairstyle does not require any effort to create. This is not so, because to make the styling gloss, you need to do a great job.

Wash your hair and completely dry the hair dryer with an ionizer. Ionizer does not damage the hair and retains moisture, so that the strands will be smooth. After drying, apply a spray or mousse to the hair for smoothness. Separate them into the side parting, take the curls at the forehead a little back and fasten them with invisible haircuts or beautiful hairpins. The tips of the hair can be pulled out by the iron and gently put on the shoulders.

This hairstyle is perfect for everyday look, for office and informal meetings. Especially attractively smooth styling will look for girls with an oval, narrow, round face, as well as for owners of a wide forehead.

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Daily hairstyles for long hair

Casual hairstyles for long hair

  • Tail - the most common everyday hairstyle. One of the options for everyday hairstyles can be a tail in a sporty style. This is the perfect styling for those who can not spend a long time in front of a mirror. The most impressive high tail looks with thick and straight bangs.
  • If you have smooth hair, they can be slightly wound on the curling. You can wind up in advance or in the tail - as you see fit. Next, lift the hair up and secure with a rubber band. For greater effect, you can choose a gum with a flower or rhinestones. Do not forget to smooth out loose strands and spray hair with varnish.
  • A ponytail with a scythe is another simple daily hairstyle. You no longer have to choose between the tail and the scythe, since these 2 elements can be easily combined together.
  • Divide the hair into 2 parts, back off from the hair line by 7 - 10 cm and comb them forward. The remaining curls fasten in the tail at the back of the head. Braid the first part of the strands into a spikelet (internal or external, as you like), moving along the hairline. When you reach the ear, weave the braid already separate from the line. This will allow you to wrap it around the tail. When you braid a braid, dissolve your hair, lift it up, secure with a rubber band and wrap the braid around the elastic band. Secure the tip of the invisible.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

  • Spherical tail - a great hairstyle that will hide the imperfections of the hair. Only it is often not recommended to do it, because to create you need to comb the strands, and this harms them.
  • Comb your hair, pick it up in a high tail and secure with a rubber band. Scale a bit to get the volume. Using several rubber bands, fasten them on the tail at a certain distance from each other. Gently tighten the gum, so as not to injure the hair. Leave the tip of the tail smooth. At the end fix the hair with lacquer.
  • Low tail - hair looks elegant and simple. Comb your hair well, apply a special spray, mousse or serum to it for smoothness. Make a low tail and secure it with a rubber band. Make a hole in the hair above the rubber band and pass the tail through it.
  • Stylish bunch. Wash and dry the hair, add volume to it, using a styling mousse. Collect the curls, leaving a few loose strands on the side and bottom. Make a normal bundle, fixing it with pins. The remaining strands casually turn into it, securing stealth. To fix the bunch, spray it with varnish.

Casual hairstyles for long hair

Long hair - decoration of any girl. In order not to look boring, you need to do everyday hairstyles at least once a week. They are not difficult, but they bring individuality and style. There is a large variety of hairstyles for every day that you can alternate, creating a new look every time.

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