Castor eyebrow oil

Castor eyebrow oil helps to restore their density, improve the quality of hair and accelerate growth. This tool has earned enormous popularity among the fair sex due to its positive properties, one of which is hypoallergenic.

Useful properties of castor oil

The composition of castor oil contains ricinolic acid, which provides active healing and regeneration. In other words, the use of castorca will help in a fairly short time to grow eyebrows after an unsuccessful correction. It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. In addition, castor oil is an excellent tool to help get rid of the first signs of aging skin. Cosmetologists recommend applying castor oil not only to care for eyebrows, but also for eyelashes.

Castor oil application: rules

Eyebrow Castor Oil: Use

  • To achieve maximum results from the use of castor oil, daily, after clearing the skin from makeup, rub a few drops of this tool along the line of growth of eyebrows. Approximately in 1-2 months the "sleeping" hair bulbs become more active, and you will notice that your eyebrows will become thicker.
  • Oil can be applied with your fingers, or with a special soft eyebrow brush. For this purpose, the brush from the eye mascara may also be suitable, but only it must be cleaned beforehand. Apply 1-2 drops of castorca to the brush and comb the eyebrows, focusing on the most problematic places. If your goal is to grow eyebrows or create a beautiful curvature, additionally work through these places with light massage movements and go to bed, and remove any remaining oil in the morning using any cleansing agent.
  • Remember that too "generous" application of oil can cause blockage of pores, the formation of closed comedones and other problems. According to numerous reviews of castor oil for eyebrows, a positive result can be achieved only when used in moderation.

Castor oil for the growth and correction of eyebrows: masks

Eyebrow Castor Oil: Use

These eyebrow masks are suitable for those who do not need to use oil every day. With minor problems with eyebrows and in order to maintain them in good condition, carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week.

Take castor and olive oils, mix them in equal proportions, put in a water bath for 7-10 minutes. Then apply to the line of growth of the eyebrows, hold for 2-3 hours, then wash off with copious amounts of warm water.

If you want your eyebrows to become smooth and silky, use a mask of castor oil and liquid vitamin A. Mix the ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio, and apply the mixture on the eyebrows for 3 hours.

To make brows darker without a coloring procedure, mix castor oil and camphor in equal amounts. Heat the composition and apply on the eyebrows. Keep for about 2-3 hours, then rinse.

For density and growth of eyebrows, take castorcus and vodka in the ratio 1: 2. Rub the mixture in the eyebrows and leave overnight.

A mask of licorice powder and castor oil is an effective remedy, especially popular in India. In order to prepare a mask, take equal quantities of pharmaceutical licorice powder, castor oil and sesame oil in equal amounts. Mix thoroughly, heat the mixture in a water bath to room temperature and rub into the roots of hairs. Leave on for 3 hours, then rinse with warm water.

You can also make a soft elixir, suitable even for eyelid skin care. To do this, combine castor oil with chamomile and calendula oil extracts. Chamomile - antiallergic and anti-inflammatory plant, which also has a calming effect. Calendula perfectly improves the metabolic processes within each cell of the hairs and strengthens their structure and follicles. Ingredients for the preparation of this mixture take in equal quantities. This elixir can also be used in the fight against conjunctivitis and barley.

In addition to the traditional methods of applying castor eyebrows, modern manufacturers also offer a huge range of the latest professional tools, which are based on castor oil.

When using castor oil in home skin and hair care, be sure to keep in mind that:

  • Castor oil has a shelf life of 2 g;
  • Oil on mucous membranes can lead to severe irritation and subsequent inflammation;
  • The period of pregnancy and lactation is an obstacle to the use of castor oil.

Eyebrow Castor Oil: before and after pictures

Eyebrow Castor Oil: Use

Eyebrow oil has long collected extremely enthusiastic consumer reviews. Thus, if you want to become the owner of well-groomed and thick eyebrows, use this natural remedy according to all the rules and with the recommended regularity.

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