Caret elongated with bangs


For several decades in a row fashion car has remained fashionable and stylish. Such an original, but at the same time strict haircut is suitable for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity of any age category. Many women prefer the bob long with bangs. We will talk about this trendy haircut today.

Choose a hairstyle in a bob in accordance with the type of face

As already mentioned, different types of karate is considered fashionable, trendy, modern, simple and business hairstyle. Stylists offer a huge number of options for such haircuts. We will talk about this a little later, and now we should dwell on what type of face is suitable for an elongated four of a kind.

Before going to the salon and changing their image, many women try to imagine which hairstyle will suit them, emphasize all the charms and hide minor flaws. To make the right choice, first of all, you should take into account the shape of the face. Depending on this, stylists select the right haircut. So let's take a look at each type in order.

Holders of a round face should skillfully hide their cheeks and slightly stretch the facial contour. Visually, this can be done with a haircut. The ideal option would be an elongated car with a slanting bang. In this case, the strands must be laid flat or wound up, otherwise you will only emphasize the roundness of the facial contour. Chubby women should prefer long haircuts with a side parting. Asymmetry is what is needed to visually lengthen the facial contour.

Who is elongated bob with bangs?

Owners of an oval face were the luckiest. Such girls can choose absolutely any version of the elongated car without any restrictions. Hairstyle can be with bangs or without one. The second option will make an advantageous emphasis on the forehead line and chin. To visually emphasize the beautiful cheekbones and lips, you should make a haircut with elongated or torn strands in front.

Who is elongated bob with bangs?

If the outline of your face resembles a square, then the haircut should visually hide corners. In this case, a graded elongated quad will do. Profitable solution will be wavy styling. You will be able to independently choose the size and thickness of the curls, thereby adjusting the volume.

As for the bangs, girls with square features should make a slanting graded bang. An asymmetrical hairstyle with lengthening without a bang will look best. The ends should be ragged to smooth the facial contour, but women with thin hair are not recommended to cut them off.

Who is elongated bob with bangs?

Four Bars with Bangs: variety of options

If you constantly make an elongated haircut, then a caret for long strands will be an excellent option. On the one hand, you will change your style, and on the other, you will not resort to radical and serious reincarnations. Stylists offer a huge number of options for cuts haircuts. These include:

  • slanting elongated caret with bangs;

slanting elongated caret with bangs

  • four of a kind with elongated front curls and short hair at the back of the head;

caret with elongated front curls

  • classic bob hairstyle;

classic bob hairstyle

  • graduated car with clipped corners;

graduated square with clipped corners

  • asymmetrical shape;

asymmetrical shape

  • kare with leg.

square with leg

Each of the above hairstyles is beautiful in its own way. Do not forget that the haircut is an elongated bob with bangs not suitable for all representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Stop your choice on a hairstyle ideally suited to your type of face. If you still want to make a bang, then prefer the elongated options. Such haircuts can be laid in various ways. If necessary, the elongated bangs can be combed back or stabbed with the original invisible.

I would like to pay special attention to graduated haircuts. With stylized cascade, stylists are advised not to make women who have a short neck. In this case, it is best to choose a classic bean or an elongated bob that combines asymmetrical shapes.

Long caret without bangs below shoulders

If nature has endowed you with beautiful, thick and healthy hair, then you can also make an original square on your long hair. Haircut below the shoulders will allow you to keep long hair, which, if necessary, can be collected in a ponytail, bun or make original hairstyles.

The advantage of a square on the curls, the length of which is below the shoulders, is that such a haircut visually makes the face lean, pulls its contour. These haircuts are perfect for sophisticated girls, as well as for those who want to hide chubby cheeks or imperfect cheekbones. It looks like an elongated square without bangs below the shoulders, clearly demonstrates the photo.

Long caret without bangs below shoulders

If your curls are devoid of natural volume, then you can visually make your hair much thicker by choosing a square of a ladder. As a rule, the total length of the curls remains below the shoulders, and the top of the head is cut much shorter. During the installation of a hairdryer or with a curler, you can add extra volume or make a pile.

Stylists reveal the secrets of styling

Surprisingly, the same haircut may look different. The car is considered a universal haircut, on which you can effortlessly make a beautiful styling at home. It all depends on what effect you want to achieve.

Stylists give their advice to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, how beautiful it is to lay an elongated four of a kind:

  • Before laying, be sure to apply a protective spray on the hair and a special mousse to fix the curls;
  • the mousse should be applied on the basal part of the curls, and then spread with a comb along the remaining length of the locks;
  • You can add volume to a hairstyle using hair curlers or a round bulk comb;
  • styling depends on the type of haircut and the shape of the face;
  • daily styling can be done flat or slightly curled up;
  • for the evening look perfect curls;
  • You can visually make an asymmetrical hairstyle, stabbed hair with invisible hair or with an original hairpin on one side;
  • if you do a quick set, then the basal volume can be made with the help of a classic pile;
  • now more than one season in the trend are careless styling, for which gel, wax or mousse is used.

As you can see, despite such a variety of options, the elongated bob is considered a classic haircut and has remained in vogue for more than a dozen years. Pick a hairstyle in accordance with the shape of your face, hair structure and preferences. Do not forget that strict asymmetry requires constant perfect styling. Change your hairstyles according to your mood and be happy!