Care for your eyelashes


In pursuit of beauty, we care about a radiant, even complexion, thick hair, but often we forget that the most attractive thing in our face is eyes, whose beauty is impossible without well-groomed cilia. And care for them is not only the choice of quality mascara, which makes them long and fluffy pairs of brush strokes. Healthy eyelashes look attractive even without cosmetics, and if you do not provide them with proper care, the eyelashes can repay you the same - they will thin and fall out.. So read our tips on cilia care.

Eyelash makeup

Eyelashes daily are seriously tested when we apply a bunch of cosmetics on them - this is mascara, and shadows, and eyeliner.

  • If you constantly use cosmetics, then you should take her choice very seriously. Do not spare money for good mascara and give preference to hypoallergenic cosmetics. It is not necessary to buy funds from unknown companies and in obscure places, simply because you risk to buy a fake or low-quality cosmetics.
  • Ink should be used no more than 3-4 months, after this period it already becomes quite dry and can only harm your eyelashes.
  • Choosing mascara, be sure to read its composition. Good mascara will contain castor oil, lanolin and vitamins, these substances protect eyelashes. Also in the composition of the mascara may be a special wax - this is an additional plus, as it thickens the eyelashes and allows the mascara to lie flat on the eyelashes.

  • A very important point is the removal of makeup at night. In no case can not go to bed with an untreated face, even if you are very tired and have enough strength only to get to the bed. You after all have a rest at night and gain strength, but what about your eyelashes, they also need rest. Otherwise, after another such night, you wake up and find half of your eyelashes on a pillow with pieces of mascara. In addition, it is harmful to health, cosmetics during sleep can penetrate into the eyes and cause inflammation.
  • We also want to caution those who like to curl their eyelashes with a special spinning machine. Yes, certainly twisted eyelashes look more expressive and alluring, but their frequent curling can make the eyelashes brittle and fragile, and if you twist them at the very base, you can lose a lot of cilia. The best solution would be a mascara with a twist brush and a curling effect.
  • Wash off makeup should be cleansing delicate means, but not with soap and water. Women who are painted with waterproof mascara are better off choosing biphasic products. It is necessary to clean the eyes with light massage movements counterclockwise, and not to rub the eyes - this irritates the delicate skin of the eyes and thinns the eyelashes.

Eyelash Care

The structure of the eyelashes is almost the same as that of ordinary hair, so some hair care products will approach the eyelashes.

  • Like hair, eyelashes are very fond of various plant and essential oils - olive, almond, coconut and burdock. These oils are useful to lubricate the eyelashes. In the oil mixture, you can add a few drops of vitamin A and E - it restores and strengthens the cilia. Apply the oil on the eyelashes using an ordinary old mascara brush, lubricate them every day before going to bed and in the morning before applying cosmetics, apply quite a bit of oil on the eyelashes (but do not overdo it with oil, otherwise the mascara will not stick) during the whole day, and at night you will soak them well.
  • It is very useful to apply a mask with vegetable oil, chopped parsley and aloe juice onto the skin around the eyes and the cilia once a week. Gently apply the mask on the eyelids and rub it into the skin and eyelashes with gentle massaging movements.

  • Also, our cilia are very fond of a variety of infusions and decoctions of medicinal herbs, chamomile, sage, cornflower, green tea. The cooled infusion should be applied to a cotton pad and apply for 15-20 minutes on the eyelids. During the compress it is better to lie in the dark and relax, this is a very pleasant procedure that tones the skin, energizes it and eliminates the harmful effects of adverse factors - poor ecology, dirt and dust.
  • To strengthen eyelashes and stimulate their growth, you can lubricate them with castor oil, petroleum jelly or peach oil. For the prevention of loss of eyelashes means should be applied 1-2 times a week, and to enhance growth every day. Especially useful is castor oil - it not only accelerates growth, but makes eyelashes darker and more fluffy. It can be applied without fear every night before bedtime and after a few weeks you will notice how the state of the eyelashes will improve.
  • For the beauty of eyelashes, eat more greens, oily fish, legumes and fruits.

Eyelashes - this is an important component of female beauty, and if nature does not endow you with thick long eyelashes, then you can make them like this with the help of these secrets!