Care for extended eyelashes at home

Any girl who cares about her beauty and attractiveness dreams of a look that wins hearts. It can give accrued luxurious cilia - lush and long, as if inviting to plunge into the bottomless depth of the eyes. But, having achieved the desired effect, I want the result to remain unchanged as long as possible. To do this, you need to know how to care for your eyelashes. Extend the magic of magic look is not so difficult!

Face - inviolable zone

Face - inviolable zone

The main thing you need to understand is that you cannot rub your eyes and generally go there with your hands. In fact, this should always be avoided so as not to infect the infection and not to injure the eye. But in the case of extended cilia, this rule is especially important. The fact is that the "impaled" hairs are very brittle, and careless movement can lead to their loss. So the less you touch, the better.

However, unwittingly, you can hurt your eyelashes in your sleep, for example, if you rub your face against a pillow. Therefore, from now on you will have to sleep on your side or, even better, on your back. This, by the way, is also good for health, and in the morning you will not find your face rumpled.

Is it possible to wash and how to do it?

Care for the extended eyelashes begins immediately after visiting the salon. A few hours after the buildup is to do without water treatments, especially with the use of high temperatures, as well as a spa and lying in the bath. Some should be abandoned altogether - for example, visiting a bath or sauna. So lovers of steam will have to choose between beauty and their desires.

Not worth it, if you're at a resort, dive into seawater. Firstly, you will certainly rub your eyes with your hands from salt water, and this, as you already know, is forbidden. Secondly, the salt can dissolve the glue on which your eyelashes are attached.

For the same reason, it is better to refrain from ... tears! Whatever upset you, do not let the tears loose, if you do not want to ruin your eyelashes (in the end, you can just swear or beat someone). How, then, to wash with lash extensions, if water treatments affect them detrimental?

  • First, nothing terrible will happen if you gently irrigate your face with cool water, without rubbing it with your palms. Then just gently soak up moisture with a towel, paying special attention to the area of ​​the eyelids. In addition, it is desirable to use a special fan for drying.
  • Secondly, if you are very worried that your eyelashes will deteriorate after contact with water, you can wipe your face with cotton pads with skimmed lotion or micellar water.
  • Selection in the corners of the eyes can be removed with cotton buds.

So you just save your new beauty!

Do I need mascara?

Do I need mascara?

Typically, the owners of such cilia are no longer using mascara, because the eyes and without it look gorgeous. However, if you have a need for this, use only a special cosmetic product for extended eyelashes. Do not neglect this advice, because if you suppose that you touch up waterproof mascara, then later when you rinse it, you will find that all your beautiful eyelashes ... have fallen off.

Remove fat-containing means

What else to do and how to care for the eyelashes? In addition, you will have to reconsider your cosmetic bag and temporarily remove fatty creams and other fat-based products as they contribute to the loss of hair extensions. Of course, if you have dry skin of the face that needs moisturizing, it will be difficult to refuse oily cosmetics. Therefore, try to apply the cream gently, avoiding the eyelids and under the eyes.

Timely correction - a pledge of beauty

To the cilia are always the same as after the first visit to a specialist, try not to run them and in time to contact the master for correction (approximately 2-3 weeks after the first session). But remember that every 3 months you need to take a break so that later you don’t remain without eyelashes at all.

Taking care of yourself

If you want to preserve intact and safe not only extended eyelashes, but also your eyelashes, in any case, do not remove them mechanically - pulling or peeling. Because inept actions can lead to terrible consequences. It is better to consult a specialist. In addition, do not forget that before re-building a full build-up, you must wait at least a month and give your native hair a rest. While taking care of the beauty and well-being of your new chic eyelashes, do not forget about eye health. If you notice any irritation, allergy or vision impairment, do not delay, go to the doctor. Still, health is more important than beauty!

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As you can see, the care of the extended eyelashes at home is not so troublesome as it seems at first glance - no special manipulations are needed. Over time, you will get used to it and will do it all without thinking. Follow our simple recommendations - and wonderful cilia will serve you as long as possible, and your look will not leave anyone indifferent.

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