Carbon peeling


Peeling is the procedure for removing the surface layers of the epithelium. When it is used, even peeling of several layers of dead cells occurs, which leads to the rejuvenation of the skin and to the improvement of its overall condition.

Nowadays, modern cosmetology uses chemical and hardware peels using various acids: phytic acid (Hollywood peeling), retinoic (yellow peeling), glycolic (glycolic peeling), carbonic (carbonic peeling).

Carbon peeling

Techniques for carbon peeling

  1. throwing - improves metabolism
  2. ultrasound - allows you to rejuvenate the skin
  3. vacuum cleaning - relieves the skin of impurities and excess fat
  4. laser polishing - helps with post-acne
  5. dermabrasion - skin grinding

Carbon Peeling Exposure Areas

Carbon peeling well helps not only with skin problems of the face, but also with skin problems of the whole body. It allows you to remove stretch marks, acne, age spots, improves muscle tone, fights cellulite, helps to hide the biological age of the skin.

Indications for use of carbon peeling

  1. problem skin
  2. skin wilting
  3. cosmetic defects
  4. pigmentation
  5. enlarged skin pores

The main functions of carbon peeling

  • bactericidal effect on the skin
  • exfoliates epidermis cells
  • activates cell regeneration in the deeper layers of the skin

The main functions of carbon peeling

  • destroys pathogenic microflora parasitizing on the skin surface and deep in the sebaceous glands
  • evens complexion
  • tightens pores
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • effectively eliminates acne and any inflammatory processes in the skin

Contraindications to the use of carbon peeling

  1. oncological diseases
  2. chronic diseases
  3. inflammatory processes
  4. colloidal scars
  5. pregnancy

How is carbon peeling done?

Carbon peeling of the skin is one of the peeling techniques using a carbon enhancer.

  • Before you use this procedure, you need to contact your doctor beautician. He must prescribe a pre-treatment to carry out cosmetic carbon peeling, the skin should not have any inflammation.
  • In addition to the treatment your doctor prescribes, you should also check for tolerance to carboxylic acid and find out if you are allergic to this component.
  • After the preliminary treatment of the skin, the cosmetologists usually recommend carrying out 5 procedures of carbon fiber, but significant results of the improvement of the skin condition appear after 3 procedures. Sometimes, some patients still require an additional number of procedures to achieve the desired effect.
  • Carbon peeling does not cause pain, except a slight sensation of warmth. The skin after the first procedure becomes very smooth and pleasant to the touch.
  • Sometimes when carrying out peeling from carboxylic acid, some patients have a manifestation of redness, which passes within 1-2 hours. This should not be feared, as the skin may simply be very sensitive to such effects.
  • Carbon peeling is usually prescribed at the end of the week, since after the procedure the skin may begin to peel off every other day. For some, it weakly peels off, for some it is strong, so it is best to insure yourself and not set up any meetings, do not plan anything on those days when you will be carrying out carbon peeling.
  • Each peeling procedure is done on average after 5 days. The procedure itself takes about 20 minutes.

How is carbon peeling done?

Any girl, woman wants to have healthy beautiful skin.Currently, modern cosmetology provides many options for cosmetics for skin care of the body and face. Carbon peeling is one of the most common methods. Ways to conduct such a peel a very large number. Choose you!

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