Capsular hair extensions


At least once in a lifetime, every girl dreamed of having long hair. But, unfortunately, for some, this dream remains almost unattainable. But you can always find a way out! Women who do not grow their own hair, can use this procedure as hair extensions.

Capsule Hair Extension Technology

First of all, a competent master will determine the structure of the hair, its shade, thickness and length.

Thereafter, strands attached to your hair with keratin capsules. They are small and transparent. Attach the capsules approximately 1 cm from the roots of your own curls. And then, with special forceps, the keratin capsule is clamped, the plaque remains.

Capsule Hair Extension Technology

In the event that the buildup is performed by an experienced master, keratin plaques will be completely invisible!

After some time (depending on the speed of growth of your hair), the roots will grow, the plaques will fall below. Then it will be necessary to make a correction.

Capsular hair extensions: the pros

This method of building, of course, has its advantages.

  • Your hairstyle will have incredible durability, because the accrued curls last from six months to 9 months!
  • If you have increased hair in a capsular way, it is possible to collect them in any hairstyle you like. Building other methods does not allow to do this!
  • It is possible to care for the strands built up by this method using the means that are familiar to you, that is, those that you used before the buildup. In addition, it is also possible staining!
  • Capsular capacity gives a complete sense of naturalness, no one would guess that your curls are not natural.
  • The hair which is increased by a capsular method practically are not combed out, you will avoid their loss.
  • You can visit the bath or sauna, without fear of damaging your hair.

Capsular Hair Extensions: Cons

There are also disadvantages to this method of hair extensions. They are definitely worth mentioning.

  • In the event that the expansion will be carried out by an inexperienced master, it is quite possible that keratin capsules will be visible. Carefully approach the choice of the salon and the specialist to whom you entrust this complex procedure.
  • Capsules, with the help of which the hair is attached, can cause discomfort during sleep. After all, your scalp you will feel them.

Capsular Hair Extensions: Cons

  • Increased hair can be very confused, in addition, mats can also form on their hair from the roots to the place where the capsule is fixed.
  • When combing it may happen that behind the comb, not only extended curls will be pulled, but also your own. Thus, you can lose some of your own hair.
  • Extensive hair is satisfied with heavy and at the beginning, when you just get used to it, the weight will be strongly felt.
  • And, finally, the last drawback of the strands accumulated by the capsular method. This is a cost. After all, building up is not cheap, especially if you have found a good master in a prestigious salon.

Capsular Hair Extensions: Care

  1. For hair extensions require considerable care. And you should think in advance if you can give them so much time.
  2. It is best to purchase special care products. You can, of course, use those you are used to. But, if you want to preserve the beauty of curls for a long time, it is better to entrust the care of them to professional means. What - you can advise the master, doing build.
  3. Combing hair dug should be carefully and gently. In no case can not tear the hair with a comb. Besides the fact that it is fraught with falling off strand, it also threatens to spoil the capsules. At night, best of all, braid the strands in a braid. This will help you avoid strong entanglement.
  4. To wash the curls increased by the capsular way it is necessary standing upright vertically. In no case can not throw back his head back, or vice versa, hang it forward.
  5. Avoid shampoo foaming heavily. It may damage the capsules. To prevent this from happening, dilute the product with a small amount of water.
  6. If you have planned a trip to the bath or sauna, do not forget to bring a special hat to protect your hair. Otherwise, the capsules may melt. Be very careful when swimming in the sea.
  7. Do not choose too aggressive hair styling products. They can cause harm.
  8. Be extremely careful when using curling irons and straightening irons. In order to avoid damage to the accrued strands, it is best to contact a master who knows how to work with such hair. He will be able to make you a styling, without spoiling the increased curls.

Hair extensions on keratin capsules: reviews

Hair extensions on keratin capsules: reviews

  • Olya, 27 years old: I did build the capsular method! And what can I say, I will never do it again! Capsules were very visible, for hair care had to buy expensive tools. It was uncomfortable to sleep on them, the whole head itched. It is impossible to comb the top of the head at all, but it doesn’t look very good, especially when you lie down - they fall on the pillow not as a fan, but as individual strands. In short, sheer torment and money to the wind!
  • Elena, 19 years old: Capsulated hair already 3 times. And I will increase further! Capsules will be visible only if the build-up was conducted by an illiterate and inexperienced master. I did not buy special hair care products and I didn’t particularly care for them. Appearance has always been great! I recommend to everyone!
  • Diana, 29 years old: I have the feeling that negative reviews are written by those who have never tried to build up themselves. It is unusual to sleep on capsules only the first night, then you get used to it, there is no discomfort. Capsules are not visible, strands do not fall off. My husband is delighted!

In a word, it is impossible to say for sure whether the capsular extension method is good or not. After all, it all depends on the type, health of your own hair, the condition of the scalp, the tendency to allergies. To do or not to build up this way - it is better to decide together with a competent master. Perhaps he will advise you another method, for example, tape hair extensions. Make the right choice and enjoy the beauty of long curls!

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