Can massage at home

Massage with cans refers to medical procedures. The essence of the technique is the use of certain containers that create a vacuum effect on the epidermis. As a result, all its layers and circulatory system are affected. The bloodstream and lymph flow is activated, tissues and organs receive additional feeding.

Cupping Massage: Pros and Cons

The list of contraindications for vacuum therapy is almost as big as the list of indications. This procedure is prescribed if the peripheral nervous system suffers from ailments of varying complexity. Vacuum massage has proven itself in the fight against radiculitis, myositis, various types and stages of osteochondrosis. It helps in the treatment of muscle pain syndromes and scoliosis. Massage is prescribed for children with colds, it contributes to recovery from tracheitis, bronchitis and pneumonia in the early stages. With it, it is easier to pass the disease of the respiratory organs, accelerates the recovery process after prolonged ailments.

Cupping Massage: Pros and Cons

Can massagecan not be used:

  1. in infectious and viral diseases;
  2. during the processes of inflammation, high temperature and obvious emaciation of the body;
  3. when there are visible moles and pigmentation in the treatment area;
  4. with pulmonary or heart failure;
  5. in malignant tumors, tuberculosis and thrombophlebitis;
  6. if there are blood clots in the vessels and varicose veins are pronounced;
  7. for any blood diseases and allergies;
  8. with hypertension and rheumatism.

Also, vacuum massage is not recommended during the pre-operative and postoperative periods. There are still contraindications for some parts of the body: it can not be done in the region of the heart, spine, kidney area, popliteal fossa and inner thighs.

How to do facial massage cans?

The essence of the process is not complicated at all: a special jar is applied to the problem area, and a vacuum is formed in its middle. Due to this, the skin is drawn inward, the trapped area is massaged.

  • Can facial massage should start with washing and steaming, so that the skin is cleansed. To open the pores, it is enough to hold the face for about 10 minutes over a bowl of boiling water, from which comes steam. For such purposes, perfect bath or sauna.
  • Further oil should be applied to the skin, you can use vegetable or olive, if the skin is prone to fat, sesame oil is suitable. This is necessary to make the slip process better.
  • The primary vacuum massage should not be stretched for longer than 5 minutes, so as not to create a stressful situation for the skin. Over time, therapy is acceptable to extend up to 10 minutes.
  • Vacuum massage is different cardinal effects, so the consequences after therapy may manifest in the form of irritation and bruises. It is best to spend it on weekends so that the skin has time to recover before the work week. Also, in order to reduce the painful effect, it will not hurt to rub the skin after manipulations with a potato wedge. This vegetable contributes to the bleaching of bruises.
  • It is necessary to finish massaging with rest. It is important that the first hours do not appear on the street, especially if the weather is windy and frosty. After each massage, the banks should be thoroughly washed with soap and keep them clean.
  • The technique of this therapy provides for action on the massage lines. The beginning comes from the neck, goes to the clavicle and moves up. Further, the lower face area is treated, with the second hand, to save the skin from stretching. The cheekbones are massaged from the bottom up, with the need to round the mouth, silently uttering the sound "O". After that, the central area of ​​the face is processed, and the massage is completed with manipulations on the forehead and temples. When the procedure is done properly, after it, the skin feels light tingling and warmth.

If you properly do a vacuum massage, you can achieve very good results. The effect will be noticeable almost immediately - this is both slimming and improving skin condition. This therapy came from antiquity, for centuries the secrets of performing such a massage were replenished with the knowledge of more and more new generations. The modern version of canned massage is a therapeutic and cosmetic panacea. Many stars resort to it, paying tribute to the secrets of the beauty of antiquity. Many beauty salons offer the services of such a massage, but they are quite expensive. In order to look beautiful, it is not necessary to spend money on beauty salons, because you can do this massage at home. The main thing is to perform it carefully and carefully, and then the desired result will not take long.

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