Can gold and silver be worn together


Is it possible to wear gold with silver on one hand or to combine in one image? Regarding this issue, disputes have been going on for more than a decade and are unlikely to be completed once: neither has there been a single answer in the field of medicine or in the field of aesthetics. In order to find the truth, it is worth finding out why the prejudice at all arose about the impossibility of combining these metals in one image, and on what today's assumptions are based.

Background to disputes

Gold and silver jewelry

The inadmissibility of combining silver and gold was originally born not at all in the process of studying coloristics. Even in antiquity, when these metals were used unprocessed, they were attributed various properties, both positive and negative. Of course, it was not groundless: after long observations, it was possible to establish that silver is able to relieve painful spasm, especially actively affecting migraines, and gold helps alleviate the patient's condition (in most cases, a child) with a viral infection, fever.

It was after such conclusions that the ancient doctors began to use precious metals in their practice, and this made it possible to establish some more important facts. In particular, the fact that wearing silver and gold products at the same time, in a bundle (for example, a chain and pendant), provoked allergic skin rashes. Much later, it became clear that gold contributes to the early achievement of the phase of the culmination of inflammatory processes, and silver - on the contrary, acts as a brake. Subsequent studies also confirmed this theory, and it gradually moved into modern medicine. But is it completely?

Can I wear gold and silver at the same time: the opinion of doctors

In fact, medical specialists do not give a unanimous answer to this question, since not all accept the idea of ​​energy fields: it is on them that the opinion is inadmissible about combining these metals.

  • It is assumed that gold has a clean, warm, solar energy, which has a tonic effect on the body, raises blood pressure and increases the pulse, awakens, and provides an additional reserve of strength. For this reason, gold is recommended to be worn by active people who are subject to severe physical and psychological stress. It pushes on new actions and steps, allows you to instantly make a decision, activating brain activity.
  • Silver also has lunar, cold energy, which gives the effect of "ice soul". He puts his thoughts in order, reduces nervous tension, smoothes out internal conflict and quenches any boiling. Physiologically, it lowers blood pressure and pulse, relaxes, relieves spasms, facilitates the transition to the sleep phase, stops the inflammatory process.

Even according to several of the above characteristics, it can be noted that these metals are contrary to each other in their action, as a result of which their combination leads to the fact that the body does not understand to whom it is to comply: relax vessels or compress, increase emotional stress or reduce? And due to such "uncertainty" caused by the resonance of magnetic fields, the results of their "collision" appear.

  • Not only skin irritation can be the result of the reaction of gold and silver in a closed area - headaches and defocusing of the eyes, constant mood swings. A prolonged conflict of energy leads to a chronic imbalance of metabolic processes, as a result of which the entire body suffers.

Therefore, if you decide whether to wear gold and silver at the same time from the point of view of medicine, the answer here is negative: those who adhere to the theory of energy fields recommend combining gold within its varieties (yellow, white, pink) and using silver separately. The only thing that goes beyond the scope of this statement is religious objects. So the golden cross will not be credited for the warm energy and will not come into conflict with silver jewelry (excluding chains).

And what do stylists say?

Can I wear gold with silver?

As for the opinion of leading professionals in the fashion world, then there is no definite answer. Most argue that the combination of gold and silver - moveton, a sign of bad taste. Someone, on the contrary, says that this is a great way to show individuality and challenge the "conservatives".

From the point of view of color, shades of different temperatures with each other often conflict, rather than successfully overlap. However, the opinion of the inadmissibility of mixing warm and cold is very outdated, and today stylists actively combine everything that is possible and impossible. The only problem is that not everyone will be able to competently do this, and before trying to break out of established canons, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules that apply even where they seem to be completely non-existent.

  • If gold and silver are on the same hand, try to keep an equal proportion between them: the most successful is a combination of bracelets or chains of different shades of the same thickness. If they are represented by a chain, earrings and a bracelet, pick up the maximum neutral (monophonic) background in the clothes.

Summing up, it is worth saying that any statement can be bypassed in certain cases: for example, in case of a number of internal violations, it is recommended to put gold and silver products on different hands in order to shift the necessary "levers" of the organism. Therefore, whether it is possible to wear gold and silver together is up to you - exceptions are possible from any situation.