California highlights on dark hair

Fresh sea breeze, soft sand under your feet and hair, lightened by the hot sun ... After a long winter so you want warmth and bright colors! And although it is still far from vacation, you can cheer yourself up and bring a juicy touch to your look with the help of a new hairstyle.

California melirovanie already several seasons firmly in the top ratings of professional hairdressers. The effect of scorched sunshine loves Hollywood divas, catwalk stars, and simply stylish women who follow fashion.

What is California highlighting?

Highlighting is a habitual way for us to brush up on a hair-do, with the help of individual highlights. At present, this variant of coloring is gradually giving way to the position, opening the way for new technologies, including the so-called California highlighting. This way of coloring the hair imitates the effect of sun-streaked curls. Hence the name - Californian, or Florida, highlighting - in honor of the cities near the ocean, which are especially favored by the hot sun.

California highlighting

The master dyes the hair in such a way that the curls acquire a deep color transition from lighter tips to dark roots. The result is natural, the hair gets extra volume.

An obvious advantage is the technology of dyeing itself during California highlighting. The wizard does not use foil, as with ordinary dyeing, but applies the paint to the strands freely, so that it comes into contact with other curls, as a result of which a more natural color transition is achieved without sharp contrasts, but the hair remains healthy. After all, staining in the open air, more gentle than under the foil.

In some cases, the wizard uses a different technique to perform California highlighting. They dye their hair in different shades of similar color several times. In this case, the tips are painted more times than the roots. From here also natural smooth color transition turns out.

California melirovaniye - one of versions of the special sparing technology of coloring Shatush. This highlighting is done in the same way without the use of foil. The only difference between Shatush and California highlighting is the use of less intense shades, or a smaller number of shades during dyeing.

In addition to the spectacular appearance, a significant advantage of California otlirovaniya is the simplicity of hair care. Contact the master fan of this painting technique will have no more than four times a year. This significantly affects the health of hair, and the amount of money spent on visits to the hairdresser. Despite the fact that such highlighting can only be done by a highly qualified specialist and is not cheap, you still benefit!

California highlights on dark hair

California highlights on dark hair

Refined and secular medieval Venice. City of science, art and beautiful women. Beautiful senorites and seniors, paying tribute to capricious fashion, sat for hours under the sultry Italian sun, so that their black, like a raven's wing, hair would play with bright highlights of faded strands. In memory of these efforts in the name of beauty, California highlighting on dark hair is also called Venetian highlighting or Milan amber highlighting.

This technique of dyeing on dark hair requires even more skill wizard. In contrast to highlighting on blond hair, where one, maximum two colors of dye is used, highlighting on dark hair has from 4 to 6 different shades. The number of shades undoubtedly affects the final result. The more of them, the more natural and richer it turns out. Here it is important that a moderate amount of lighter strands harmoniously become darker.

Gamma used shades varied. They do not have to be light. The main thing is that, as a result, the colored strands should be somewhat lighter than the main tone, not merged with it. This season, fashionable "delicious" shades: caramel, honey, coffee.

When properly done, Californian highlighting on dark hair gives a stunning effect: the feeling that the hairstyle is highlighted with sun glare.

California highlighting on dark hair is performed using the same technology as simple California highlighting, without the use of foil or thermal paper. Special wax-based paint is applied to individual strands. It is thick and does not spread, harming hair less due to the lack of thermal effect. Hair spoils less when dyeing, and the master can be contacted less often, as the hair does not lose its appearance when the roots grow.

California highlights on dark hair

California bleaching in dark hair is your choice if:

  1. Spit out to change your image, but are not ready to dye your hair in a radically different color;
  2. You are accustomed to lightening the strands in your hair, but you care about the health of your hair;
  3. You have no time to go to the hairdresser too often to tint the regrown tips;
  4. You have thin hair and you would like to visually add volume to your hair;
  5. You love to experiment and want to follow the latest fashion trends.

Let the beauty in your life be more!

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