Calcium peeling

Many have only heard, and some even tried the wonders of calcium chloride based peeling on themselves. The effect of peeling is to update the stratum corneum. After peeling, the skin of the face becomes incredibly smooth. Also noticeable will be the disappearance of black dots.

The cost of this procedure at home does not significantly hit the wallet, unlike the salon procedure.

Calcium Peeling

Who is suitable for calcium chloride peeling?

Calcium chloride peeling is suitable:

  1. For cleansing clogged pores on the face.
  2. For combined, oily or normal skin.
  3. To whiten skin.
  4. To stop the inflammatory processes, getting rid of small pimples on the face.
  5. For more effective cleansing of the pores on the face compared to mechanical cleaning.

What complaints arise when using calcium chloride peeling?

  • Dry and flaky skin.
  • Pigment spots and uneven complexion.

So that you do not encounter the above problems, and from the cosmetic session at home you get only positive emotions, you must strictly follow the instructions and understand the principle of the effects of peeling components on the skin.

Calcium Chloride Facial Peeling

The main component of peeling is 5-10% solution of calcium chloride. For initial use, it is better to give preference to a 5% solution of calcium chloride. or dilute 10% solution of calcium chloride with water. This drug is sold in any pharmacy, in ampoules or large bottles.

It is best to use the drug, sold in bottles. Opening ampoules with calcium chloride can result in wounds to the hands. Besides him, for peeling need baby soap.

Calcium Chloride Facial Peeling

  • Apply calcium chloride to the pre-cleaned faceplate swab. After the disc dries, the procedure is repeated. Repeat should be as long as the skin does not seem to you tightened and does not appear a feeling of slight tingling. Usually it is 3-4 layers.
  • When facial peeling with calcium chloride is strictlyAvoid getting the product around the eyes.!
  • Pre-soaped fingers remove the formed film of calcium chloride from the skin. Remove the mask, moving gently, starting from the forehead and along the massage lines. On the skin should appear flakes of baby soap.
  • Massaging your face in this way, do not forget to wet your fingers with water and smear them in soap. Moisture remaining after washing should be absorbed by the skin, do not rub your face with a towel!
  • For initial use, it is better to try this method of peeling on closed areas of your body, for example, on the back or in the shoulder area. And only with a successful outcome, peeling can be applied to the face.
  • Remember that calcium chloride peeling is intended only for women with a combination, normal or oily skin type. If you are the owner of dry and sensitive skin, then do not use this procedure.
  • Also, peeling should not be applied to those parts of the face where there is redness or peeling of the skin. If the skin is combined, the peeling can be applied only to the T-zones.

Calcium chloride peeling: tips

If you pay attention to the areas of the face where fine wrinkles have formed, during the procedure you will notice how the soap peels off the top layer of skin. But if during this procedure you feel a tingling sensation on the skin, this will signal that the procedure should be completed. At the end, wash your face with cold water.

How does facial calcium peeling work?

How does facial calcium peeling work?

Calcium chloride reacts with soap (which includes sodium and potassium salt). When they interact, potassium or sodium chloride and calcium salt are formed, which rolls down, taking the upper layer of the epidermis along the way.

The procedure resembles surface gentle peeling.

Calcium chloride peeling is enough to apply several times a week to get a good result.

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