Bust enlargement cream

The pride of every woman, a symbol of her femininity and charm has always been and remains a beautiful chest. It is a beautiful neckline, above all, attracts the eyes of men. But for various reasons, this part of the body does not always bring joy to its owners. Often, girls are unhappy with the size of their breasts.

Today, you can increase the bust in any plastic surgery clinic, but not everyone can afford to risk their health. The operation of this kind is not cheap, and silicone implants have long gone out of fashion. Today in the trend of natural beauty. To increase the breasts to the desired size without the help of a surgeon, cosmetologists have developed a cream to increase the bust.

Breast Enlargement Cream

Before you begin using the cream for breast augmentation, you should pay attention to the fact that girls who have not yet given birth to a child should be abandoned. Because it has an effect on the mammary gland, which can cause lactation problems. The most common cause of small breasts is the lack of the female hormone estrogen. It is he who, as a sex hormone of women, is responsible for the development of the mammary glands in adolescence.

Bust Enlargement Cream

Cream to increase the bust in its composition contains plant estrogen - phytoestrogen, which has the same functions as the female hormone, but it is obtained from plant materials. With proper selection of components, such creams can increase breast size, having a direct effect on the mammary glands..

A good cream to increase the bust is able to show its effectiveness after 3 months. And its use together with the special physical exercises, which train the chest, will allow to achieve the desired effect much faster.

How to apply a cream to increase the breast glands?

  • Apply the cream must be constantly, because the effect disappears with time
  • To achieve the result can only be six months later. Therefore, the use of creams will require considerable material costs, they are expensive.
  • Be prepared for the fact that the breast will be larger only by 1 size..
  • The entire course for breast augmentation consists not only of cream, but also of serums, masks and sprays, which again affects the cost of the procedure and the time required to use all of these cosmetics.
  • To rub cream it is desirable for the night, easy massage movements.
  • If after a few months the result will not be noticeable, you will have to try another cream. Maybe you need another tool with a more concentrated active ingredient in the composition.

How to make a cream for breast augmentation?

You can prepare a cream to increase the bust at home, using folk recipes.

  1. It is advisable to prepare the chest before rubbing in the result so that the result is not long in coming. To do this, you need 2 deep plates with hot and cold water and 2 pieces of cloth. First, soak the cloth in hot water and place it on the chest, then a second piece of cloth or napkin wetted in cold water. Repeat this procedure at least 10 times. After that, the use of home remedies to increase the bust will be more effective.
  2. For the cream, add 5 drops of the geranium and ylang-ylang essential oil in 25 ml of the oil base. Mix well and rub at bedtime with massaging movements in the chest.
  3. Useful mask of radish. Take a small radish, wash it and rub it on a fine grater, then mix it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Put the mixture on a cheesecloth and apply to the chest for 15 minutes. Then lubricate the skin with cream.
  4. You can make the cream from yogurt or sour cream. At 1 tbsp. l sour cream, add an oil capsule of vitamin E and a raw egg. Mix everything well. It is applied on the chest for 20 minutes.
  5. Well proven and mask of yeast. In warm water, dilute 20 g of yeast so as to obtain a creamy gruel. Apply it for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Bust Enhancer: reviews

Bust Enhancer: reviews

  • Masha: I purchased the cream and after the first month of use I noticed the result. The chest has become a bit bigger. More did not smear, I decided that everything - a dream come true. But no, a month later she again became the same. T. h. Use this cream should be constantly. So I decided to smear them like a regular moisturizing face cream.
  • Vera: I bought a cream to increase the bust of Guam, the result is obvious, but when I use it constantly. As soon as I stop, everything returns to its place.
  • Natalia: I did not dare to use the cream, I gave preference to popular recipes, even if they would not help to enlarge the breast, but they would tighten and nourish the skin with vitamins and other beneficial substances.. And in general, you have to love yourself the way you are, why experiment with yourself.
  • Olga: Yes, you can not enlarge your breasts with creams! How many have written and spoken about it. If the breast slightly increases, the effect is temporary. It is possible to make a bust more only with the help of operations, or it will increase after pregnancy. My opinion is that it is better to develop as a person than to try to attract men with the help of a big breast. As you know, the most beautiful breasts, this is the one that fits in the palm of a loved one.

Despite the huge number of creams to increase the bust, which are now offered on the cosmetic market, it is best to use traditional remedies.. Firstly, they are much safer, and secondly, they are available to everyone for a price. Of course, do not forget about physical exercises that will help to tighten the chest and slightly increase it in volume. If you still want to opt for creams, then carefully approach their choice and first study the reviews about these products!

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