Burdock hair oil

Burdock oil is very often used in hair care. Its beneficial properties are recognized by many cosmetologists and doctors. But despite the really confirmed beneficial properties of burdock oil to strengthen the hair, I want to know about the actual results of burdock oil use. And the best thing to write about it is the women themselves, using this oil to care for their hair.

Burdock Hair Oil: reviews on use

Burdock oil has beneficial properties that strengthen the hair structure and give it strength and shine.

However, women leave a variety of reviews about its use.

Burdock oil: negative reviews

  • Hair began to fall out, remain in the hands after applying the oil.
  • After my burdock oil, my hair began to fall out, I put oil on unwashed hair, and when I start to wash it off, they climb hard. I will try now to rub oil differently.
  • I suffer after the oil, I start to apply, and my hair just falls out after it.

  • I stopped using burdock oil because my hair becomes fluffy and very badly combed.
  • Burdock oil is too sticky and viscous. It needs to be a real fan in order to strengthen the hair in such a way.
  • Tried to apply burdock oil - not very much. The only thing in the composition of the mask, along with egg yolk, brandy and honey, is very good. I rarely do, but when I do, the effect is impressive. Hair stops falling out, becoming shiny and smooth.

Burdock Hair Oil: Positive Reviews

  • Hair loss is from improper use. I like burdock oil very much, my hair does not split, they have become very soft.
  • Hair after burdock oil grows well and has become thick. Moreover, I also dye every month, so I have to treat my hair anyway. It is this oil that helps me restore them.

  • I apply burdock oil once a week, rubbed into the scalp. It is washed off without any problems. I buy oil Evalarovskoe in a pharmacy, it is quite inexpensive, everyone can afford.
  • I tried burdock oil, rubbed into the hair roots and walked, closing the bag and towel for 3 hours. The truth helps only while using it.
  • My hair is curly by nature. For a whole year, she straightened them with a curling iron and, as a result, began to break, to split, to push, in general - like straw. I tried different oils, but sesame with burdock gave the best result. Hair became stronger and more beautiful, grow well.
  • I read some negative reviews, and do not even believe it, I have been using burdock oil for a very long time. The hair almost immediately became shiny and soft. The roots are strengthened, the hair began to fall out less. When the tips of the hair become dry, I lubricate immediately burdock oil. Many different masks can be made from burdock oil by mixing it with other oils. Periodically, you can change some ingredient. I especially liked the mask of burdock oil, egg yolk and honey. I tried to mix with onions, the effect is good, but the smell is very difficult to remove. But the hair is strengthened very much. The effect is simply superb. For me it is very strange that someone after burdock hair becomes dry.

  • I mix burdock oil with almond and castor oil in a ratio of 1 to 1. Each of them has its own beneficial properties, so I like the effect. Hair becomes soft and shiny.
  • For 3 years I have been using a mixture of oils: burdock, olive, castor, almond and peach. The hair has already grown by 50 cm, although I mowed it for 1 cm every month.

Burdock hair oil: expert reviews

Reviews of beauticians about the properties of burdock oil will help to better understand how to properly use burdock oil for hair.No matter how useful it is, in large quantities and if used improperly, burdock oil can have a negative effect on the scalp and cause severe hair loss.

Burdock oil may not be suitable for your hair because of its composition, so if there is a strong hair loss, then it is best to refuse to use it. Therefore, it is best to try skin peeling, and then apply dried vitamins E and A to the scalp, then red pepper with burdock oil on the dried hair, and jojoba oil with almond oil over the entire length, they will be useful for caring for the stem hair and remove everything under a warm towel for an hour.

Burdock oil can be used as part of a special hair mask. Hair becomes shiny and strong, stops a strong loss. But such a mask is hard enough to wash off. Therefore, if you need to go somewhere, it is better to postpone the hair care to another day.

A variety of reviews can be found on the use of burdock oil. In any case, it requires the proper use and consideration of individual characteristics. If you do not forget about this, then burdock oil will bring hair only benefit.

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