Brondirovanie dark hair


“To be irreplaceable, you have to change all the time,” said the famous woman, who even now remains for many the standard of beauty and charm, Coco Chanel.

The easiest way to change your appearance (with the exception of clothing and makeup) is to change hair style or even hair color. In today's world, it is easier to do than in the days of Coco, and the options for change are many times greater. One such option is brondirovanie hair.

Hair bronding - everyone has heard recently, and in the most fashionable girls - on the hair.

What is hair brondirovanie?

Booking is a special technique of multicolor highlighting.What is the result of brondirovaniya - is the result of complex multi-staining.

"Booking" comes from the mixing of two English words "brown" (brown) and "blond" (white). That is it a combination of brown and blond hair on the hair.

Brondirovanie dark hair

  • Booking is a far from simple highlighting. It is performed by several similar shades in tone. Then, as a rule, the result is fixed with the help of toning.
  • Bronded hair looks natural, as if the hand of a hairdresser did not touch them. For owners of brown hair and medium-haired hair creates a completely natural effect of burnt hair.
  • Brond is ideal for long or medium hair. Best of all, if the hair texture is straight or slightly wavy.
  • For the beautiful and natural bronda stylists select shades of similar color. Experienced stylists can afford to choose contrasting shades to their hair, and it will also look quite natural.
  • It is only necessary to correctly use the principle of natural color transition. All this can be done only by an experienced hairdresser. therefore for booking, contact only the masters of their craft.
  • Normal hair bronding includes on average three shades. The hair roots are the darkest color, the middle part is lighter, and the tips are the lightest. But not all fashionistas are satisfied with this option. There are more difficult hair bronzing techniques.
  • Booking options abound now. This and highlighting (brightening the tips or individual strands) and creating a flickering effect, and the "edging" of the contour of your haircut, etc. therefore The choice in the brondirovanie hair fashionistas have always!

Stages brondirovaniya dark hair

Brondirovaniye - difficult multi-color highlighting of hair with the subsequent toning. Naturally, it is carried out in several stages.

  • Preparatory stage. Owners of dark hair must be prepared for brondirovaniya. Therefore, their hair is slightly brightened to light brown-haired women. For brunettes, booking is a long-term procedure, since the hair must be brightened to the desired color, and this is not always the case for one brightening (after all, you cannot overdo it!).

Stages brondirovaniya dark hair

  • Coloring individual strands or highlighting. Depending on the natural or already clarified hair color, a lighter shade is selected, into which individual strands are colored. Hair ends are lightened if necessary.
  • Hair tinting. All hair is colored in a darker shade. Hair toning is a stage that is not always present. For example, brunettes do not have it, if the hair lightening at the preparatory stage turned out the desired color.

The most perfect hair color for brondirovaniya - dark blond or classic medium brown. For owners of hair of such colors it is not necessary to pass the preparatory stage - clarification. Their color, if desired, is used as the original. And toning hair when brondirovanii can also be canceled if desired.

It is best to resort to brondirovanie owners of dark and healthy hair. On the weak exhausted hair, even the most skillfully executed brondirovanie will look faded, lifeless and ugly.

Booking is a great find for girls with long hair. If you want to change the appearance (to be indispensable, according to Coco Chanel) feel free to resort to brondirovanie. But remember that armored hair care harder than unpainted!