Bright manicure


In summer you want bright colors in clothes, accessories especially for manicure. Unusual shades of lacquer simply to complement the image and clothing. They cheer up and give confidence. It is interesting that every summer season sets its trends for manicure. At the same time, there are general rules that will allow your mind to look great.

Bright manicure: photos and performance features

It is clear that the main feature of the summer manicure is the color gamut. In place of the calm muted tones or office french comes a riot of colors. Few komuchetsya summer look gray and boring. Last years without a doubt, neon shades and various types of pink can be called trends. Many experts believe that this trend will continue for a long time. Also especially popular are green izumrudno-blueotone. They are reminiscent of vacation and the sea.

Bright manicure: how to do?

Bright manicure: how to do?

Bright manicure: how to do?

Bright manicure: how to do?

Bright manicure: how to do?

Bright manicure: how to do?

When choosing a shade, it is necessary to take into account not only the color gamut of the dress, but also a number of other factors. First of all, it is worthwhile to draw on the shade of Your Shakekeeper. This correlates to the basic characteristics of color typing. Reddish-pink shades are suitable for yellowish skin, for pink, on the contrary - cold.

Another recently emerged feature of the summer manicure can be read fashion on a certain form of nails. Nowadays, sharp nails are less popular. At the peak of popularity are the natural oval shape and shape of a rectangle.

Before you do a summer bright manicure, you should stock up with the necessary tools. Thin brushes will be needed to apply various patterns. Occasionally, in professional stores, sets of special stacks are sold, with different nozzles at the end. So, one of them represents a drop. With its help on the nails are obtained evenly the same points of the same size. Also, in order to get a neat pattern, you can use any adhesive tape.

The fastest version of the summer manicure - the use of ready-made stencils or stamps. They should work on the same principle. First, apply the base color, and then - drawing other shades.

As for the types of varnishes, it is worth paying attention to several types. As mentioned earlier, it is best to choose a yarkiketon. Also equally popular are watercolor pastel shades - mint, pink marshmallow, beige. Also for the summer are great varnish spikes.

The main rule is the overall style of the image. For example, if you look at the beach, then you should not choose saturated gold glitters resembling gold leaf. It is better to pay attention to paired varnishes. They will help to solve the problem of unusual manicure and pedicure. Manufacturers produce shades that can be both contrasting and outlined.

Summer manicure: popular ideas

Bright manicure: how to do?

Ideas of summer manicure can be mass. Let us consider the most popular Most of them can be realized without help from home.

The simplest options are bright circles and stripes. The latter can be either vertical or horizontal or diagonal. Usually they are performed using adhesive tape. Stripes are cut. Then they are glued so that the paint can be applied on the principle of stencil. Circles can be formed using special stacks with a special nozzle. Combining these 2 techniques, you can create an unusual geometric manicure. For this combination of stripes and circles on different races.

The manicure resembling something French is quite popular. The only difference is that the crescent of the upper nail plate is not filled with white, but with any other color. By the same principle you can use sleek colors. The base color is applied to the nail, and at the top the arc is performed with glitters.

One of the most popular summer manicure trends is fruit and flower motifs. At home, you can decorate your nails using blanksfimo. They are thin "sausages" made of polymer clay, in the center of which there are various drawings. The nail file is also sold in cut form in the form of thin circles. This kind of decoration is used for more-artak as a manicure, as well as for building ipokrytiogtegel varnish.

Of course, at home it is easier to stick with a simopod varnish. In this case, proceed as follows. First you need to think about the composition of manicure. Oftenfimo sausages filled in bright summer colors. They depict berries, fruits, funny emoticons and any other drawings. The main rule is to use thin-cut parts. Otherwise, the final result will look very sloppy and rude. To make ready-made chopped store blanks can be thinned with the help of a special guide, which is sold in any nail store.

Nano nail plate is applied varnish. Then after drying parts are attached. It is better to use special glue or acrylic. To complete a manicure is worth applying a fixing coating. This will help protect the patterns on the nails and extend the time needed correction. Usually such a manicure lasts about 3 days. Therefore, it should be done for various celebrations.

You can also use different stencils. They are sold in the form of various nozzles for drawing. To begin with, a base coat of lacquer is applied, and then using the nozzles are drawn patterns.

We care about the beauty of marigolds

Bright manicure: how to do?

Summer manicure imposes on the beautiful ladies obligations for proper care:

  • Control of skin moisture. In the hot season, the skin can dry out and become rougher. This, respectively, affects the perception of the manicure. The less well-groomed your hands look, the worse even the most effective feet will look. Therefore, we should not forget about the additional moisture. For this purpose, both medium-sized hand cream and coconut oil may be suitable.
  • The length of the nails. In the summer it is better to keep the legs of medium length. The likelihood that longs begin to break becomes very high.
  • Correction. If you paint your feet with the usual varnish, to correct the manicure is weekly. For those who use gel polish, this period is extended to 3 weeks.

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Bright manicure will help give your image a summer of femininity and lightness. It can be completely different: in the form of stripes, bright blotches, painted colors. The use of decorative elements is also very popular. Among them are rhinestones, blanks, stencils. To create a manicure, it is necessary to take into account the overall style of the image and the purpose of the manicure. For the festive option fit glittery and rhinestones.