Breast massage. why and how to massage the breast


Beautiful breasts are the pride of every woman. Like other parts of the body, female breast needs special care. Even if you do not have by nature a large and elastic chest, do not be upset. If you make an effort, you can get a beautiful chest, which will admire men. Only need regular breast massage.

Why do I need to massage the chest?

There are no muscles in the chest that give it a beautiful shape and desired size. thereforeMassage is the only way to make your breasts more beautiful.. Breast massage increases blood flow, so that the breast becomes elastic, elastic, prevents skin sagging.

Breast massage. Why and how to massage the breast?

Regular breast massage can prevent the development of cancer, After all, during a massage a woman can feel a tightness in her chest and consult a doctor in time.

Breast massage stimulates the outflow of toxic substances from the breast tissue., thereby providing breast enrichment with nutrients.

What is useful breast massage?

The benefits of breast massage:

  1. Solves the problems of breast pain during menstruation.
  2. Solves the problems of hypersensitivity during pregnancy.
  3. Resolves non-cancerous nodules in the chest.
  4. Relieves swelling of the breast.
  5. Prevents breast milk stagnation.
  6. Eliminates cosmetic problems: scars and stretch marks.
  7. Eliminates complications due to breast implants.

Proper breast massage

  • Proper breast massage begins with soft and gentle stroking movements.. After stroking, you can go to rubbing, kneading and other massage techniques. Breast massage procedure is completed by stroking the breast..

Proper breast massage

  • It is recommended to do the stroking movements in a clockwise direction, and it is necessary to knead the breasts in a spiral fashion. For proper massage, be sure to use a cream.. Remember that the fingers should slide easily over the surface of the skin of the chest. Movements must be gentle and neat., so as not to hurt or injure the skin.
  • Grab the chest with the fingers of one hand, and with the other hand make tapping movements. After this procedure, you can go to vibration movements, which consist in fast oscillatory movements. Need to move from the nipple to the base of the breast.
  • Grab the base of the chest with your thumb and index finger, enclosing its cup. Fingers of the other hand, squeeze the isolae, make several circular stroking movements. Pull off the nipple with a pinching motion. These procedures must be done daily for each breast..

How to do breast massage?

Female breasts vary in sensitivity. Owners of tender and sensitive breasts will have a neat and gentle massage. Owners of hard and elastic chest fit moderate pressure on the chest.

Avoid strong pressure during breast massage to avoid possible consequences and troubles. In addition, a strong pressure on the chest can cause discomfort and even pain. You yourself can determine your breast sensitivity threshold when you have at least one breast massage yourself. The use of special oils and creams will enhance the effect of massage, as well as reduce the sensitivity of the skin and reduce friction.

Exercises for breast massage

Breast massage can be done by lightly hitting the edge of the palm. This massage is performed in the direction from the nipple to the edge of the breast. This technique removes lymphatic fluid from the breast tissue.

Exercises for breast massage

Gently squeeze the chest with your palms. Do 10 clockwise rotational movements and 10 counterclockwise movements. Massage is recommended several times to increase blood flow.

With gentle massaging movements, knead the chest: press on it with your fingers, squeeze it, twist it, etc. If you do everything right, then after a while you will feel a surge of heat to your chest.

Contrasting shower also applies to breast massage.. While taking a shower, alternately direct the cold and hot stream to the chest. This water massage well strengthens the pectoral muscles, tightens them and improves blood circulation in the chest.

Acupressure of the female breast

This massage technique involves working on certain points of the chest. Acupressure stimulates the production of estrogen (female hormones), which affect not only the tone of the female breast and skin condition, but also the health itself.

Taoist massage of the female breast

Place your palms on your chest in such a way that your chest is as if cradled. Make 10 rotational movements from the center of the chest to the shoulder. Cover the chest with the palms so that the center of the palm is strictly on the tip of the circle. Do 10 pressing movements as you exhale.

Massage of the female breast with milk stagnation

During the period of lactation, the female breast may increase by 2-3 sizes (no increase operations are necessary). Breast skin during lactation gets stretch marks. Female breasts are enlarged due to an increase in fat lobules. Breast omission during this period occurs in almost every woman.

Massage of the female breast with milk stagnation

To bring the breast during feeding in order, you must perform a massage. Massage of the female breast is simply necessary during lactation to prevent the stagnation of milk. and improve blood circulation. This massage is best done by specialists, and at home you can perform the usual procedures for massaging the breasts and lubricating the breasts with special creams and lotions.

Breast massage can be done in any order., But the regularity of the massage depends only on your desire to get an elastic and beautiful breasts. The basic rule of breast massage - Massage should not cause discomfort and pain. You also do not need to stretch the skin strongly to prevent stretch marks on the chest..

Breast massage- An effective tool that helps to make the breast not only more beautiful, but also to get to know your body better. To find out what other ways exist to tighten your chest and make it perfect, read the article Proper Breast Care.