Breast enhancement cream upsize


Breast augmentation at home is a hot topic, which is debated not for life, but for death. Official medicine offers only one way - surgical augmentation with implants. But word of mouth also does not sleep: this is how most women learned that there are special creams that allow you to quickly and safely adjust the shape and size of the breast. About one of these creams and will be discussed.

Present to your attention Upsize - It is a non-hormonal remedy for those who do not want to resort to radical measures and do surgery. Allows you to change your natural settings without harm to health and side effects. Produced by the German company Hendel, which is famous for its care products and healing ointments.

Breast Enhancement Cream UpSize

Cream UpSize allows you to finally get a luxurious and magnificent chest, to become a confident and charming lady.

The secret of efficiency lies, of course, in the composition, because in it includes natural cosmetic components that replace female hormones estrogen. Namely:

Pueraria Mirifica - Thai plant with a mystical name, it accumulates itsestrogens that contain isoflavones. With the constant use of pueraria-based products, high estrogenic activity is achieved. This leads to the growth of the mammary glands. In addition, Deoxymyroestrol works on the same effect - it prevents sagging and returns the breasts to a rounded and taut shape.

Also in the composition of "ApSayz" there is an essential oil of rose, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

After application, many women note that cream gives the effect of an invisible bra, lifting the chest. Mommies who breastfeed their children are especially happy about this.

Also the following is observed:

  • decollete skin becomes smooth, hydrated and healthy;
  • breast shape improves - it becomes more rounded and taut;
  • decreases the number of stretch marks and the skin comes to tone;
  • chest increases by 1 size.

Wherein special positive dynamics are achieved in combination with massage, as it enhances blood circulation and lymph circulation. In addition to breast augmentation, you also prevent mastitis and the appearance of cysts in the mammary glands. Remember, massage should not be done on dry skin - only in combination with creams, otherwise it may have the opposite effect - stretching of delicate skin and the formation of abrasions.

1-2 times a day apply UpSize breast augmentation cream and perform the massage according to the scheme below:

Breast Enhancement Cream UpSize

With the help of these simple procedures in a couple of weeks you will see that the chest has become more elastic and high. A standard course for breast augmentation of 1-2 sizes lasts from 4 weeks to 2.5 months.

The complex for breast augmentation and tightening must be performed by women from 30 years old and after childbirth, as well as when losing weight so that the breast does not sag.

When using cream UpSize you can feel how the blood rushes to the mammary glands, it gives an additional effect of increasing.

And remember, the most important thing is your attitude, as with Upsize cream it is really possible to enlarge breasts at home and many women have already tried it on themselves. Now the choice is yours - try to change the parameters that prevent you from living a full life, or leave everything as it is.