Breast care - useful tips for bust beauty


Our chest as well as the face needs constant care, and it should be started at a young age. And you should not hold an equal sign between big and beautiful breasts, you can have a small, but very neat beautiful chest, and you can have a big one, but it will not be in perfect condition, and vice versa.

Breast aids

There are many preparations for breast skin care, of which preference is given to moisturizers, which increase firmness and elasticity. Breast cream is applied every day, morning and evening after taking a shower, starting to rub the chest with the help of light circular movements from the bottom of the chest to the armpit. Do not be lazy to regularly apply the cream and soon notice how your chest condition improves. 1-2 times a week should be done cleansing the skin of the breast with scrubs. The active substances, penetrating the skin, begin their action and renew the skin. When choosing a scrub, carefully read the composition - natural granules are not suitable for delicate skin of the breast, much better than synthetic ones, they will not damage the skin. After the peeling procedure, apply a mask or a fat cream. The result will not take long - the skin will become velvety and pleasant to the touch.

When using any cosmetic products for the breast, you should understand that all drugs give only an external effect, but do not affect the structure of the breast. Therefore, if you want to tighten and rejuvenate your chest, then some creams here will not help. But surely the means for the breast, a very useful thing, in the "right" creams will contain extracts of grapes, yarrow, horsetail, vitamins E, C and A, elastin and collagen, which beneficially affect the external surface of the skin.

Cold shower for the chest

This procedure is for brave women, but they will be rewarded for their work with a beautiful breast. After waking up, it is very useful to wipe or pour cold water on your chest. Ice water improves blood circulation, due to which the fibers in the chest become more elastic and elastic.

It is also useful in the morning to massage the breast with an old toothbrush, without affecting the nipple area. Massage should be done in a smooth circular motion. After all the procedures, be sure to treat the skin with a nourishing cream or moisturizing lotion. The skin on the chest quickly loses moisture, so after any contact with water requires moisture.

Breast Skin Masks

Breast masks should be made at least once every two weeks. Virtually any mask you can do with your own efforts.

Excellent refreshing and improves the skin color of the breast strawberry. You will need to knead several large berries and add 2 tables to this mixture. spoons of heavy cream, then beat it all up with a mixer or a spoon until smooth. Apply the mask on your chest and lie down with it for about 10 minutes. This mask is an excellent tonic and tightens pores.

Lemon, orange and cucumber have a positive effect on the skin of the breast. Cut each of these products into thin slices and apply them to the chest and décolleté. Lie down with such a mask for five minutes and wash it with warm water. Then lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream.

Perfectly softens and moisturizes the skin of the breast. mask with banana and honey. You will need to knead the pulp of one banana and add 1 table. a spoonful of honey, mix everything thoroughly. Then put the mixture on the chest area and after 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

The mask of egg and cream nourishes and protects the skin of the breast. For it will need two raw yolks mixed with two tables. spoons of heavy cream, mix everything thoroughly. Add 5-6 drops of lemon juice to the mixture and mix again. Apply the mask on the skin with smooth circular movements. After 20 minutes, rinse with water.

This mask is a good skin whitening agent. A bunch of parsley finely chopped and connected to two tables. Spoon cottage cheese, add the protein of one egg and mix. Mask applied to the chest and half an hour with rinse water.

Mask with sour cream moisturizes and nourishes dry skin of the breast. You will need sour cream 2 tables. Spoons mixed with unsalted butter - 1 hour spoon, add half a teaspoon of grated red currant and half a teaspoon of apple juice to the mixture. All carefully mix and gently rub into the skin of the breast. Wait half an hour, then wash off and treat your skin with a toning lotion.

Useful tips for breast beauty

1. Choose the right bra. Too tight bra impedes blood circulation, and too loose can cause sagging breasts and stretch marks.

2. Watch your posture. Not only does a constantly bent back not add sexuality to you, it also deforms your chest. So try to always keep your back straight.

3. Taking hot baths can adversely affect the skin of your breasts, so take it no longer than 15 minutes.

4. During pregnancy, pay special attention to your breasts, use creams and gels for pregnant women.

5. It is very important for the chest area to strengthen the muscles of the chest and shoulders. This will help you a simple and effective exercise: take the ball in your outstretched hands, start slowly pushing it with your palms and count to yourself. As soon as you count to eight, relax your hands. To achieve the result of this exercise should be performed 8-10 times a day.

6. Well affects the chest area lifting dumbbells. Lying on the floor, take dumbbells in each hand and begin to lift them, spreading your arms in different directions. The same can be done in a standing position, spreading his arms with dumbbells in his elbows. Dumbbells choose not too heavy, about 1.5 kg.

7. When going to the solarium, be sure to use protective pads on the nipples, and lubricate the skin of the breast with a protective cream. The same is true with a long stay in the sun - do not forget to lubricate the skin of the breast with UV cream, otherwise you will not avoid premature aging of the skin.

8. From the huge selection of programs that are available in fitness centers to tighten and strengthen the chest will help Pilates. This is a set of exercises aimed at tension and relaxation of muscles, which is carried out at a slow pace.

9. Dramatic weight loss can cause sagging breasts, so any weight loss should occur gradually.

To breast for many years remained the subject of male admiration, start taking care of her right now!