Braiding itself


At any time in all historical eras, long female hair was considered the standard of beauty. What only the weaker sex did not weave into them: flowers, ribbons, feathers, jewels. But without external accessories and jewelry, women's hair could look very impressive. This very effect they gave spit! And if earlier the high society ladies had a large retinue and a lot of nannies, today there are times when you have to rely only on yourself. Braid pigtail itself can be. You just need to adjust and get ready: this is not an easy thing.

Weaving a french pigtail itself

  • Well comb your hair, take a strand in the middle, and divide it into three equal parts.
  • Flip the extreme right side over the central part, and then do the same with the left.
  • Add some more hair to the right and left strands. Try to keep the amount of hair about the same. For a romantic image it is better to take strands wider, and for a business one - already.
  • Now, according to this principle, weave the hair into a braid until it is time to fix the hair at the bottom with an elastic band.

Weave an inverted French braid itself

  • Inverted French braid is very similar to the usual, you guessed it. The difference lies in the fact that when crossing and strands, they must be brought under the central strand, and not on top of it.
  • After each weave, a little hair should be added to the extreme strands.

Weaving disheveled french pigtail itself

  • The first step is the weaving of a classic braid or inverted French.
  • Then simply gently pull the small strands from the sides of the braid. Just do not take a large amount of hair, you have to make a voluminous and beautiful braid at the same time.

Weave a braid headband around the head itself

  • Make a horizontal parting from ear to ear, remove the remaining hair in the tail.
  • From the left ear, start weaving a pigtail.
  • Your spit should go to the right earbands.
  • At the end, fix the tip of the braid with a tape or rubber band.

Spit braid itself

  • Do the usual tail.
  • Divide hair into 2 parts and twist each of them unilaterally.
  • Then simply twist these two strands between themselves in a different direction and secure all with an elastic band.
  • The tail can be divided into 3 and 4 parts, the technique will remain the same.

Pigtail Fishtail itself

  • Comb your hair and moisten it with water, better from a spray.
  • Next, divide into 2 equal parts.
  • Then separate the thin strand from the left side and cross it with the right strand.
  • Then follow the instructions, continue until the hair runs out.
  • Your fishtail may be careless or tight.

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If you are the owner of long and healthy hair, then be sure to try to “curb” your own shock. If your hair needs rest, then first put it in order (read about it in the Hair Care section), and then weave braids and weave everything you want into them!