Braid weave long hair


Since ancient times, it was believed that long, well-groomed hair - the main wealth of the girl. Most often, beautiful curls plaited into braids. This hairstyle is relevant in our days.

Long hair braids

Long hair braids

There are different types of hairstyles that differ in weaving technique, location, shape, quantity. If you are a supporter of the traditional Russian braid, then you know its weaving technique.

If you need to make a ceremonial hairstyle, there is a huge choice of weaving techniques: French braids, cone, wedding braids. When weaving a braid, as well as when choosing any other hairstyle, you need to take into account several nuances. This condition and hair length, face shape.

Choosing a braid hairstyle by face type

  1. If you have oval face, thick and long hair, then you will fit almost all hairstyles from braids.
  2. Owners round faceit is necessary to dwell on the weaving, starting at the top of the head, and weaving along the entire length of the hair. At the end of the pigtails it is best to make a tail or a knot. A good option would be to lift the rest of the hair up and stab it with a barrette.
  3. With a square faceYou fit hairstyle dragon, which starts from the top of the head and weaves across the head, and then goes into a traditional braid. It visually makes the lines smoother.
  4. Triangular face shape. Feel free to choose a spit cone and a long bang, because This combination will hide flaws.
  5. And if you have rectangular shape, then a hairstyle in the shape of a fish tail, i.e. the same little dragon, only he braids to the neck and ends with a long tail.

French braid for long hair

This type of braid is suitable for going to work, negotiations or a secular party.

  • There is nothing difficult in the weaving technique. Before you start braiding the braid, brush your hair well. After that, separate the hair strand and divide into three parts. Start weaving the same way you weave a regular pigtail. This will be the basis of the French braid. Then, with your right hand (thumb), grab a small strand from the main bundle of hair to the right and pull it towards the right strand of the base.
  • Intertwine new strand with an already started scythe. Repeat this on the other side. Alternate these two steps until all the hair is braided. When weaving comes to the head, you can fix the hair or continue to hairstyle. In this case, be sure to follow the size of the strands that add, they should be equal.

Inverted French Spit Weave

  • If you want to achieve the effect of a semi-wide broad braid, then use large strands, do not tighten them. To get a tight braid, take strands thin and harder.

Inverted French Spit Weave

It is better to weave such a braid from large strands and not to tighten. The difference from the usual is that all the additional strands are taken from below, so they are under the main part of the hair in a braid. It turns out to be voluminous precisely because of this technique. Even if you have not very thick hair. Also, the volume can be created by pulling the strands along the edges of the hair. This will give a fashionable casual look.

Several braids intertwined with each other look originally. They are perfect for every day.

Weave unilateral openwork braids

  • This type of weaving will be appropriate at any event, because Looks nice and neat.
  • Before work, it is desirable to moisten the hair or use a mousse to straighten strands, the hairstyle was more durable.
  • Then braid the usual pigtail, starting from the left, and the strands of hair must be taken from the opposite side (right). Then you need to repeat everything exactly the opposite.
  • In the end, you can fasten your hair with a rubber band (barrette) or, with a little imagination, put it beautifully on your head.

Spit "fish tail"

Otherwise, even this hairstyle is called spikelet. Weaving technique is not difficult, but without a workout to create such a masterpiece will not work right away.

Comb the hair back, separate from the temporal parts by one thin strand. We make of them an overlap on the back of the head - right on the left strand. While holding the resulting weave by hand, on the left, grab a new strand of the same size. We cross it with the right strand and repeat this process. Continue until all hair is braided.

Spit of four strands

If weaving simple braids for you turned out to be simple, then you will learn this method quickly and easily.

Hair needs a little sprinkle with water and combed up. Then divide them into four visually equal strands. With your right hand, take the last strand on the left and place it on the next one. Then in the left hand, take the penultimate strand on the left side and place it on top, on the newly bound ones. Miss the leftmost strand under the one that was originally the extreme right, etc. Weave to the desired length, fix the barrette.

Weave in six strands

Weave in six strands

Comb your hair back, then divide it into six equal strands. Start weaving from the right side. We connect the first strand with 2, the first with 3, the first with 4, we put the first strand under 5, the sixth under 1. We repeat the same process from the second strand, etc. Having trained a few times, you will get a neat hairstyle without assistance.

The ability to weave braids will help you out in any situation. Beautiful hairstyle with your own hands - easy and convenient! Give freedom of imagination, show individuality, and your styling will look professional and stylish.