Bra size


Almost every woman tries to follow fashion trends. This is especially true for underwear. Although it is not visible, but it significantly increases women's self-esteem. Bras should be not only openwork, frank and beautiful, but also comfortable, because the health of the mammary glands depends on the correctness of the choice of such an element of the wardrobe. How to determine the size of the bra, so that both the volume and the parameters of the cup fit perfectly?

This will be the topic of our article.

What you need to know about the size of the bra?

Bra size: how to determine?

Before we consider the existing methods for determining the size of bras, I would like to familiarize myself with the basic rules that you should definitely follow when choosing this element of underwear:

  • Before going to the store underwear woman must necessarily take measurements.
  • To choose the right and comfortable bra you need to know the parameters of the calyx and the girth of the body, where the supporting straps are fixed.
  • A bra should support the mammary glands, but not squeeze them, this primarily concerns the loops.
  • Pay attention to the model of the chosen bra and the shape of the cup. Surprisingly, but true: the shape of the bra cup gives the number of suture elements and their location, so be sure to try on the bra you choose. From above you can wear a top or blouse to see what your breasts will look like when wearing such a bra.
  • If nature has rewarded a woman with a lush breast, then in this case it is best to give preference to closed models with a minimum number of suture elements.
  • Pay attention to the so-called bones. This support element is located inside the product. If the bra is chosen correctly, then the bones should support the breast, but not squeeze it and in any case not to rise when moving.
  • If the bra is chosen in accordance with your size, then between the cups should be free to enter a finger, otherwise try on a large model.
  • Choose bras from natural fabrics.
  • It is not necessary to wear such underwear all the time, the chest should rest, therefore, being at home, and even more so during the night rest, the bra should be removed.

How to determine the size of the bra using the table?

To date, you can determine the size of the bra in various ways. The most common of these is taking measurements with a conventional measuring tape. Measurements can be taken in two ways. In the first case, the woman becomes straight, hands should be located at the seams. It is best for someone to help you take your measurements, since the indicators should be as accurate as possible.

The first parameter is measured around the body directly below the breast line. Measurement tape should fit snugly to the naked body, but not pinch the skin. Write the resulting parameter on a piece of paper.

In the next step, measure the parameters of your mammary glands. The measuring tape should run along the back and protruding points of the chest. Record your findings. The first parameter is considered the size of your chest girth. To determine the size of the cup, you need to calculate the difference between the two parameters. We'll talk about cup size a bit later, but now let's take a closer look at the girth parameters.

You can measure breast size in another way. To do this, a woman needs to bend down so that her back is parallel to the floor. Measuring tape determines the size of the girth and calyx.

What to do if the body circumference parameter is odd? In this case, you need to resort to rounding:

  • if the volume of the body varies from 67 to 72 cm, then you can choose a bra with a girth of 70 cm;
  • with sizes from 73 to 78 cm round indicator to 75 cm;
  • if the figure is 82 cm, then a bra with a girth of 80 cm is quite suitable for you;
  • with indicators up to 87 cm, the volume can be rounded to 85 cm;
  • with parameters over 90 cm, in particular up to 92, you can choose a bra with a volume of 90 cm;
  • measure 97 cm round down to 95 cm;
  • Parameters up to 102 cm allow you to wear a bra with a volume of 100 cm.

Visually all the parameters you can see in the table.

How to determine the size of the bra: table

By buying lingerie made in European countries, you need to be approached with great care. The fact is that in France and Italy the same methods of taking measurements are used, however, the data obtained are not subject to rounding. To calculate the size of the bra in these countries, there is a certain formula. Italians and French women determine the difference between the measurements and divide it by 6. The resulting number will determine the size of the bra. For convenience, you can see the dimensions in a special table.

How to determine the size of the bra: table

Find out the size of the cup bra

Often on the labels of bras, we see the lettering, for example, 70B. What does this mean? The letter placed next to the digital indicator indicates the size of the cup. Many women are interested in how to determine the size of the cup bra. Above, we have described methods for measuring cups. To find the desired letter and determine the parameters of the cup of your chest, you need to refer to the table.

How to determine the size of the cup bra: table

After you have performed the necessary calculations, you can safely determine the parameters of the bra that suits you. To do this, put a numerical indicator and the corresponding letter. See, it's pretty simple. Now you know all the secrets of how to spell a bra.

Often, women face a problem when trying on a bra in size, but it sits uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that some sizes of bras are parallel. Most often in practice the following correspondences are found:

  • 80 A ↔75 B ↔70 C;
  • 80 B ↔75 C ↔70 D;
  • 85 A↔ 80 B ↔75 C;
  • 85 B ↔80 C ↔75 D;
  • 90 B ↔85 C↔ 80 D;
  • 85 C↔ 80 D ↔75 E;
  • 90 D↔ 85 E ↔80 F.

Features of the nursing bra

How to determine the size of the bra for feeding?

During childbirth, the mammary glands of the expectant mother begin to change. Their volumes are increasing, in connection with this there is a need to buy bras of a larger size. It is especially important to choose the right bra for feeding.

Taking measurements should be the same as when choosing a regular bra. However, a nursing mother should remember that immediately after a bowel movement her breast size decreases. To correctly calculate the volume of the cup, you need to take measurements when filling the breast with milk.

When choosing a bra to wear during lactation, you should consider some features:

  • The cup should not be made of foam rubber. Material choose natural and elastic, so that the bra follows the breast contour with any modifications.
  • Clasps. You need to choose special models of bras that can be undone with one hand and without much effort. A nursing mother should do everything quickly, taking into account the fact that she has a baby in her arms, which is why fasteners should be given special attention.
  • Cup shape and support. Mom can feed the baby anywhere, even in public. It is important that the mammary glands are not completely exposed, and the nipple opens slightly for access by the baby. It will be very difficult for a nursing mother to place the breast in the bra cup if it is completely exposed and not supported.
  • During lactation, women are advised to wear bras from elastic, natural fabrics and without supporting bones. The fact is that the breast is constantly poured with milk, and if the milk ducts are squeezed, this can provoke stagnation and blockage of the aisles.
  • During the period of lactation, you should not chase fashion and beauty; a bra should convert air well so that pathogens do not accumulate near the nipple.

As you can see, choosing the right bra in size is a whole science, but every woman of the fair sex can master it. Underwear should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Wearing a bra that does not fit your size can trigger the development of serious diseases, so be careful when choosing a bra.