Bouffant for long hair


Once the bouffant was almost the only way by which you could give the hair volume. Today, thanks to the huge amount of various styling products, the volume of the hair can be given without any extra effort.

Despite this, bouffant still remains in fashion, which is not surprising. After all, at home long hair comb can be done without difficulty.

True, some do not welcome hairstyles with a fleece due to the fact that it looks unnatural, while others complain that after the hair, hair begins to fall out and become brittle. But if you do everything right, your hairstyle will look beautiful and volume and will not cause any harm to your hair. In addition, bouffant on long hair can change the image and give the appearance of a little boldness and negligence.

Bouffant for long hair

On soft and medium hair, bouffanting is much easier than long hair. However, following the rules and tips, you can make a pile of long hair quickly.

Long hair comb: preparation

  1. Before proceeding to the pile, you need to thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo and balm-rinse. Unwashed hair quickly lose volume due to dust and dirt that has accumulated on them. But do not forget to let your hair dry out, because wet hair after a hair coat will become more brittle and lifeless. It is undesirable to use a hairdryer, because combing is not a very useful procedure for hair, and a hairdryer will only aggravate the “position” of the hair.
  2. For combing is better to use a comb with non-sharp teeth. If you decide to make a bouffant to secure the base of the hairstyle, it is better to use a comb with frequent and narrow teeth.
  3. To simply give the hair volume, perfect comb with long and wide teeth. For convenience, it is better to use a comb with a long handle (ideal - comb-tail).

How to do bouffant for long hair?

  • Comb your hair well. Separate the top layer (approximate thickness 1.5 cm). This layer is not combed. So that the hair does not look like a "beehive", the top layer of hair is covered with a fleece over long hair. Thus, the hairstyle will look more neat and natural.
  • Start combing the strands from the tips to the roots. It is necessary to comb the strands gently and smoothly so as not to damage the hair. If you tear your hair too hard, you will not only ruin them completely, but you will not create a proper hairstyle.
  • Do not try to comb the strands along the entire length - it is better to alternately comb the strands along one section, moving upwards.
  • If you have thick strands, you only need to comb a few strands on top. To the hair does not fall apart and a long time kept on his head, you can use hair foam, as well as hair spray. Styling means you need to sprinkle alternately all the combed strands, and then fix the comb on long hair completely varnished.
  • When you mix all the strands, take a massage comb with soft bristles (preferably natural) and comb all the hair back. Hair should be combed gently and slowly. In no case do not comb your hair, so as not to spoil the hair.
  • When the foundation of the hair is ready, you need to give the hair the desired shape. When creating a form it is necessary to avoid sudden movements. Cover the hair with untouched "top" hair that you separated at the very beginning. Do not use strong hold varnish. It is enough to sprinkle a little varnish to lightly fix the top of the hair.

How to do bouffant for long hair?How to do bouffant for long hair?

  • If you have a bang, do not comb over it. Bangs can simply wind on curlers.
  • Long hair comb can be worn loose or in a beautiful ponytail. This hairstyle can be done on any holiday or solemn event. Only in the tail bouffant on long hair you need to collect gently, brushing his fingers.
  • The height of the tail can be adjusted. It is better to fix the tail with a rubber band or a beautiful hairpin. To give the tail a more festive look, tail strands can be curled on curlers or with a curling iron.

How not to harm the hair, doing bouffant?

In order not to harm the hair, you must follow the professional advice given by hairdressers of beauty salons:

  1. Do not often get involved in hair styling for long hair, so as not to harm the hair. The fact is that the structure of the hair consists of scales, which are raised when combing. This, in turn, leaves hair unprotected from mechanical damage and environmental influences, with the result that hair can simply fall out or die off.
  2. Frequent combing of hair can cause premature baldness. In addition, hair can become lifeless and dull.
  3. You should not comb it gently - it is better to gently wash your hair with shampoo for easy combing of hair and be sure to put a nourishing mask on your hair to strengthen the roots.

It is rather simple to make a pile for long hair. The main thing is to act carefully, following the instructions, and then you will succeed.