Bodyaga from stretch marks - reviews on the use of powder


Often women, especially after pregnancy and childbirth, for a long time can not get rid of stretch marks on different parts of the body. This unpleasant problem arises due to a significant change in mass, and in the case of both an increase and a decrease. Since the skin is not prepared for such unexpected metamorphosis, tears are formed in the dermis, which appear as bright red scars. Subsequently, these scars, or stretch marks, become white.

Many girls buy expensive creams, gels and scrubs in pharmacies and shops, and also resort to various salon procedures to get rid of this ailment. At the same time, there are very few truly effective remedies that quickly eliminate ugly scars. One of the most effective and inexpensive ways is considered to be a badyaga from stretch marks, reviews of which are really impressive.

What is a bodyaga, and what are its useful properties?

What is a bodyaga and what are its useful properties?

Bodyaga is nothing more than a freshwater sponge that lives in rivers. It comes in several colors: brown, green or yellow. After collecting the bodyguard, it is necessary to dry well, after which it will become very barbed. Thus, the effectiveness of cleansing the skin with the help of bodyagi is explained not only by its beneficial qualities, but also by mechanical action.

When applied to the skin, the bodygood performs deep cleaning by peeling off its upper layer. As a result, the supply of the skin with oxygen improves, cell metabolism and blood flow increase. Regular use of badyagi allows you to bring the skin to a much better state: it becomes more tender, smooth, elastic and elastic.

The action of this freshwater sponge is similar to deep peeling, after which the skin is renewed itself. It is thanks to the constant renewal of the skin that the stretch marks will gradually begin to smooth out, and after a certain time they will disappear altogether.

How to use stretch mark bodyguard?

How to use bodyguard from stretch marks?

You can buy a bodyguard at any pharmacy, both in powder form and in the form of a gel. Meanwhile, according to the numerous reviews of girls and women, it is better to use badyuga from stretch marks in the form of powder. So you will get nothing diluted folk remedy, from which you can easily prepare an effective mixture for application to problem skin.

To quickly get rid of ugly stretch marks, take a small amount of bodyagi powder and dilute it with hydrogen peroxide. Rub the mixture into problem areas, and then leave for 15 minutes. After this time, take a warm shower and wash the bodyaga from your body.

The procedure is best carried out at bedtime, and after a shower, wear a knit-free pajamas of free fit that will not stick to the body. Within 3-4 days you can feel burning and tingling in problem areas. In addition, after a few days, the skin will begin to peel off, and you may begin to be disturbed by severe itching.

How to use bodyguard from stretch marks?

Not less effective against stretch marks, according to reviews, wrapping with bodyagi. Take some powder and rub it in with a little olive oil. Then take a warm shower or bath and thoroughly wash the whole body with a tough washcloth. After that, rub the resulting gruel into the problem areas and wrap them with cling film. In this state it is necessary to remain for an hour, after which the bodyagu should be thoroughly washed off.

Such procedures should be carried out in a course of 10 daily sessions. If your skin is too sensitive, it is better to reduce the time of exposure to the badagi on problem areas, and after the session, spread the whole body with a nourishing or moisturizing cream. Cosmetic massage oil also helps a lot.

Be careful when preparing and applying the mixture to the body. Bodyagi powder is quite active, so it is better to wear rubber gloves and not remove them throughout the session. After the procedure, do not expose the body to direct sunlight, otherwise pigment spots may appear.

Does bodyaga always help: listen to the reviews of women

Does bodyaga from stretch marks always help - reviewsDoes bodyaga from stretch marks always help - reviews

On the Internet, you can find a huge number of reviews, as well as photos before and after using badyugu from stretch marks. In most cases, the fair sex really satisfied with the result. Especially it concerns those cases when extensions appeared not so long ago and did not manage to get a light shade yet.

Meanwhile, if the stretch marks “decorate” your body for several years, it becomes extremely difficult to get rid of the problem. Not very effective in this case and bodyaga from stretch marks, reviews of which are not particularly impressive.

In addition, there are some contraindications in which it is not recommended to apply a bodyguide to the body, for example:

  • open wounds, cuts, abrasions;
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema;
  • allergic reactions to the active substance, which manifest as redness, itching, or various skin lesions.

Before you try to get rid of stretch marks with bodyagi, it is necessary to carefully examine the contraindications. If you have any skin diseases, you should consult with your doctor before going through the procedure. If on the part of your body there are no visible contraindications, feel free to use the sponge as an effective means to combat stretch marks, without waiting for them to become white. And your skin will look just great!