Body splash


Women are ready to use any means to become perfect. Let used means are sometimes not quite familiar to cosmetology, but they are successfully applied, making the skin more healthy. One of these means is consideredbodyaga

Bodyaga is a freshwater sponge that is dried and ground to form a powder.. The price of bodyagi is minimal, but the effect of the application will justify any expectations.

Body splash

Bodyaga is sold in any pharmacy in the form of a powder of gray-yellow color, which to obtain a mask must be mixed with your favorite cosmetic oil. And here - the healing mixture is ready for use. Let's talk about the features and intricaciesuse of bodyagi at home.

Bodyaga for the face: indications for use

  • Bodyguard is used in the treatment of acne, bleaching pigment spots, for the treatment of acne marks, hematomas, to eliminate wrinkles.
  • With the help of bodyaga, skin cells open and are saturated with oxygen., penetrating the deep layers of the skin.Bodyaga helps to narrow pores and reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands.The use of bodyagi cures scars well, exfoliates dead skin cells, makes the skin more elastic.

Bodyaga for the face: how to apply?

  • After applying the bodyagi on a person with a slight tingling sensation. When washing the bodyagi from the face, the burning sensation is even more pronounced. For some time, the skin of the face may turn red. Redness can occur within a few days, it all depends on the characteristics of the skin. Also, when you touch the skin may be a slight tingling. therefore bodyguard mask should be done on the weekend, to allow the skin to recover.
  • Redness and tingling of the skin after a body mask is a natural phenomenon., which should not be afraid. In a few days you will see how your skin will change.

Bodyaga for the face: how to apply

  • One morea plus when using bodyagi is considered peeling. Peeling on the skin can be seen immediately after the first application, but for some this phenomenon is observed later. Due to the death of old skin cells, a long-awaited facial rejuvenation occurs..

Bodyaga for the face: contraindications

  1. Like other tools used in cosmetology, bodyaga has a number of contraindications.
  2. First of all, it sensitive skin. When using a mask from a bodyagi on such skin you can get burns.
  3. Secondly, if the skin has irritations or small wounds, after removing the mask, you can get a large scratch.
  4. Bodyagia is also not recommended for use with active facial hair., since applying a mask can make things worse.
  5. The mask of bodyagi with the use of hydrogen peroxide is prohibited to use on the eyelids.

Bodyguard Face Masks

  • The most popular cleansing mask from bodyagi. The mask should be applied to the skin that has been previously cleaned and towel-dried. The composition of the mask includes bodyagi 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. All components are mixed until a homogeneous slurry, which is then applied with a thin layer to the skin. It is necessary to wash off the mask in 4-5 minutes. If you feel a strong tingling or burning sensation on the skin, then immediately remove the mask.

Bodyguard Face Masks

  • For cookinganti-aging mask 1 tsp is required powder besyagi mix with 2 tsp. fresh ryazhenka. Apply the mask on the face for a period of 20-25 minutes, then wash off with warm water. If necessary, moisturize your face with a fat cream. The recommended course of application is 15 masks, which are used at intervals of several days if the skin of the face is oily, and once a week if the skin is dry.
  • To prepare fading skin mask need to mix 1 tbsp. l powder besyadi with 1 tbsp. l fresh yeast. Add fat cream to the formation of a thick consistency. On the face mask leave for 30-35 minutes. Wash off with warm water.
  • Skin Whitening Maskwe will cook from 1 tsp. bodyagi mixed with 1 tbsp. l fresh cream. To form a creamy consistency, add rice flour. Apply the mask for 30 minutes. After the time the mask is washed off with warm water, and then rub the skin with an ice cube.

Bodyaga for the face: reviews

  • According to consumer reviews, after washing the mask from the face, it strongly stings, and it hurts to touch the skin. But this problem is purely individual. Someone has reddening and tingling for 2-3 hours, so the next morning there is no trace of them. And for someone they do not pass even in a few days. Therefore, to avoid surprises, better first try the effect of a mask from a bodyagi on a closed area. Generally a mask from bodyagi removes everything, even old spots. Of the shortcomings, the user also notes an unpleasant smell.

Body splash

  • In order for the mask to have a more gentle effect on the skin of the face, it is better to use powder from bodyagi.
  • After applying a face mask with body beauticians do not advise applying moisturizers, but if an urgent need arises, you can use a cream. It is recommended to apply a mask no more than two times a week. Even after the initial application, you will be surprised at the result obtained.

Bodyagi masks are widely and successfully used in cosmetology.. Bodyaga helps to cope with inflammation and spots on the skin, and bodyaga also removes bruises. Be sure to comply with the measure when using face masks with bodywork and follow the recommendations for their use. Then a good result will not take long!