Bob bob with lengthening


Each fashion season introduces changes in hairstyles. One of these recent hairdressing trends has been the bob caret with lengthening - shortened strands at the back of the head, smoothly or abruptly turning into lengthening at the level of the cheekbones or chin. Who is this haircut, and who better not to look in the direction of the model? How to put it in a stylish hairstyle?

100-year-old haircut

Bob bob with lengthening: haircut features

Exactly! Hair, so famously included in the trend of the latest shows of ready-to-wear, in fact, is not the know-how of modernity. A bob cut with lengthening is just a variation of a classic bob, but, nevertheless, the popularity of such styling is incredible. This is explained by:

  • owners of any type of face will be able to pick up "your" bean;
  • even women who have shoulder-length hair have an opportunity to give a fashionable form;
  • a different type of extension (smooth or abrupt transition of lengths) creates a different effect, so that there is a way to play with the image;
  • to create additional volume bob with elongation on fine hair may be asymmetric;
  • This hairstyle looks original and neat and with bangs (including with a scythe), and without it;
  • bob square with lengthening to the face of the ladies of any age.

Indications and contraindications

As already mentioned, your elongated hairstyle can be chosen by any woman. But for owners of a wide line of cheekbones and puffy cheeks, this version of the bob quack is the ideal option - to slightly correct the massiveness of the lines. It is necessary to note the positive influence of the haircut on the image of girls with a triangular face: an elongated haircut perfectly balances this shape. If you have an oval narrow face, then you should not get too carried away with lengthening, since the volume at the top of the head will pull the shape even more. In the case when "it is not worth it, but I really want it," a narrow oval can be slightly diluted with a thick bang.

As for the type of hair, then, of course, straight hair is considered to be the ideal “bridgehead”. But, if you have them wavy or even slightly curled, this is not a reason to abandon the bob square with lengthening. Just have to lay each time the hair, and then the rear view and the front will be like in the photo.

Another way to give volume to a hairstyle is to make a graduation. Curls of different lengths, but kept a common line, will give the effect of additional volume. Chubby girls, on the contrary, it is better to refuse graduation of a bean, otherwise the crown will become too big.

But the "contraindication" for the elongated version of the quads is only one thing - tight curls. On such hair, the bob will not only not be noticeable, it will also create the impression of scattered tow instead of strands.

5 stages haircuts

If you want the bob with the elongation turned out beautifully, then you need to perform it on clean curls. An experienced hairdresser, regardless of the type of haircut, works in several stages:

  1. Divides the hair on the crown of the head into a U-shaped parting, at the back of the head into a straight line and twists each part into flagella.Bob-Caret Haircut
  2. Starts to work with lower strands on the neck. They are edging, which will be a guide for the entire haircut.Basic rules for haircuts
  3. Then he starts cutting the control strand at a 45-degree angle.
  4. The following strands are drawn at the same angle, but the border remains unchanged.How to cut
  5. At the end emphasizes the line of the cheekbones, making the angle of the cut at the request of the client.Bob car

To be or not to be a bang?

Bob-square with bangs or without?

Strands falling on the forehead are a great way to correct the shape of the face. Since the elongated bob of the square caret perfectly “gets on” with this element, let us examine the types of bangs that fit the different ovals of the face:

  • for narrow and long bangs should be asymmetrical, thick and reach the line of the eyebrows;
  • triangular asymmetric lines on the forehead are contraindicated. So it is better to stay on the classic straight and necessarily thick bangs;
  • for a chubby young lady, the straight line at the level of the forehead should be asymmetric, and it is quite possible that one temple will be extremely short;
  • owners of a square face should choose a bang with special care not to make the chin heavier. So the best option is a bang with long tips bent inwards.

5 options for laying elongated bob square

The main advantage of the haircut is that it practically does not need to be laid - just dry your hair with a hair dryer. But, as you know, there is no limit to perfection, so we offer several ways to make curls more diverse and interesting.



There are several ways to achieve beautiful curls. The first - the easiest and proven - winding strands on curlers. The second - doll curls. To do this, wind the hair from the middle of the head. But leave the bang straight.


Bulk bob car

In this way our mothers and grandmothers laid their hair - they did a pile at the top of their head. However, today, stylists offer to wind the back of the hair on the curling. And if the length does not allow, you can dry a hairdryer with a diffuser.

Morning effect

Bob-kare effect morning

The disheveled strands of which year are still in fashion. You can freshen this styling with a side parting, as well as the study of the strands with gel or wax. But on not too long hair styling can quickly disperse, so you should fix it with varnish.


SpitWeaving for a haircut

Little pigtails, tails - all this is very familiar to busy women, especially on maternity leave. But if you connect the fantasy, you can make a French pigtail from ear to ear - then the new image just will not go unnoticed.

Smart glamor

Glam bob car

Where are without him! To create an image of impregnable beauty, hair must be straightened. For these purposes, they use a destructive but healthy functional iron. To protect a little hair from exposure to high temperatures, it is necessary to use thermal protection.

Styling tricks

Bob-caret haircut

Not many women can boast heavy straight hair that looks great in the described haircut. Basically you have to fight with disobedient whirlwinds, and those struggling to break the general line of hair. Therefore, hairdressers advise:

  • send side curls from the face to give styling playfulness (to enhance the effect, you can sharpen the ends with wax for hair);
  • The ends turned inward look very elegant. But for this styling caps, scarves are contraindicated, so it is better to save such a hair for the spring and summer;
  • Seekers who decide to make adventurous experiments with hair will be interested in the structuring of the occipital strands with wax or gel and the chaotic scatter of side curls.

Bob bob with lengthening - a hairstyle that goes well with any type of appearance and hair. And if you take into account the advice of stylists on the choice of haircuts and styling, then not satisfied with his hair will not remain at all. Do not be afraid to try different types of styling until you find the one that turns out to be the most convenient, practical and cute for you. So, even if you don’t like the look of your bob square with lengthening, don’t be in a hurry to put an end to trying to find an acceptable shape.