Blouses for obese women


The whole world of fashion shows us abnormally thin girls, trying to prove that this is the ideal of female beauty. But a woman is always beautiful, no matter what size she wears. To doubt about your beauty does not appear in your beautiful head, you need to choose the right model for full blouses. Special models of blouses will allow to emphasize all the beautiful sides of your figure, will make you feel irresistible and the most beautiful in the world. Having replenished your wardrobe with such models of blouses, you will be able to use all the advantages that they give to full girls, while remaining always feminine and stylish.

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

How to choose a blouse full woman?

When choosing models of blouses, you must, first of all, pay attention to the features of your figure, because the fullness is different.

  1. Ladies with large breasts are not recommended to wear too open blouses.
  2. Large patterns should also be avoided, which visually increases the volume.
  3. Blouses, tight-fitting shape, are not recommended to wear, so as not to emphasize all the extra folds. But it is also impossible to wear baggy clothes, because it will not hide completeness, but on the contrary will emphasize.
  4. Blouses with sleeves to ¾ must be discarded, because the hands will then appear to be visually fuller.

Select for each figure model blouses

  • If you have a shape that looks like a pear, blouses with sleeves with a flashlight of a light color will suit you.
  • With a figure resembling an apple, choose blouses with an oval neckline and blouses that are flared under the bust. You can choose a dark blouse on the sides and light in the middle. It visually reduces the fullness and emphasizes the bends. Avoid blouses with horizontal stripes.
  • For full girls of short stature you should wear wide blouses or shirts with vertical stripes.
  • All models of blouses should be slightly adjacent to the body. Empire style blouses, when the yoke ends under the breast and then goes down freely, are very suitable for obese girls.
  • Women with wide hips fit long blouses.

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Forms blouses for full

  • Blouse in the form of a tunic with a slightly high waist trapeziform shape will help to hide full hips.
  • The trapezoidal shape will help make the body slimmer and hide full thighs and abdomen.
  • Models of blouses with a transparent inset in the chest will visually lengthen the upper body.
  • But blouses with small vertical stripes will make the figure fit. The more vertical stripes there are, the more slim you will look.
  • Blouses with diagonal patterns, lines also emphasize your advantages.
  • Blouses with flared sleeves are able to hide the excessive fullness of the hands.

How to choose models for full blouses?

To choose the right blouse, you must first find a point on the hips. From this point determine the length of the blouse. The minimum length will be 2 fingers higher from this point, and the maximum length will be 4 fingers lower. For a short blouse fit long skirts and pants. For a long blouse - capri and midi skirts. To reduce the visually full chest blouses should be extended downwards. This will make the line of arms look proportionate. The perfect option for blouse length for full women will be those that reach the buttocks. They will help to visually lengthen the silhouette, reduce the volume of the figure, hide the abdomen and hips.

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Models of blouses in a business suit for obese women

In business attire, blouses should be selected in gray or black. All bright colors should be avoided, especially purple, pink and red. With full hips and legs should be selected to the business suit blouse beige, silver or white. If the figure is very full, wear a loose fit blouse. To hide the lack of a waist or a big belly will help blouses to dress.

How to choose a model blouse for a date?

  1. If we proceed from the men's preferences, you should not wear beige and brown blouses for a date.
  2. Avoid colorful blouses. Prefer monochrome blouses. They emphasize the figure of a woman.
  3. Soft fabric blouses will also look very seductive. Any model of blouses should look very feminine, be from flying and flowing fabrics. They will help highlight your strengths, arouse your companion’s interest.
  4. Blouses with very deep cuts should be worn, if you already want to emphasize your personal interest, for other cases too blatant blouses should be avoided.
  5. Blouses with emphasis on the waist will emphasize your chest line. V-neck will help to give your image sexuality, and at the same time will not look too frank.

What models of blouses should be avoided full?

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Blouses for obese womenBlouses for obese women

Any blouses will be stylish, if they are not with a small pattern, in peas, in a cage, horizontal stripes. Also Blouses should be avoided warm tones, excessively colorful and leopard colors. Do not wear too short and only reaching the waist blouse. Also, do not choose blouses with ruffles, ruffles, flounces, patch pockets and other shapes that add extra volume. Blouses should not obtyagivat you and hamper movement, and not hang a robe.

A woman with any figure can look elegant and stylish. Properly chosen blouse can affect the appearance of the whole figure, visually make it slimmer, emphasize all your virtues and adjust what you may not like or would like to hide.

The most important thing when choosing clothes is not the waist size, but the correct combination of the model, color and accessories of the blouse. There are no blouses that would fit absolutely everyone. Each of the models fits only a certain figure, and here the main thing is not your weight, but a sense of style. If you follow these simple tips, you will always look fashionable, stylish, beautiful, and most importantly, feminine and elegant.