Black spots and acne on the skin of the face. how to get rid

Black dots on the face can appear in both men and women. At the same time, they do not seem to interfere much with their owner, but the appearance somehow begins to suffer. What is the essence of the problem?

It is necessary to deal with this issue closer. The emerging black dot in scientific terminology is called "comedo". By its origin, it is formed as a result of blocking of the sebaceous glands by dead cells, excess sebum, and fine dust particles. It is because of the darkening of the pores, which creates the visual effect of the presence of black spots on the skin of the face.

Due to its characteristics, the T-zone of the face most often contains not only black spots, but also light acne. Being purulent foci, they can exacerbate the overall impression of problem skin. Problem areas are fatter, with enlarged pores that easily clog due to adverse conditions.

The most common causes of black spots and acne on the skin of the face:

Black points are removed from the face!

  1. The hormonal surge associated with the transitional period of adolescence, the restructuring of the body (for example, during pregnancy), the forced intake of hormonal drugs.
  2. Ignoring the rules of facial skin care, insufficient cleansing from pollution.
  3. The problem with the gastrointestinal tract, unhealthy diet (and in terms of the composition of products, and in terms of the number of meals, time of day, volume of servings).

How to effectively get rid of the problems:

Consult a dermatologist, determine the cause of black spots and acne. Choose the most optimal solution to the problem.

Visit a beautician, consult about the choice of safe cosmetics, jointly develop principles of facial skin care.

If it is impossible to fulfill the first 2 points, it is recommended to implement the following tips in an integrated approach:

  • To cleanse the skin of the face: wash every morning and evening with a special cleansing milk (there are many companies on the cosmetic market that offer a wide range of products for any wallet). It is always mandatory to wash off cosmetics completely before bedtime. About one or two times a week use cleansing masks or facial peels (for effective disposal of dead skin cells).
  • Adjust your own food menu: remove fatty foods, large amounts of sweet, strong coffee, alcohol. Introduce fish, dairy products, vegetables and fruits (broccoli and spinach are especially valuable), flax grains - thanks to this, the skin will be enriched with nourishing fats and oils, it will become more elastic with vitamin E, will get a healthy shade.
  • To clean the face by steaming the face. It should be doubly careful: insufficient treatment of the hands leads to infection in the open pores, the emergence of new acne and blackheads. Frequent exposure to steam overdries the skin, so it is recommended to get a moisturizer. You should remember the sequence of actions: first wash hands thoroughly, sanitize, install a steam bath, cover with a towel and steam out your face for about 10 minutes. Wrap fingers with clean wipes, squeeze out with a weak pressure on the skin, after the procedure, wipe the skin with a cleansing lotion (or hydrogen peroxide), use a tightening mask (or other means to narrow the pores). Then moistening is performed. This procedure can be carried out no more than once a week.
  • To learn how to correctly use cosmetics: buy funds from a trusted manufacturer, throw away expired products, use makeup foundation to reduce the load on the skin.

We wish you a clean, radiant skin that attracts the eye with its freshness!

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