Black clay acne


Currently, the use of various types of clays is widespread in cosmetology: white, pink, blue, green, etc.

The benefits of black clay for female beauty

Black clay famous for with its unique properties - it can be used as a comprehensive care product for the skin of the face, hair and body. You can make various masks for face hair, face masks, clay baths, wraps. Black clay contains iron and carbonaceous substances. It reduces body temperature, rejuvenates the skin.

Black clay masks relieve fatigue and tension, help to lose weight. Black clay will help not only from excess fat under the skin, but also from slags. It perfectly helps against cellulite, acne and black spots. Black clay masks perfectly cleanse the skin, making it smooth and delicate.

Black clay is capable of very deep cleansing of the skin, as it penetrates almost all of its cellular layers. It eliminates inflammation, renews dead cells.

Iron, magnesium and quartz allow black clay to normalize cellular metabolism. Everyone knows that the proper functioning of any organ, including the skin, is a guarantee of health.

Black clay helps to quickly and effectively get rid of skin problems. It is not worse (and in many reviews - better!) Of any expensive cosmetic. Black clay will narrow enlarged pores, saturate the skin with useful trace elements, make the skin shine.

Check your skin's response to black clay.

It is very regrettable when a person places many hopes in one or another remedy for his problems, and they all collapse. In this case, it can happen because black clay simply will not work for your skin, causing you to be allergic. Such cases are not common, mainly in allergy sufferers. But it is worth checking what sensations black clay causes in your skin. It is better to do this in order not to suffer from redness, itching and unpleasant sensations.

Dilute a small amount of clay in pure water until a homogeneous, dense mass is obtained. Apply clay on a small area of ​​problem skin and leave for a few minutes. Wash and observe the reaction of the skin. If there are no unpleasant sensations and redness - black clay suits you. Usually, if you are allergic, the reaction manifests within five minutes and even earlier.

Black Clay Acne Masks

Before using any home (as well as purchased) masks, you must clean the skin. Perfectly fit lotions or tonics from acne.

Mask for oily and combination skin against acne

For owners of oily and combination skin, it is better to dilute black clay not with water, but with decoction of the leaves of the train. Two tablespoons of black clay diluted with two or three tablespoons of the decoction of the series. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Mix, apply for fifteen minutes on the face, rinse with cool water.

Mask for dry and normal skin against acne

Two tablespoons of clay diluted with two spoons of milk, mix with beaten yolk. Apply the prepared mask on the face for ten minutes. Wash off dried clay with warm water. Lubricate your face with a moisturizer.

Facial mask of black clay and decoctions of herbs

An excellent way to care for the face with black clay, are decoctions of herbs. It is good to dilute clay not with ordinary water, but with a decoction of chamomile flowers, a decoction of mint leaves, a decoction of burdock, yarrow, calendula, St. John's wort, etc.

Black clay masks are used two or three times a week for a month. Make masks regularly, and then they will help you from acne. But the result will be noticeable almost immediately after several procedures.

In addition to masks, it is also useful to make a facial massage with clay. It will improve blood circulation and, accordingly, complexion, deeply cleanse the pores, eliminate acne and inflammation.

Black clay cleansing massage

A tablespoon of black clay diluted with an equal amount of water. Apply a thin layer of the mixture on the face and hold until the clay dries. After that, moisten the fingers with water and lightly massage the skin of the face for five to ten minutes. Wash away the remains of clay.

Black clay can truly create extraordinary things with your skin. Try it and you will certainly appreciate the result! The only important thing is that black clay does not cause allergies. Then you will have to abandon its use!